9 Best Strength Training Classes Online in 2023

Published: October 12, 2023

Everyone wants to maintain their muscle tissue, control their body fat and improve their bone health. Strength training comes as a good option to achieve all these goals. These exercises increase your muscle endurance and help you become stronger and fitter.

Strength training classes can be taken in a gym. But if you don’t want to go to the gym for any reason, then find some aerobic strength training exercise classes online. Many platforms are offering online classes with one-on-one instructions.

In this article, we have enlisted the best strength training classes. Some programs are offering teens strength training classes while some are for seniors.

All of these courses are good, especially the 3rd and 4th courses on the list. These two courses are great because of their long-term benefits, better assistance, and lower pricing.

Before going into details, let’s see what each course covers!

Who can take this course? (beginner, intermediate or advanced learner)

  • Course details
  • Mode of learning
  • Pricing
  • Reviews
  • Number of students who took these classes

List of Top Strength Training Classes

  1. Strength and Mobility Training – Udemy Online Courses – All Levels
  2. Medicine Ball Training: Full body Strength and Conditioning – Udemy Online Lessons – All levels
  3. Undisclosed Instant Strength Techniques – Udemy – Beginner Level Online Classes
  4. Fitness for Beginners – Udemy Online Courses – Beginner Level
  5. Manage & Track All Your Workout in One Place – JEFIT Online Classes – Beginner to Advanced Level
  6. Housework by Sydney Miller – Sydney Miller Online Lessons – All Levels
  7. Blogilates Pirates and Strength Training – USA Today – Beginner Level Online Lessons
  8. Get Fit Online– Deprime Fitness Online Classes- All Levels
  9. Physical Fitness – How to Avoid Injuries and Train Safely– Alison Online Courses- All Levels

1. Strength and Mobility Training – Udemy Online Courses – All Levels


This strength training course is for all level learners. By taking these online classes, you will be able to learn 16 mobility exercises and you will master 8 movement flows. This training will help you improve your range of motion and build core strength.

The course offers full lifetime access to 31 minutes of on-demand video, 7 articles, and a completion certificate. You can get this course for $49.99.

Students say that the course taught them many ways of exercise and whole-body movement. They improved their strength, flexibility, and posture. Till now, 1,333 students have taken these online classes.

We will score it 8/9.

2. Medicine Ball Training: Full Body Strength and Conditioning – Udemy Online Lessons – All Levels

Any level strength trainer can choose this online course. It will teach you how to make your own medicine ball and get a full-body workout with it. The course includes strength training group fitness classes.

You get fit by learning the use of a medicine ball with a partner in a fun environment. The course includes 1-hour on-demand video, 1 article, and a certificate of completion. It will cost you $19.99.

The students who took the course claim that it was comprehensive and full of fun workouts. They got clear and concise instructions for each exercise. 988 students have already completed the course.

We will score it 8.5/9.

3. Undisclosed Instant Strength Techniques – Udemy – Beginner Level Online Classes

what you will learn in instant strength techniques

This course provides beginner-level neuro-muscular strength training. It teaches you over 20 unique skills for instant strength gain. You will learn the 5 rules for strength development. By the end of these classes, you will become stronger than ever before.

In this course, you will get lifetime access to 1-hour on-demand video, 2 articles, 2 downloadable resources, and a completion certificate. You will have to pay $29.99 to buy this course.

Reviews say that the course is for those who immediately want to increase their strength. The course is particularly for martial artists and competitive fighters.

We will score it 9/9.

4. Fitness for Beginners – Udemy Online Courses – Beginner Level

fitness for beginners

It is a beginner-level comprehensive strength training course. The course will teach you more than 100 beginner exercises and appropriate ways to practice them at home. You will understand the proper movement to gain strength and not hurt yourself during the exercise.

The course constitutes 4.5 hours of on-demand video, 9 articles, and 21 downloadable resources. You learn by doing assignments and also get a certificate upon completion. $34.99 is the price to buy this course.

People who took the course say that it helped them gain more insight into mobility and strength. The exercise made their muscles work away better than before. 11,419 students bought this course to date.

We will score it 9/9.

