5 Best Trumpet Lessons for 2024

Published: June 1, 2024

Our editor’s top pick, Trumpet Lessons for Beginners by Jim Howie, provides a detailed approach to learning this musical instrument.

With step-by-step guidance and a thorough understanding of essential techniques, this lesson is invaluable for aspiring musicians.

The instructor made these lessons easy for anyone to learn trumpet and delivered each session clearly and systematically to ensure students understood the techniques and theories.

The trumpet is an extremely popular instrument for jazz, classical, and even rock bands.

Trumpeters can have successful careers as solo performers, orchestral musicians, or session musicians. Many trumpeters also work as music teachers or composers.

The average annual salary of a trumpet player in the United States is $58,358.
Learning to play the trumpet is a challenging process that requires physical, mental, and technical skills.

So, whether you’re interested in learning trumpet for beginners or a more advanced player looking to sharpen your skills, online trumpet courses will help you become a stronger player.

With the guidance of experienced instructors, you can learn to play trumpet from the comfort of your home.

In this post, we will walk you through the 5 best trumpet lessons available online for anyone who wants to learn to play the trumpet and enjoy the rewards of creating beautiful music.

List of the 5 Top-Ranked Trumpet Courses

Here’s the list of the 5 top-rated trumpet courses and lessons:

1. Trumpet Lesson for Beginners: The best step-by-step and one of the most popular trumpet lessons that covers all the essential techniques for beginners, from instrument assembly to sound production and maintenance. The instructor provides detailed guidance for aspiring trumpet players, focusing on practicality and effective learning strategies.

2. Trumpet Lessons Online: The most comprehensive lesson with a curriculum based on pedagogical principles, 100+ video lessons, private student-only chat, training play-along videos to practice, and a simple approach to trumpet playing.

3. Video Trumpet Lessons Online: Best for beginners and intermediate players, the lessons include bonus materials and resources such as a 31-page Trumpet Guidebook. The clear instructional videos with the option to pause, rewind, and replay sections ensure that students learn difficult techniques easily.

4. Fundamental Trumpet Lessons: This is one of the best-structured lessons, with a personalized Trumpet Improvement Plan (T.I.P.) designed by the instructor for each student. The instructor maintains constant contact with the student and provides individualized feedback.

5. Trumpet Lessons for Beginners: It offers a gradual and well-structured, engaging videos covering essential trumpet basics, including improvisation, with clear explanations and gradual skill progression for new players’ success.

Let’s explore each of these best trumpet lessons and courses.

1. Trumpet Lesson for Beginners

The editor’s perspective on this course

Trumpet Lesson for Beginners, led by Jim Howie, is structured as a detailed guide with step-by-step instructions, focusing on practical techniques and fundamental principles essential for trumpet playing.

The content is crafted to be informative and approachable, making it an excellent resource for self-paced learning.

The course is a free online resource that covers topics from the initial steps of acquiring and assembling the trumpet to the techniques of tonguing and maintaining the instrument.

During the initial lessons, students will explore the trumpet’s components, how to handle it, and the importance of gentle care.

Then, you’ll learn the instructions on producing sound, including proper breathing, buzzing, and the correct lip and mouthpiece positioning.

Students learn tricks for sounds, with an emphasis on producing long tones, alternating between notes, and achieving a good tone quality.

The instructor shares techniques for tonguing and slurring, which are essential for developing a clean and precise sound.

Moreover, you’ll also learn tips on daily care, including valve oiling and slide lubrication, to ensure the trumpet’s functionality.

The lessons also introduce the siren buzzing technique to help beginners achieve different notes.

The videos are engaging and provide directions for trumpet playing, enabling beginners to play along with the instructor.

The course includes additional materials, such as fingering charts and videos of proficient trumpet players.

These materials are essential for students to see and hear the techniques and styles discussed in the guide.

Overall, the depth of detail in each topic ensures that learners are well-prepared and informed.

Who should take this course?

This course is ideal for absolute beginners, returning hobbyists seeking a refresh on basics and advanced techniques, young students in school bands or youth orchestras, and self-learners who prefer a self-paced, detailed, and practical approach.

What topics are covered?

