9 Best Music Video Production Courses To Learn Online

Published: January 31, 2024

Lights, camera, action!

Do you ever imagine complementing your music or someone’s music with a video that resonates well with what the music conveys? You can now choose the best music video production courses online. Online courses have made learning state-of-the-art tips and techniques for making perfect music videography convenient and more accessible.

These are some of the many elements needed to devise and produce a music video. Music videography has evolved over the years with overall processes such as lighting, camera positioning, and concept creation.

By choosing to enroll in music videography courses online, you get to manifest theory, editing techniques, and practices related to how to learn music production that creates an everlasting impression anywhere you are in the world.

Below we will share the top music video production online courses to explore. Each type of online class for music production recommended will be featured according to

A Brief Summary of the 9 Best Music Video Production Courses

  1. Best Online Music Video Production Course – Udemy – Best for Beginner’s Level
  2. How to Make Music Videos – Udemy – Editor’s Choice
  3. Video Production Masterclass: Udemy – Best Course for All Levels
  4. Music Video Production – The City of Westminster College – Our Top Pick
  5. Music Video Production for Beginners: Domestika – From Script to Screen – Most Affordable Course
  6. How to Make a Music Video on a Budget – Skillshare – Most Recommended Course
  7. Best Online Music Videography Class: Skillshare – Prepare for Your Shoot Without Breaking the Bank – Best Lesson for Beginner and Intermediate Level
  8. Creative Filmmaking: Skillshare – Crafting Your Vision for Music Videos – Best Music Video Class for Intermediate Level
  9. Creative Filmmaking: Austin School of Film – Music Video Production – Most Popular Course

1. Best Online Music Production Course – Udemy

online classes for music production

Priced at $16.99, this beginner-level online music production course is a compact source of information for anyone interested in learning smartly and efficiently.

In this music production class, you get to learn how to devise concept creation that resonates with your music or song, footage editing in a manner that can be tracked in Adobe Premiere, and overall designing a video that promotes a captivating visual experience. This music videography course contains 9 lectures divided into 3 sections and a compiled time duration of 40 minutes.

Students talk about this course:

Delivered on expectations. The instructor has ‘been there and done that’ several times. He has all the spaces for music video-making covered. I would appreciate it if he added a few thoughts on filming live performances as well in a future edition of the course. Overall, a satisfying course.

Rated 4.6/5 and having 31 students enrolled,

We rating it 6/9.

Click here to enroll in this top music video production class.

2. How to Make Music Videos – Udemy

learn to produce music

It is a beginner to intermediate-level music videography course that aids the learner in knowledge when it comes to creating music videos with little to no budget, writing music video treatments, the detailed editing process, and various other practical aspects when it comes to music video production.

With 8 hours worth of learning content, 5 articles, and 12 downloadable resources, this music videography course is recommended for anyone who likes to master their basic concepts.

Here’s what students say about this online video production course:

Great… and the instructor give the material to practice too… REAL MATERIAL. Not just a dummy material if you know what i mean.good job man, keep the good work

This is an excellent bestseller music-producing lesson at the price of 19.99$ for anyone who wants to learn music and videography in a detailed manner and knows how to secure free or paying clients to support your portfolio.

Rated 4.5/5 and 1,315 students enrolled,

The rating for this music video production course is a 7/9.

Check out this online video production course.

3. Video Production Masterclass – Udemy

music production masterclass

This is the best music video production course we could find on Udemy for music videography. From the course title itself, you can see it is a masterclass covering all learning levels to aid the course learner to know everything you need to kick start making the best music videos out there.

It is a very knowledgeable choice for a course, priced at $29.99 and providing 18 hours’ worth of video learning content, 6 articles, and 8 downloadable materials.

The content taught in this videography course is in-depth and covers topics related to concept creation, lighting, editing, finishing touches, and much more.

Rated 4.3/5 and 4,174 students enrolled, we rate this video production online course an 8/9.

Click here to take the music videography class.