5. Manage & Track All Your Workout in one Place – JEFIT Online Classes – Beginner to Advanced Level

Jefit provides strength training for all. The exercises here can help you upgrade from beginner to advanced level. You can choose either full-body workouts or those targeting specific muscle groups. The platform connects you with a wider workout community to get motivation and encouragement.

manage & track all your workout

The platform offers you 1400+ exercises with audio and video instructions. Jefit offers you a 7-day free trial to test their courses. After that, you can go for a monthly or annual subscription. The elite plan will cost you $6.99/month or $39.99/annum.

People say that advanced tracking features and premium workout plans helped them improve a lot. 9.7 Million people are part of the JEFIT community today.

We will score it 9/9.

6. Housework by Sydney Miller – Sydney Miller Online Lessons – All Levels

Sydney Miller teaches online to all-level learners. These online lessons combine pilates and cardio with strength training for a whole-body workout. The class is divided into four sections namely warm-up, hand weights, sliders, and cardio.

Each class is 50 minutes long and is given live through the zoom app. You will have to pay $20 per class. Students say that this housework is a great workout at home with little to no equipment required. The classes are held daily and many students benefit from professional training.

We will score it 7/9.

7. Blogilates Pirates and Strength Training – USA Today – Beginner Level Online Lessons

blogilates pirates and strength training

These are beginner-level virtual strength training classes. Most of the workouts in the training are based on pilates. You get one-on-one instructions for these short, attainable exercises. These exercises will help you tone and strengthen muscles.

These classes are available in the form of youtube videos and the workout tutorial length is usually about 10 minutes. You can get these strength training classes for beginners totally free of cost. This platform has helped many people gain instant strength through arms and abs workouts.

We will score it 7.5/9.

8. Get Fit Online – Deprime Fitness Online Classes – All Levels

There are many exercises for gaining muscles, losing fat, and increasing stamina. You can customize a plan according to your health, schedule, and fitness goals. Your trainer answers your fitness, motivation, and nutrition questions.

get fit online

The coach gives one-on-one online instructions for cardio or workouts. Live sessions are conducted through the Zoom app. Along with workout plans, you will also get custom diet plans. You can get the coaching by subscribing to their website. Many students are already achieving their fitness goals through online training.

We will score it 7/9.

9. Physical Fitness – How to Avoid Injuries and Train Safely – Alison Online Courses – All Levels

physical fitness

This platform is also offering strength training and fitness courses for all-level learners. The instructors here teach you how to train your body safely and healthily. You learn to do safe exercises without getting any injuries. You will gain knowledge about the good and adverse effects of energy boosters such as steroids, hormones, etc.

Complete video and audio live training is shared on the platform. Course duration is between 1.5-3 hours. All the courses here are free to enroll in and complete. You will also get a certification on completion.

Students of the course say that they gained sound knowledge about fitness and learned good skills. 7,850 students completed this course.

We will score it 8/9.

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Best Strength Training Courses - FAQs

What Classes Are Strength Training?

The classes that teach resistance exercises involving muscular work to gain strength, aerobic endurance, and muscle power are included in strength training. Examples may include yoga, pilates, cardio, and bodyweight exercises.

What Are the 5 Basic Strength Training Exercises?

Strength training classes for beginners usually include the following 5 basic exercises:

Bodyweight squat
Glute bridge
Inverted row

What Are the 4 Types of Strength Training?

The basic four types include strength training for:

Muscle strength
Muscular endurance
Muscle power
Muscular hypertrophy

What Type of Training Is Best for Strength?

Heavy weight lifting is considered the best training to increase strength. A powerlifter repeatedly lifts an extreme heavyweight that ultimately brings its muscle strength to the next level. His focus is not on body shape but on high strength.

What Strength Training Can I Do at Home?

There are some simple exercises and workouts that you can do while staying in your home. By doing so, you won’t need to attend any good gym classes for strength training. Let’s enlist some options:
Weight lifting
Stairs climbing
Heavy digging for gardening


If you want to gain strength and are looking for some good strength training, then online classes at internetoflearning are the best option so far in this time of pandemic. You can take either strength training classes for beginners or advanced, depending upon your conditions.

The best courses reviewed above will help you find the right strength training classes that meet your needs. We highly recommend courses no.3 and 4 on the list. The main reason behind this recommendation is that these two courses are highly economical and equally efficient.

We wish you the best of luck with your strength training!