The topics covered in this trumpet lesson for beginners include:

  • Acquiring and Assembling the Trumpet
  • Producing Sound and Buzzing Techniques
  • Proper Lip and Mouthpiece Positioning
  • Holding the Trumpet Correctly
  • Playing Long Tones and Alternating Notes
  • Techniques for Tonguing and Slurring
  • Maintaining the Trumpet (Valve Oil and Slide Lubrication)
  • Managing Condensation and Using Water Keys
  • Developing Good Posture and Breath Control
  • Achieving a Good Tone Quality
  • Memorizing Fingerings and Using Valves Correctly
  • Daily Trumpet Care and Storage

Who is the instructor?

Jim Howie, known as Mr. Howie, is an experienced orchestral trumpet player and a retired high school music teacher.

With experience in performing and teaching, Mr. Howie brings knowledge and practical insights to his instruction.

His background in music education allows him to break down complex techniques into easily understandable steps, making the learning process accessible and enjoyable for students of all levels.

Through his guide on Trumpet Heroes, Mr. Howie aims to share his passion for the trumpet and help learners achieve their musical goals.

Does the instructor offer other courses?

Yes, the instructor offers other courses, including:

● Trumpet Warm-Ups
● Trumpet Fingering Chart
● Beginner Trumpet Scales
● How to Fix a Low, Grumbling Sound
● Trumpet Maintenance
● Trumpet Tunning and Intonation

Does the course offer hands-on projects or assignments to reinforce learning?

The course doesn’t include a formal project or assignment, but the students are encouraged to practice through activities such as producing sound, alternating between notes, and maintaining proper posture.

What are the prerequisites to study?

You’ll need access to a trumpet and its mouthpiece to study this course. Also, having access to a mirror can be helpful in checking posture and mouthpiece placement.

No prior musical experience is required, making this course accessible to complete beginners.

What does social media sentiment tell us?

According to the comments on YouTube, this lesson has helped students start their practice again and develop an interest in trumpet playing.

Source: YouTube

2. Trumpet Lessons Online – Comprehensive Curriculum Based on Pedagogical Methods

The editor’s perspective on this course

Trumpet Lessons Online, led by Estela Aragón, offers comprehensive instruction based on pedagogical methods and experiences for beginners to advanced players.

With 100+ tutorials covering various techniques and topics, students receive expert guidance from an experienced trumpet teacher.

The curriculum is structured step-by-step, gradually progressing from basics to advanced concepts.

It covers a wide range of topics, from basic techniques like embouchure and high notes to advanced concepts such as musicality and vibrato.

Each lesson is designed to introduce techniques methodically, ensuring thorough understanding and application.

Students will gain access to a private chat for personalized feedback and support. Also, you’ll receive tailored advice to avoid bad habits.

With play-along practice videos and sheet music integration, students can practice with the instructor, making learning the trumpet enjoyable.

The instructor provides pro tips with each lesson, providing additional insights and guidance.

Overall, this lesson provides a comprehensive curriculum, personalized feedback, and expert guidance at an affordable cost.

Who should take this course?

This course is ideal for anyone looking to learn the trumpet, from beginners to advanced players seeking expert guidance and personalized feedback.

What topics are covered?

The topics covered in this lessons include:

  • Basic trumpet techniques
  • Embouchure development
  • High notes mastery
  • Vibrato techniques
  • Musicality enhancement
  • Correcting bad habits
  • Practice drills and exercises
  • Sheet music integration
  • Private student chat support

Who is the instructor?

Estela Aragón is a trumpet instructor, performer, and entrepreneur known for her innovative teaching methods.

She founded TrumpetHeadquarters.com and MusicFitAcademy.com to provide high-quality trumpet education.

With extensive experience, she runs a full-time private studio, and the International Trumpet Guild Journal has praised her online course.

Estela also serves as a judge for national competitions and a mentor for the International Women’s Brass Conference.

She holds advanced degrees in trumpet performance and resides in Orlando.

Does the instructor offer other courses?


Does the course offer hands-on projects or assignments to reinforce learning?

The course focuses on providing detailed tutorials and play-along practice videos.

While it doesn’t feature formal assignments, students can receive personalized feedback and guidance through the private student chat, reinforcing their learning effectively.

What are the prerequisites to study?

● Access to a trumpet or cornet
● A basic understanding of music is helpful but not necessary
● Commitment to regular practice
● Access to the Internet for course access and communication

What does social media sentiment tell us?

According to the comments on YouTube, students who transitioned from other instruments found the techniques helpful.

Students appreciate the structured approach and effective teaching methods, often stating that the lessons provide solutions they couldn’t find elsewhere.