4. Music Video Production – the City Of Westminster College

how to learn music production

This is an online music videography course offered by the City of Westminster College. It is suitable for beginner-level students who desire to gain extensive knowledge of the core fundamentals of music video production. This online music videography course is conducted online for 5 consecutive Saturdays from 10.30 am to 4.30 pm.

Priced at £350, this online music videography course provides students with technical and creative skills to unleash their potential and master the core concepts to excel in music video production.

With the online course offered by the college being reputable and having made a well-planned course outline for beginner-level students to learn,

We are rating this course as 8/9.

Click here to take this course.

5. Music Video Production for Beginners – Domestika

music production beginners course

This online music videography class is meant for beginners who want to excel in the foundation concepts from devising and planning to execution.

Priced at $10.99 and having 87% positive feedback with 1,009 students enrolled, this course has proven to be a perfect choice for many. This online music videography course also offers subtitles in the following languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Polish, and Dutch.

The learning material is divided into 5 parts, 15 lessons, and supplemented with 11 additional resources.

Be a learner-friendly course with subtitles, additional resources, and a community platform to further complement learning from others.

Overall the rating of this course is 8.5/9.

If you want to enroll, click here to learn more about this online music video production course

6. How to Make a Music Video on a Budget – Skillshare

music production tutorials

This is a very basic beginner-level course for music videography that gives a general overview of making a music video.

The generic output is divided into 10 lessons. When compiled, the entire course is for 25 minutes.

60% of enrolled students found this online course helpful, with good examples to supplement their knowledge.

Our rating for this course is 6/9.

Click here to take this beginner-level music video production course.

7. Best Online Music Videography Class – Skillshare

music production classes online

10 lessons are compiled into an hour’s worth of learning content for beginner and intermediate music videography learners.

With concise and compact information, the course instructor, Christopher Rhodes, has received immense appreciation for how he has devised the course.

The main highlight of why we love this course is how ‘’hands-on’’ it is. There is a community where students can share what they have learned and their work and receive constructive feedback or get inspired.

With value-added learning and projects this online course offers,

Our rating for this lesson is 8.5/9.

Click here to get the best hands-on experience in music videography.

8. Creative Filmmaking – Skillshare

music production course for beginners

This is one of the best music video production courses online, which is designed for anyone who wants to learn efficiently through quick learning from Skillshare. Requiring only 40 minutes of your time in total in the form of 11 lessons, 6000+ students have chosen this online course to strengthen their knowledge in music video production.

This course also offers assignments with collective learning, a prime reason we want to recommend this online course.

We will give it a score of 8/9.

Get the most popular course by clicking here.

9. Creative Filmmaking – Austin School of Film

best online music production course

This online music video production online lesson is offered by the Austin School of Film and is an 8-week course. It is designed for advanced students who have prerequisite exposure and learning in editing and using software such as Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro.

Priced at $675 and is intense in terms of course learning outcomes.

We hope you find the recommendations shared by us beneficial and spend the next minute enrolling in the music videography course of your choice to be the next creative music director.

If you ask us, we will always invest in learning from the Udemy Masterclass or creative music video course. Online course learning has made it easy to access the best of the best, so acquire what you need in its most refined form. Start learning music videography today!

We are rating this class as 7.5/9

Click here to learn more about the music video production online course.

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Best Music Video Production Courses - FAQs

How do you become a music video producer?

By grasping and mastering the basic concepts and techniques of concept curation, video footage techniques, angles, and editing.

How much does producing a music video cost?

There is no ‘’fixed’’ cost. It all depends on what value you want to bring to the table. Although there are ways to bring a finesse vibe to your music video, sometimes, to bring an extra spark, extra investment is expected.

What can I do with a certificate in video production?

You can master creating and producing video content for various platforms and purposes (e.g., ads, music videos, vlogs, short films)

What is a video production course?

This is a course where you get to understand the method of the madness behind creating meaningful, visually appealing, and content-driven videos. This course applies to music videos, films, vlogs, etc.