7 Best Online PPC Marketing Courses

Published: October 11, 2023

If you want to become an expert in Pay Per Click marketing, commonly known as PPC, look no further!

We have your back. 

PPC is an abbreviation for pay-per-click, an internet marketing approach in which advertisers pay a fee each time their ads are clicked. It is simply a means of paying website visitors rather than having to “earn” those views naturally.

Depending upon the skills, location, and expertise, a PPC specialist earns around $44,660 to $70,394 in the US. With so many advantages and an enticing salary range, you should strive to master this talent.

Online courses accessible on various e-learning platforms are the greatest approach to studying PPC marketing. We discovered some of the best PPC marketing courses available.

Because there are so many online courses, we have simplified the process so that you only need to enroll in one of the finest courses.

Let the learning journey begin!

List of the 7 Best PPC Marketing Courses Online

Here is our pick of the seven PPC online courses that can help you learn PPC marketing. 

  1. PPC Ads – Udemy – Google Adwords Facebook Ads & Bing Ads Using PPC – Editor’s Choice
  2. Advanced Pay Per Click (PPC) Certification Training– Simplilearn – Highly Recommended
  3. Learn PPC Marketing: Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook & More – Udemy – Systemized Course
  4. Complete Digital Advertising Course: PPC Advertising Mastery – Udemy – Best for Beginners
  5. Learn Pay Per Click (PPC) Fundamentals – Udemy – Affordable Option
  6. PPC Course – Udemy – How to Double Your Pay per Click Performance 
  7. Ultimate Google Ads Training – Udemy – Profit with Pay Per Click

These courses are not arranged in any certain order. However, if you ask us about our best recommendations, the top two courses are 1 and 2 based on the student reviews and ratings.

7 Best PPC Marketing Courses in Detailed with Reviews

1. PPC Ads – Udemy – Editor’s Choice

Pay-Per-Click Marketing online training courses

This best-selling course is ideal for beginners. As the title implies, this PPC ads course focuses on teaching Google AdWords, Bing, and Facebook ads certification, which makes it suitable for learning PPC from the ground up.

This course is taught by specialist Dave Espino who is a member of Udemy’s Instructor Council and has been working in the field of online paid marketing for 11 years. He has 1,385 students enrolled in it and hosted shows related to online marketing on multiple channels, including Fox Business, Travel Channel, History Channel, and CNBC. 

As for the pricing, it is now available at a reduced price of USD 13.99 with an 84% discount on the actual cost of USD 84.99. Considering the actual price, we can say that the recent discount made it one of the most affordable PPC training courses. 

If we talk about the course content, it includes ten sections of the course material with 23 lectures that can be completed in 4 hours and 5 minutes, indicating you don’t have to spend months completing it. 

The course has an outstanding rating of 4.0 out of 5.0. The following is what most students had to say about the course and the instructor:

He presents well and shows info on the screen on the topic very well so far. I am very pleased I invested in this course.

We rate it 7.0/7.0 based upon the price, rating, and student reviews. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • Basic internet understanding
  • The primary undertaking of search engines

2. Advanced Pay Per Click (PPC) – Simplilearn – Highly Recommended

advanced pay per click certification training by simplilearn

The following course is also quite popular and is appropriate for intermediate-level learners. This course is for you if you want to brush up on your PPC abilities.

This Advanced Pay Per Click (PPC) certification costs USD 299 which seems a bit pricey but considering the course quality, the cost is pretty justified. The instructor will teach you to master conversion optimization, lead generation improvement, display advertising, PPC, ranking algorithm, and bidding methods. 

Brad Geddes, a Google Ads seminar leader, Digital marketing expert, and co-founder of Analysis has some of the highest-rated programming and technical courses online, and he is the one offering this practical course. He has over 20 years of experience in Digital marketing, so if you want to learn from a top instructor, this is the course for you.

Moreover, the course is fairly substantial, with 4 hours of videos covering multiple concepts such as the psychology of search, buying funnel, types of keyword matches, keyword research, ad testing, and advanced ad features.

The course has 7886 students registered, indicating its popularity. It also has an excellent rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 stars, indicating that the students highly appreciate it.

Most reviews were similar to this:

“Brad is a great instructor. He delivers thorough, interesting, and well-planned sessions. It’s just a 4-hour class, but his teaching style made it a knowledge-packed session.

