6 Best Teaching Courses To Learn Online for 2023

Published: October 19, 2023

Are you looking to step into the role of a teacher? Do you have what it takes to engage with your students?

We have always looked up to teachers and the role they play in shaping the future generation. We often need to give more credit to teachers for the confidence and knowledge they equip aspiring educators with. If you want to do the same for your students, start your teaching journey with a teaching course that provides a structured pathway to professional growth.

The demand for teachers in the United States has steadily increased in recent years. Moreover, this trend is expected to be on the rise in the coming years. According to market research, the education and training market in the US is projected to grow from $3.4 billion in 2020 to $6.2 billion by 2025, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.5%

This growth highlights the increasing need for qualified educators and passionate mentors who can meet the changing behaviour of students in educational institutes.

So, how do you start the journey to become a teacher? 

If you have a passion for teaching and a desire to impact students’ lives, start by researching accredited teaching programs offering teaching courses. Select a suitable program which allows you to learn online from the comfort of your home

A wide range of teaching courses with certifications can be found online. We have listed the 6 best budget-friendly teaching courses for you to fulfil your teaching career.

Keep reading to learn teaching strategies from tutors around the world!

 List of the Top Notch Teaching Classes for 2023

We have listed the best online courses for teachers this year. 

  1. Diploma in Teaching Skills for Educators  (Best Course for Teachers)
  2. Understanding Inclusive Teaching and Learning Approaches  (Learn Teaching from the Top Rated Course)
  3.  Introduction to Leadership in Teaching  (Introduction to Teaching)
  4. Teaching with Google Classroom  (Highest Rated Teaching Class)
  5. Foundations of Teaching and Learning  (Foundations of Teaching and Learning)
  6. Reasonable Teaching: The 13×4 to Master The Art of Teaching  (Learn the Art of Teaching)

6 Top Rated Teaching Courses – A Detailed Review

Let’s begin by exploring each course in detail:

1. Diploma in Teaching Skills for Educators – Alison  (Best Course for Teachers)

best course for teachers

The first program in our lineup is an online course that will help you become a better trainer with intellect, communication skills and instructional planning for your students. 

The course is free to enroll in, covering all aspects of classroom communication, participation structures and ways to stimulate student thinking. Moreover, it teaches exploring behaviourism and self-determination theories. This course is suitable for any skill level, be it beginners or advanced learners.

The course includes 10 to 15 learning hours based on video resources. However, the program’s duration is determined by your pace of learning. What more? You can claim your CPD accreditation and diploma for USD 110  from the website after the completion.

This is why this is the best course for teachers!

The course instructors belong to Global Text Projet from Alison Stats’ group. This credible publisher offers 75 courses and has helped over 16,000 students complete courses and achieve goals.  

Before enrolling in this course, let’s look at previous student reviews to help you decide. The course has received good and excellent ratings from 802 learners and is, therefore, amongst the best online teaching courses. Here is an example of the reviews we found:

I am highly impressed with ALISON because the training I passed through has added to both my intellect (knowledge) and prestige in my place of work as well as my community.”

Are you ready to enhance your teaching skills? 

Enroll now!

2. Understanding Inclusive Teaching and Learning Approaches – Alison  (Learn Teaching from the Top Rated Course)

 best online courses for teachers

Up next, the course will help you take a step towards becoming an exceptional educator. It covers inclusive education in detail with approaches, principles, benefits and key features of literacy.

This course is absolutely free to enroll in. However, you will have to pay USD 35 to receive a digital certificate at the end of the course.

The course duration is between 1.5 and 3 hours, depending on your pace. It is designed with a combination of video and practical examples to teach the various techniques and skills required to enhance your teaching skills.

In addition, this course is taught by Alpha Academy by Alison Stats, famous for online courses in the UK. With over 116 courses in different sectors, this publisher has a stellar reputation as an excellent teacher.

In our opinion, you should learn teaching from the top rated course which is an excellent option for money. There are around 693 students enrolled in it. 

While there is no rating for the course, extensive and well-organized course content with clear instructions will help you learn important tips.

3. Introduction to Leadership in Teaching – Alison  (Introduction to Teaching)

accredited courses in the UK

The online course is designed as an introductory course for beginners and is the perfect guide for anyone looking to master leadership skills and indulge in constructive team building with students. 

This course is ideal for individuals looking to build on factors that help recognize stress and for students to learn how to deal with it. 

John’s Academy is offering this course on Alison. This learning platform is famous for its accredited courses in the UK. Currently, they offer 45 courses to over 100,000 students. This will be one of the best introductions to teaching lessons!

You get lifetime access to 2 modules with a wide variety of videos. You can also stream and download files with the option of end of the course assessment. This course is completely free for enrollment.  However, one downside of this course is that to receive a CPD-accredited course certificate, you have to pay an additional amount of USD 35. 

This online teaching course has 1,180 students enrolled, which speaks of its credibility.