Source: YouTube

According to the student reviews, the instructor is a friendly and professional teacher whose videos cover fundamentals to advanced concepts clearly and accessible.

Students find her lessons helpful and a valuable resource for trumpet skill progress.

Course: Trumpet Headquarters

3. Video Trumpet Lessons Online – With Bonus Lessons

The editor’s perspective on this course

Brett Manges’s Video Trumpet Lessons Online offers a detailed and accessible approach to teaching embouchure, breathing, and posture.

The lessons include bonus materials like fingering flashcards and a free digital tuner.

The curriculum covers essential topics on trumpet playing with 15 video lessons, daily warm-ups, effective practice strategies, music reading, tone creation, flexibility, articulation, endurance, style, intonation, self-teaching techniques, scales, and instrument care.

The videos are well-produced, with clear audio and visuals that make it easy to follow.

The ability to pause, rewind, and replay sections is beneficial for mastering difficult techniques.

The 31-page Trumpet Guidebook is a valuable resource. It provides exercises for each lesson, a daily warm-up routine, a fingering chart, and well-known songs to practice.

Students are encouraged to monitor their progress using the goal-setting and progress chart, which helps them stay motivated and track improvements over time.

Overall, this course is an excellent resource for beginning trumpet players seeking a thorough, well-structured introduction to the instrument.

Who should take this course?

This course is ideal for beginners, comeback players, and self-paced learners who want to build a strong foundation, refresh skills, and correct bad trumpet-playing habits.

What topics are covered?

The Course Includes 15 Video Lessons On:

● Daily Trumpet Warm-Up
● How to Practice Efficiently (Quality Over Quantity)
● Reading Music – Rhythms, Notes, Accidentals, and Keys (3 lessons)
● Creating a Beautiful Tone
● Flexibility and Slurring Skills
● Techniques For Clean, Even Fingering
● Clear Articulation
● Building Endurance
● Building Endurance
● Playing With Style! – Beyond just playing the notes
● Intonation
● How to Be Your Trumpet Teacher
● Playing Scales
● Care & Cleaning of Your Trumpet

Who is the instructor?

Brett Manges has been playing the trumpet for a long time. He started learning at 11 and had great teachers who helped him start on the right foot.

Because of his solid foundation, playing the trumpet became enjoyable and easy for him. He’s had some amazing experiences playing in various groups and even got to perform for famous people, including the US president.

Now, Brett wants to share his knowledge with others who may need access to private lessons.

He created an affordable and easy-to-use program to help new trumpet players learn the right way, making playing the trumpet much more fun.

Does the instructor offer other courses?


Does the course offer hands-on projects or assignments to reinforce learning?

Yes. Each video lesson has specific exercises to practice the techniques taught.

Also, the students get access to the following for daily practice:

● Daily Warm-Up Routines: Structured warm-up routines are provided to help develop and maintain essential trumpet skills.
● Play-Along Practice Videos: Students can practice with videos to enhance their playing in real time.
● Goal Setting and Progress Charts: Tools to help students set specific goals and track their progress over time.
● Fingering Flashcards: These help students quickly learn and remember trumpet fingerings.

What are the prerequisites to study?

There are no specific prerequisites to study this trumpet course.

It is designed for beginners with no prior musical background and for players who already have some experience and wish to improve their skills.

What does social media sentiment tell us?

The comments on YouTube reflect excitement about learning the trumpet, while others share anecdotes about their initial attempts at buzzing their lips or trying out the instrument in public.

The comments convey a sense of enthusiasm, curiosity, and appreciation for the online trumpet lesson.

Source: YouTube

4. Fundamental Trumpet Lessons

The editor’s perspective on this course

One of the best lessons for comeback trumpet players, led by Chris Davis, focuses on its tailored approach to addressing common challenges trumpet players face.

The instructor emphasizes regular personal contact and creating a custom-made plan for each student’s growth.

This course has been designed with the instructor’s 20 years of teaching experience, which provides valuable insights into overcoming common trumpet-playing problems.

Also, the personalized Trumpet Improvement Plan (T.I.P.) offered to each student could be considered a valuable resource for improvement.

The course focuses on fundamental trumpet playing aspects, such as proper technique, body usage, and efficient practice methods.

Overall, the course offers a valuable opportunity to improve their skills and regain confidence in their playing ability, with personalized guidance and support from an experienced instructor.

Who should take this course?