We rate it 6.5/7.0 based on course content and instructor rating. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • High school diploma or an undergraduate degree
  • Basic understanding of the concepts related to digital marketing

3. Learn PPC Marketing -Udemy – Systemized Course

online best pay per click marketing course

This course provides a comprehensive approach to PPC marketing. It will provide the information you need to understand the working behind Google AdWords, Facebook, and Bing.

Enrolment in this course allows you to learn from a group of digital marketing professionals, MindMekka.

You can now learn PPC marketing through this course for an affordable price of USD 13.99 by availing of the 84% discount on the actual price of USD 84.99. It includes 5 hours of on-demand video, two articles, and three downloadable resources to learn everything at your own pace.

Additionally, this course has 9,100 students enrolled, and with an impressive rating of 4.1 out of 5.0, it is one of the top courses on Udemy.

The PPC marketing certification course is unquestionably excellent, as evidenced by student reviews. Speaking of which, here’s one review that caught our eye:

“Everything you need to know about PPC marketing and Google Adwords is all here in this course. High-quality content, very informative, and well delivered. Great job MindMekka!

We rate it 6.0/7.0 based upon pricing, reviews, and course rating.

Eligibility Criteria

  • No prior knowledge of PPC Marketing or Google AdWords
  • Basic understanding of the internet

4. Complete Digital Advertising Course – Udemy – Best for Beginners

online PPC Certification course

This next course is appropriate for students of all skill levels. This certification course will cover everything, whether you are a novice or seeking an advanced-level course.

The Complete Digital Advertising Course is exceptionally well-designed and will address all your digital advertising queries, assuring extensive learning.

Ing. Tomas Moravekc, an experienced SEO, Facebook, and Digital Marketing educator, will teach you this course. His experience and expertise in advanced PPC training Courses will aid you in understanding the operational concepts of marketing.

The course is fairly lengthy, including 24.5 hours of on-demand videos and four downloadable materials.

This course has a perfect rating of 4.6 and is currently available for USD 13.99 making it one of the cheapest PPC courses. This is incredible because the course is available at an 84% discount. Even better, the course is top-rated, with 701,880 students already registered.

Most of the reviews we found were similar to this:

“great content

I wanna thank MR.Thomas for this course and hope adding how to earn money as a freelancer by this course.

We rate it 6.0/7.0 based on course rating, pricing, and reviews. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • An active internet connection
  • Passion for learning
  • No prior knowledge of PPC is required 

5. Learn Pay Per Click Fundamentals – Udemy – Affordable Option

top PPC marketing course

This next course is ideal for beginners who wish to learn about PPC marketing from the ground up. Learning PPC Marketing course from Udemy is excellent for learning the functional concepts of PPC marketing, including Google AdWords, PPC Ad Network, and automation tools.

Apex Global Learning teaches the course, with a 4.1/5.0 rating. The organization is an educational venture of ECCI with the aim to produce performance excellence among professionals.

This comprehensive course will cost you only USD 19.99 making it one of the most affordable PPC courses.

The course comprised 2 hours of on-demand course video, a certificate of completion, and full lifetime access.  

Despite the limited number of enrolled students (294 students), we would strongly suggest this course to you based on the extensive study and experience of Apex Global Learning.

We also checked out the reviews for this course. Most reviews we came across were similar to this one here:

“I took this course pretty quickly so I will probably visit it again. Many of the concepts I was already aware of. But, There was some new information that will be helpful.”

We rate it 6.0/7.0 based on course rating and pricing. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • Reliable internet connection
  • Basic knowledge of computers and the internet

6. PPC Course – Udemy

online best pay-per-click course

This intermediate-level course teaches the fundamentals of PPC marketing in addition to PPC performance monitoring. 

By the end of this course, you will understand how to improve Google AdWord and PPC performance by 100%.

Mark Stephenson, a marketing, small business, and sales enthusiast, will teach this session. His understanding of PPC marketing topics undoubtedly makes him one of the best educators.

The course costs USD 94.99, which is pretty expensive but considering how in-depth it is, the cost seems justified. This course has a relatively short duration.

If you need a crash education in PPC, this 2.5 hours course with a 4.5 out of 5.0  rating and 935 enrolled students is for you. It also offers four downloadable course resources, lifetime access, and completion certification, making it worth your money.

The overall course reviews were positive. Here is what the students had to say about this course:

“New things even after 6 years of Google AdWords! Thank you Mark for making this course. I’ve been struggling with AdWords for 7 years for my own company and reached decent results. I thought I knew a lot, but your training proved that I have missed about 40% of the important PPC knowledge. I would advise anyone that takes this course to listen carefully, even if they know some stuff. Great stuff on match type, way to construct and ad, and a really interesting final lecture. Money well spent for me.”