4. Teaching with Google Classroom – Udemy  (Highest Rated Teaching Class)

nline course suitable for all skill levels

Up next, we have an online course suitable for all skill levels, advanced, intermediate or beginner.  

The course content covers the teaching methods with Google Classroom in detail. By the end of the course, you will have command over the best practices for creating engaging assignments, quizzes, grading and much more!

The course is usually priced at USD 24.99. However, it is available on sale for USD 19.99 only. At this price, you get lifetime access to 4.5 hours of on-demand video, an article and a downloadable resource

Learn how to create a dynamic classroom on Google for your students with Nathan Nagele, an excellent instructor. His thirteen years of experience with students of all ages makes him a distinguished educational technology teacher. With 27,782 students and 14 courses, we believe you have much to learn from him!

Before investing, let’s look at the reviews this course has: The course has 3,650 students and a stellar rating of 4.6 stars out of 5.0. The course is the highest-rated teaching course on Udemy. This is what one of the students had to say: 

Helped me a lot to learn more easily how to implement Google Classroom.”

5. Foundations of Teaching and Learning – Udemy  (Foundations of Teaching and Learning)

top teaching courses

The next course in the lineup is available online on Udemy for teachers or parents interested in helping students learn better. By the end of the lesson, you will know strategies for improving memory.  Moreover, It offers practice exercises on metacognition and cognitive load. 

This is a short course, with a duration of 2.5 hours only. Based on 45 lectures, the course has 25 articles and 55 downloadable resources. Participants receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course. 

This course is available at USD 69.99, which is heavy on the pocket but gives you a lifetime to build a solid foundation of teaching and learning

Learning Scicomm, who has experience dealing with a diverse background of students, will be instructing the course. He is known for his 20 years of experience in cognitive science and a has an instructor rating of 4.3 stars on Udemy.

The best part about this course is that it is self-paced. The course has 173 students enrolled currently. It has an excellent student rating of 4.3 out of 5.0 stars. Here’s how students have appreciated the course teachings:

“I liked how this course went in depth with the terms and gave examples for them. It made it easier to retain the topics and create potential connections to implement into real teaching strategies.”

6. Reasonable Teaching: The 13×4 to Master The Art of Teaching – Udemy  (Learn the Art of Teaching)

lineup is an online course on Udemy for individuals

The last one in our lineup is an online course on Udemy for individuals with any skill level of their career journey.

By the end of the course, students will be familiar with Tom Cassidy’s Reason-Ability series of learning one thing at a time. It helps teachers and mentors execute the four dogmas of reasonability as part of their daily routine. 

The course has 4 instructors, each with a stellar profile and experience. Tom Cassidy is known for his skills as an education reformer and comprehensive. A healthcare executive and entrepreneur, Bryan Sykes promotes the intersection of social and technology. Sam Brown is a reality engineer, while Bill Aronson is a memory coach. This combination of instructors will help you learn the art of teaching!

The course duration is 3 hours. It is available for USD 54.99 on Udemy. At this price, you get lifetime access to on-demand videos, 1 article and a certificate of completion. 

The course has a stellar rating of 4.6 stars. It remains one of the popular courses on Udemy, with 9,440 students. Let’s look at how the students have appreciated the course teachings:

“Interesting course. I am not a trained teacher, but most of this course was easy to understand and accessible. The short lectures were informative and interesting.”

Our Criteria to Choose the Top Online Courses To Learn How To Teach Students

  • Eligibility criteria: Requirements or qualifications needed to enroll in the course.
  • Course curriculum: The content and structure of the course, including the topics covered and the learning materials provided.
  • Teaching methodologies: The approaches and strategies used in the course to deliver effective instruction.
  • The reputation of the course: The overall standing and credibility of the educational institution or platform offering the course.
  • Instructors rating: The evaluation and feedback students provide regarding the quality and expertise of the instructors involved in teaching the course.
  • Cost: The financial investment required to enroll in and complete the course.
  • Job placement: The assistance provided by the course or educational platform in finding employment opportunities or securing teaching positions after completion.
  • Career support: The level of ongoing guidance and resources available to students to support their professional development and advancement in teaching.

Best Teaching Courses - FAQs

Which Is the Best Course to Become a Teacher?

The best teaching course is the Diploma in Teaching Skills for Educators by Alison.

Which Teaching Subject Is Most in Demand?

Highly paid jobs have recently been offered in STEM: science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Which Field Is Best for Teaching?

There isn’t one field that would be the best for teaching. It is because it depends highly on your interests, expertise, and the field in which you want to make an impact. We encourage you to follow your passions and make it the best teaching experience for your students.


In conclusion, by enrolling in the best teaching courses for academic excellence, you equip yourself with the knowledge and methodologies to excel in the field of education. These listed courses provide a structured pathway to engage with students effectively and foster confidence.

Whether a beginner or an experienced educator, investing in such courses lets you stay updated with the latest teaching practices. We suggest checking out student reviews before starting out.

What are you waiting for?

Choose the best course that aligns with your goals and discover your passion of teaching!