Trumpet players seeking to overcome common challenges, regain confidence, and improve their playing ability should consider this course.

What topics are covered?

The course covers a range of topics, including:

1. Personalized Trumpet Improvement Plan (T.I.P.): Tailored plan to address individual challenges and goals.
2. Correcting Common Issues: Addressing problems like missed notes, pressure on lips, difficulty playing high notes, lack of confidence, and tension.
3. Body Mechanics: Learning efficient body use for trumpet playing, reducing strain, and improving performance.
4. W.E.T. Approach: Understanding and implementing the fundamentals of trumpet playing.
5. Practice Strategies: Techniques for effective and efficient practice sessions.
6. Lesson Recordings: Access to video recordings of each lesson for review and reinforcement.

Who is the instructor?

Chris Davis is a highly accomplished trumpeter and educator with an impressive background.

He leads the Chris Davis Jazztet and performs with Orbert Davis’ Chicago Jazz Philharmonic, both as a trumpeter in the orchestra and as a teaching artist and jazz band director during camps.

Chris holds a Jazz Studies Degree from Northern Illinois University, which he earned in 2005. His teaching career began shortly after, in 2006, as a band director at Seton Academy High School in South Holland, Illinois.

Over the years, he has also served as an adjudicator for various competitions and festivals, including those organized by the Illinois Music Educators Association and the Illinois High School Association.

Chris has worked with a variety of artists, such as The Isley Brothers, Dennis Edwards and The Temptations Review, Orbert Davis, The Clarke Sisters, Steve Harvey, Mary Wilson, The Four Tops, Chicago Jazz Orchestra, Jennifer Hudson, Ron Kenoly, Barry Manilow, and many others.

Chris also hosts the Behind The Note Podcast: Advice For A Successful Music Career, where he interviews successful musicians about their career journeys and what has worked for them.

For “comeback” trumpet players, Chris offers valuable resources through his YouTube channel, TrumpetLessonsHQ, where he shares tips and techniques to help players improve their trumpet skills.

Through his extensive experience and dedication to music education, Chris Davis continues to inspire and guide both aspiring and seasoned musicians.

Does the instructor offer other courses?


Does the course offer hands-on projects or assignments to reinforce learning?

Yes, the course offers personalized lessons and a custom-made Trumpet Improvement Plan (T.I.P.), which includes assignments and practice routines tailored to each student’s needs.

What are the prerequisites to study?

There are no specific prerequisites, but a basic familiarity with trumpet playing and a willingness to learn and improve are beneficial.

What does social media sentiment tell us?

YouTube comments highlight the positive impact Chris Davis has had on trumpet players, especially those returning to the instrument after a long break.

Many users stated Chris as the best online trumpet teacher, appreciating his practical tips and accessible teaching style.

Some of the comeback players from various backgrounds share how his lessons have significantly improved their skills and confidence.

Also, some mentioned the value of his YouTube channel and online classes, praising the clear explanations.

Source: YouTube

5. Trumpet Lessons for Beginners – Gradual & Self-Paced For Beginners

The editor’s perspective on this course

Trumpet Lessons for Beginners by the Al Elefante Music & School for the Performing Arts is an excellent resource for new trumpet players. The course is well-structured, making it easy to follow and understand.

The course videos are well-produced, clear, and concise. The course uses animated videos to explain music basics, making concepts more accessible and engaging for beginners.

The course also focuses on beginner improvisation, providing a foundation for creative expression early in the learning process.

The course covers all the essential aspects of trumpet playing, from assembling the instrument and producing the first sound to reading music and basic maintenance.

Each lesson is designed to build on the previous one, ensuring a gradual understanding of the trumpet. The pacing allows learners to absorb information without feeling overwhelmed.

The course provides excellent reference materials, including the video table of contents with timestamps for easy navigation.

Overall, the lessons focus on practical skills to prepare beginners for success as they continue their journey.

Who should take this course?

This course is ideal for complete beginners, young learners, adult beginners, self-learners, band students, aspiring musicians, music teachers, and comeback players.

What topics are covered?

This trumpet course includes the following lessons:

  • Introduction and Demonstration
  • Lesson 1
    • Assembling the Instrument
    • Making a Sound
  • Lesson 2
    • Parts of the Trumpet
    • How to Hold a Trumpet
  • Lesson 3
    • Reading Your First Notes on the Music Staff
  • Lesson 4
    • Cleaning and Sanitizing Your Instrument

Which institution offers this course?

