6 Best Saxophone Lessons To Transform Your Career in Music

Published: October 11, 2023

The saxophone, which is often known as the sax or the Saxo, is a single-reed woodwind instrument with a conical body that is typically made of brass. It has endured all musical trends and has emerged as the identifier of classic jazz. 

But what are the benefits of learning how to play the saxophone? Increased lung capacity, strengthened core muscles, and cognitive function are just a few advantages of playing the saxophone for both physical and mental health. 

If these reasons were not promising enough for you to learn to play the saxophone,  you should also know that it gives room for your creativity to thrive, reducing stress and improving your mental health. To find out more about why you should sign up for the best saxophone lessons, read this article on the benefits of music lessons.  

According to Salary Expert. The typical income for a beginning saxophonist (with 1-3 years of experience) is $59,375, which is a handsome amount you can earn by signing up for some of the best saxophone lessons we have lined up for you. If you’re interested in how to become a music composer in addition to the saxophone, visit our website for tips.  

If you want to delve into the world of music and learn to play the saxophone, keep reading! Moreover, for tips on E-Learning to get a grip on the gist of online courses before we get started.

List of the 6 Best Saxophone Courses to Learn Online 

  1. Learn To Play the Saxophone: Beginner to Pro in Under Four Hours – Udemy  
  2. Alto Saxophone Lessons for Beginners – Skillshare – Best Beginner Saxophone Course
  3. The Complete Intermediate Saxophone Course – Udemy 
  4. Beginners Saxophone Course – Cambridge Saxophone
  5. Getting Started on the Sax-Sax Casts
  6. Jazz Saxophone Basics – Sax Casts

Detailed Review of the Top-rated Saxophone Classes

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced saxophonist looking to hone your skills, finding the right online class can be a daunting task. To simplify your search, we’ve put together in-depth reviews of some of the most popular online saxophone classes.

1. Learn To Play the Saxophone: Beginner to Pro in Under Four Hours – Udemy

Udemy Learn to Play Saxophone

The first course in the lineup is one of the top saxophone lessons for Beginners, which consists of 4 hours of on-demand videos, 58 downloadable resources and full lifetime access along with a shareable certificate of completion for $49.99

This is a steal considering this is one of the best saxophone lessons, which is completely online and provides you with absolute flexibility over your own pace of learning. 

This is one of the best beginner online saxophone classes, which offers a tutorial on how to play the saxophone, starting with the fundamentals like putting the instrument together, making sound, and playing simple notes.

You will then learn to move on to cover fundamental principles in music theory as well as fingerings, scales, and articulation. There are 8,674 students already taking benefits from it.

The course offers more than three hours of video instruction, downloadable materials, and contact with an instructor for advice. Your instructor for this course will be affiliated with Music Professor Online, which has a long history of giving students who can’t take individual lessons pre-recorded online music classes.

What student has today about the course:

“It was really great, being able to go at my own pace and play along with the instructor. Thanks!”

With so much credibility, you can rest assured that this is one of the best saxophone lessons you can find. So, enrol now!

2. Alto Saxophone Lessons for Beginners – Skillshare – Best Beginner Saxophone Course

SkillShare Saxophone Lessons

The next course in our selection of top saxophone courses is a great place for beginning alto saxophone players to start their musical journey. It features carefully created practice video lessons that will quickly teach you how to play the saxophone, all for $30 per month.

There are 12 sets of well-made, entertaining, and simple-to-follow courses and practice videos. You will learn the fundamentals of how music works as well as how to assemble an alto saxophone and produce your first notes, which makes it the best beginner saxophone course.

Additionally, you will learn how to play in a band, harmony, melody, rhythm, and how to express yourself musically. The course also features a unique “Jam Room” where you may practice your abilities and methods while jamming along with a virtual band at various speeds. 

Todd Porter, a phenomenal multi-instrumentalist, will be your companion on this voyage. In addition to receiving multiple honours for his musical accomplishments, Todd has been teaching music for the past fifteen years. 

If you’re looking for the best beginner saxophone course, we recommend signing up right away!

3. The Complete Intermediate Saxophone Course – Udemy 

Udemy Saxophone Course

The next course in this selection of best online saxophone lessons is this intermediate-level course that we have found for those who already know the basics of playing the saxophone. This course focuses on improving intermediate-level saxophone skills in a variety of styles, including jazz, funk, and classical music. 

You will gain knowledge of up to Grade 5 scales, analyze advanced rhythmic patterns, use expressive marks, and add emotion through inflexions. You will also learn how to add phrasing, subtle tempo and dynamic adjustments, and stylistic elements to your playing to help you play like a pro. 

For  $84.99, you will receive 12.5 hours of on-demand video, 36 downloadable resources, a shareable certificate and lifetime access to said resources. Your instructor for this course will be Karin Kroch, who has been in high demand as a woodwind teacher since 2009, motivating pupils of all skill levels to develop into self-assured, imaginative, and all-around performing artists. 

Lastly, the course is completely online and can be accessed from anywhere. This flexibility, the expertise of the instructor and the course depth make it one of the best saxophone courses available online, and you should definitely sign up for it!