We rate it 6.0/7.0 based on reviews, ratings, and pricing. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • A website
  • Have a budget
  • Google AdWords or Bing Ads account

7. Ultimate Google Ads Training – Udemy

online PPC Training Course

Ultimate Google Ads Training is another beginner-level course, ideal for anyone who does not have a prior understanding of PPC marketing.

This course will teach you the various strategies PPC expert uses to target the relevant audience and explain how to make a profit using PPC.

Isaac Rudansky is a certified Google Adword pro and the cofounder of AdVenture Media. His knowledge and talents in PPC marketing will make this course highly informative for you.

The course content may be completed in 24 hours and 50 minutes, sufficient time to master key ideas. It is being offered for USD 84.9 which is on the pricier side but considering the course features, the price seems justified.

You can get four articles, a certificate of completion, on-demand videos, and lifetime access to the course content.

The overall reviews of the course are positive. Here is how the students are praising this course:

“Great Instructor. I learned a lot as a complete beginner to Google Ads and was able to follow along fairly well despite the new interface giving me some confusion. However, with enough additional effort to see the differences in the two interfaces, this course really does a great job of hammering the fundamentals.”

We rate it 6.0/7.0 based on pricing, review, rating, and quality of the course material.

Eligibility Criteria

  • An active and reliable internet connection
  • No previous knowledge of Adword

Our Evaluation Criteria for the Best PPC Marketing Courses

We assessed these PPC Courses using multiple factors that are listed below:

  • Who is it for – Beginner, intermediate, and advanced learners
  • Depth of the course covered
  • Number of videos and the total time duration of the course
  • Pricing
  • Reviews
  • Number of enrolled students

Based on our research we have found seven courses that can help you understand the basics of PPC marketing.

If you want to explore other interesting courses, you should try the best digital marketing courses from top e-learning platforms, including social media marketing, Facebook marketing, content marketing, Google Ads, and SEO.

Overview of the Top PPC Marketing Program

Course Price Course Features 
1. Udemy – PPC Ads – Google Adwords Facebook Ads & Bing Ads Using PPC – Editor’s Choice $13.99 Downloadable Resources
Lifetime Access
Available on both mobile and TV
2. Simplilearn – Advanced Pay Per Click (PPC) Certification Training – Highly Recommended$299Practice Test
Downloadable Resources
Available on both mobile and TV
3. Udemy – Learn PPC Marketing: Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook & More – Systemized Course$13.99Expert Instructor 
Downloadable Resources
Available on both mobile and TV
4. Complete Digital Advertising Course: PPC Advertising Mastery – beginner Level – Best for Beginners$13.99Great to Enhance your Skills
Downloadable Resources
Available on both mobile and TV
5. Udemy – Learn Pay Per Click (PPC) Fundamentals – Affordable Option $19.99Downloadable Resources
Short course
Available on both mobile and TV
6. Udemy – PPC Course – How to Double Your Pay per Click Performance$94.99Downloadable Resources
Extensive course content
Available on both mobile and TV
7. Udemy – Ultimate Google Ads Training 2021: Profit with Pay Per Click$84.99Downloadable Resources
Completion Certification
Available on both mobile and TV

Best PPC Marketing Courses - FAQs

How Much Does the Ppc Course Cost?

The cost of PPC courses can vary depending on the type of the course (beginner, intermediate, or advanced level). A PPC certification course can cost between USD 18 to USD 300 but you can always avail yourself of discounts to get the courses at reduced prices. 

Can I learn PPC Online?

Yes, you can learn PPC online, but you need to get enrolled in an online course that is taught by an expert instructor and offer course material that is easy to understand. You will need to stay focused and motivated to learn PPC online. 

Which Pay Per Click Course is best?

Currently, “PPC Ads – Google Adwords Facebook Ads & Bing Ads Using PPC – Udemy” is the best Pay Per Click course you can get for USD 13.99. It is a beginner-level course that can help you understand the functional concepts of PPC and how you can use it to improve your online exposure and sales.


With millions of internet users searching for a product daily, you cannot undermine the importance of PPC, which can help you grow the exposure of your online business through these best PPC marketing courses. 

PPC marketing courses can teach you the basics of how to create and manage effective pay-per-click campaigns, and how to measure and optimize your results.

Therefore, if you want to make your mark in digital marketing, you need to enroll in a PPC training course. PPC Certification can help you reflect your expertise in this niche, even when you are working on a freelance basis or with an employer.