Elefante Music & School for the Performing Arts, established in 1996, is a trusted family-owned business in New Jersey, offering high-quality music and performing arts education and instrument rentals at reasonable prices.

Founded by Al Elefante, a seasoned musician and instrument repair technician, the school has grown significantly from its humble beginnings.

Starting with just three small rooms, Elefante Music now operates out of two locations, serving over 600 private lesson students and providing instrument rentals to thousands of school students across New Jersey.

The company prides itself on excellent customer service and high-quality instruments. Al’s daughters, Stefani and Michele, and other family members, have joined the business, making it a true family venture.

Does the institution offer other courses?

Yes, the institution offers a number of other performing arts courses.

Does the course offer hands-on projects or assignments to reinforce learning?

No, but students can participate in the video lessons.

What are the prerequisites to study?

There are no formal educational prerequisites, making the programs accessible to beginners as well as more experienced students.

How Did We Choose the Best GarageBand Courses?

With so many options available to learn trumpet online, our best lessons are selected on the basis of rigorous criteria that ensure you benefit from the best curriculum and instructor.

Considering these criteria will help you select a trumpet course that aligns with your learning style, objectives, and career goals, ensuring a productive and enjoyable learning experience.

Here are the key criteria that we used to evaluate each of these trumpet lessons and courses:

1. Instructor Expertise: We evaluated the instructors’ experience with the trumpet and professional achievements. We looked for instructors with a teaching background and read their reviews from former students.

2. Course Content and Structure: We analyzed whether the course covers trumpet features and offers step-by-step tutorials on key functions, music theory integration, and basic and advanced techniques.

3. Format and Delivery Method: We look for the format, whether the course is online, in-person, or hybrid. We checked the scheduling flexibility according to your pace and the accessibility of instructional materials like videos and PDFs.

4. Hands-on Practice and Projects: We looked for courses that offered hands-on practice and real-life projects. We ensured there were assignments or exercises to apply skills and sample files for practice.

5. Skill Level Suitability: We analyzed the skill level (beginner, intermediate, advanced) and checked the enrollment prerequisites.

6. Cost and Value: We compared course fees and costs against the instructor’s quality and depth of instruction and searched for any financial aid, scholarships, or payment plans.

7. Learning Resources and Support: We examined the access to learning resources like sample packs and checked the availability of technical support and extra help sessions.

8. Student Reviews and Outcomes: We read students’ feedback and success stories and looked for online course ratings. Also reviewed comments from the YouTube channel and course website to understand the real-time feedback.

9. Reputation of the Institution or Platform: We evaluated the accreditation and reputation of the music school or online platform. We also looked into whether the instructor or institution offers industry recognition and partnerships with other music institutions.

10. Community and Networking Opportunities: We opted for courses that offer interaction with other students through forums and groups.

11. Equipment and Software Requirements: We ensured the courses offered a clear list of necessary equipment and software.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take to learn the trumpet?

Learning the trumpet requires consistent practice. If you practice for 30-50 minutes, 4-5 times a week, you can expect to play a good number of easy songs within a few months. With continued dedication, you could be tackling intermediate to advanced pieces within one to two years.

How much do Trumpet lessons cost?

Trumpet lessons typically cost between $35 and $150 per session. The exact price can vary based on the instructor’s experience, lesson length, and your location.

What should I learn first on trumpet?

When beginning trumpet, start by mastering the fundamentals: embouchure formation (how you shape your lips to blow into the mouthpiece) and maintaining proper posture while playing. Focus on developing good breathing techniques to support your sound production.

What age to start trumpet?

Starting trumpet lessons around the age of 8 is common and generally recommended. At this age, children typically have developed enough physical coordination and lung capacity to begin learning the instrument effectively.


Whether you’re a complete beginner looking to master the basics or an experienced player seeking to refine your technique, there’s a course out there tailored to your needs.

Throughout this blog, we’ve explored 5 best trumpet lessons and courses, each offering unique benefits and approaches to learning.

These courses cover a wide range of topics, from comprehensive online platforms to personalized one-on-one instruction, including technique, music theory, improvisation, and performance skills.

So, whether you aspire to perform on stage, record in the studio, teach music to others, or even compose your original works, the skills you develop through these courses will serve as a solid foundation for success.

With the right guidance and lessons, you’ll be well on your way to become an expert trumpeter.