4. Beginners Saxophone Course – Cambridge Saxophone

CambridgeSaxophone Course for Beginner

The next course in the lineup is one of the best beginner online saxophone classes available. For a mere price of $12.50, you will be offered insights into the philosophy of music, playing the saxophone and breathing, and getting the correct posture all the way to arpeggios and main scales. 

This is a comprehensive course which will be completely online taught by Dan Forshaw, who is passionate about using music and other forms of creativity to inspire others. John Coltrane’s music had a profound impact on a life-altering encounter that inspired him to pursue studies in New York and London. 

Needless to say, this will be the best saxophone lesson in terms of the instructor you will be getting!

Lastly, you will even have the opportunity of doing an annual project i.e. the Christmas project, which you can submit online for feedback which will help enhance your skill making it one of the most interactive, best beginner online saxophone classes out there! 

5. Getting Started on the Sax-Sax Casts

Getting Started on Saxophone

The essentials of playing the saxophone, such as putting the instrument together, creating a sound, fingerings, and basic music theory, are covered in this course, which is intended for beginning saxophonists.

There are 13 video lessons in the course with an average length of 4 mins,, and they cover things like reading music notation, posture, breathing, embouchure, and articulation, making it one of the best beginner online saxophone classes. You can sign up for this course and several others on Sax Casts after signing up for an online package worth either $14 per month or $235.5 annually.

Dan Christian, the course instructor, explains and demonstrates each concept in detail in a series of video tutorials. The lessons are intended to be succinct and simple to understand, with an emphasis on useful abilities and approaches that players may use right away in their playing. 

Doesn’t this sound like one of the best saxophone lessons? Sign up and learn to play the saxophone today!

6. Jazz Saxophone Basics – Sax Casts

Basic Sxophone Jazz

The last course in our selection is a course for intermediate-level saxophonists who already know the basics of playing the saxophone. This is one of the top saxophone courses because it will teach you the basics of the most favoured genre of the saxophone: jazz. 

In 8 short videos, you will learn basic jazz theory, improvisation, playing by ear, and participating in a jazz band are some of the topics covered in the course. The self-paced video lessons in the course cover a variety of subjects, such as swing rhythm, blues scales, chord progressions, and fundamental jazz improvisation techniques, making this the best saxophone lesson out there!

After registering for an online subscription costing either $14 per month or $235.5 annually, you can enrol in this course as well as a number of others on Sax Casts

In a series of video lessons, the course’s instructor, Dan Christian, thoroughly explains and illustrates each idea. The emphasis of the courses is on practical skills and methods that players may employ right away in their playing, and they are meant to be brief and easy to comprehend. 

Why wait? Sign up for the best saxophone lessons today!

Our Criteria to Choose the Top Saxophone Lessons

  • Eligibility Criteria: The prerequisites, such as age limits or prior musical experience, that a student must satisfy to be eligible for the online saxophone course.
  • Course Curriculum: The topics covered, the sequence in which they are presented, and any supplemental materials offered to enhance learning in the online saxophone classes.
  • Teaching Methodologies: The methods and approaches the online saxophone teacher employs to promote learning, including video demonstrations, interactive exercises, and individualized feedback.
  • Reputation of the course: The opinion of the online saxophone course in the musical community as a whole and among its prior students, can be influenced by elements including course content, instructor calibre, and success rates. 
  • Instructor Evaluation: An evaluation system that assesses the success of the online saxophone instructor, frequently based on comments from past students, taking into account factors like the efficacy of instruction, aptitude for communication, and availability.
  • Cost: The sum of money necessary to sign up for the online saxophone course, plus any other costs like instrument rentals or textbooks.

Best Saxophone Lessons - FAQs

What Makes a Saxophone Course Great?

Instructor’s Eligibility and Value for Money in Terms of Cost.

Which Online Saxophone Lesson Is the Best for You?

For a beginner, Getting Started on the Sax-Sax Casts would be best. 

Can I Learn Saxophone in 3 Months?

Yes, with practice, you can learn to play the saxophone in 3 months. 

What Is the Best Age to Learn Saxophone?

The saxophone can be learned at any age.


A fun and fulfilling experience, learning to play the saxophone has positive effects on both physical and mental health. You can use it to release your creativity, reduce tension, and enhance your cognitive abilities, and the best saxophone lessons will help you get there!

Not to mention the possibility of a successful musical career; a beginning saxophone makes, on average, $59,375 annually. To get there, you will need the top saxophone courses to help you out!

With the help of the internet, it’s now simple to enrol in top-notch saxophone lessons from the comfort of your own home. We’ve put together a list of the greatest online programmes based on factors like eligibility requirements, course content, teaching methods, reputation, instructor review, and price.

We highly recommend enrolling in one of these highly regarded courses if you want to learn more about music and play the saxophone. There is a course that can advance your talents, whether you are a total novice or an intermediate player. What are you still holding out for? Enrol today; the saxophone can help you realise your musical potential with the best saxophone lessons!