9 Best Online High School Math Courses in 2023

Published: November 13, 2023

High school math courses play a vital role in preparing students for their college careers. Learning math in meaningful ways improves one’s reasoning and logic. Math courses are important not only for math students but also for physics, engineering, and stat students.

In this covid time and digital world, the best way to brush up your skills and master the high school mathematics course is through online lessons. Many online platforms are offering top-notch high school math courses in order from algebra to calculus. You also get completion certificates here.

This article has listed the top 9 high school math courses available on the internet today. All of them are the best, especially the 1st two courses offered by Udemy. They are affordable, efficient, flexible, and most importantly, offer full lifetime access.

Before discussing the details, let’s see the outline of course reviews first. Each review covers!

  • Who can take this course
  • In-depth details
  • What you will get from the course
  • Pricing
  • Student remarks
  • How many students have taken the course so far

Top 9 Online High School Math Courses

Following are the Nine amazing high school Math courses you can learn online:

  1. Udemy – Complete High-Speed Vedic Math Course Top Notch Classes
  2. Udemy – High School Math (Pure Mathematics 1 – Best for All Levels
  3. Udemy – Learn Basic High School Maths the Easy Way– Most Affordable
  4. edX – Introduction to Algebra – Best Course for Beginner Level
  5. Study.com – High School Algebra I: Homework Help Resource
  6. Mathtutordvd – Algebra 1 Tutor – Step-by-Step Video Lessons – Beginner Level Online Courses
  7. Thinkwellhomeschool – ALGEBRA 2 ONLINE COURSE – SUMMER EDITION– Advanced Level Online Classes
  8. Achieveacademy – Integrated Math I – Advanced Level
  9. Coursera – Algebra: Elementary to Advanced – Equations & Inequalities-Beginner Level

1. Complete High-Speed Vedic Math Course- Udemy Online Lessons- All Levels

This is a high school math course for all-level learners. By taking this course, you will better understand mental math methods. You will learn high-speed multiplication, accelerated addition, faster division, and advanced algebra. The course contains thousands of exercises and solved examples to help you become a human calculator.

What you will learn in High-Speed Vedic Math Course

The course offers full lifetime access to 14.5 hours of on-demand video and 61 downloadable resources along with a completion certificate. You will learn over 60 math topics in 3 different ways. One can get this course for $34.99.

Students who took the course claim that the course content is well-curated. It helped them improve their math skills to the next level. 13,749 students have already completed this math course.

We will score it 9/9.

2. High School Math (Pure Mathematics 1)- Udemy Online Courses- All Levels

This all-level math course is specially designed for A-level high school students. It will help you brush up on your high school mathematics fundamentals. The online lessons cover diverse topics such as coordinate geometry, integration, quadratic equations, functions, binomial theorem, and much more.

What you will learn in High School Math Pure Mathematics 1 Course

The course consists of 181 lectures spanning 27.5 hours of on-demand video. This video is further divided into 15 sections. You will also get 11 articles, 15 downloadable resources, and a completion certificate. It will cost you $84.99 to buy this online course.

Students say that the course is very detailed and easy to understand. Multiple quizzes and assignments helped them practice a lot. 1,172 students have taken this course so far.

We will score it 8.5/9.

3. Learn Basic High school Math the Easy Way- Udemy Online Classes- All Levels

It is also an all-level high school math course in which you will learn indices, algebra, and fractions. After taking this course, you will be able to tackle worded math problems better than ever before. You will also get worksheets at the end of each lecture to test your comprehension.

Learn Basic High school Math Course

This course includes full lifetime access to 27.5 hours of on-demand video and 11 downloadable resources. You will also get a shareable certificate upon completion. This course will cost you $19.99 only.

Reviews say that it is a basic-level course for students struggling with high school mathematics concepts. The audio and visual instructions helped them brush up on their skills. 3,242 students have taken the course to date.

We will score it 8.5/9.

4- Introduction to Algebra- edX Online Lessons- Beginner Level

edX offers beginner to advanced level best online high school math courses. This is an interactive and introductory beginner-level algebra course. This course will teach integers, fractions, algebraic expressions, and graph quadratics.

What you will learn in Introduction to Algebra

You will master the basis of algebra on this platform with the help of graded assignments and exams. Students can enjoy limited access to this course for free, but the premium plan costs $139. The paid version also includes a shareable completion certificate.

This platform offers free online high school math courses that have helped thousands of students so far. The enrollment ends on 2nd July provided that 147,285 students have already enrolled in the course.

We will score it 9/9.

5. High School Algebra I: Homework Help Resource- Study.com Online Classes- All Levels

This course will learn 25 chapters of high school math through short video lessons. It is an online class to help high school students solve their assignments easily. The platform offers all kinds of online high school math courses taught by expert instructors.

Study.com High School Algebra I Course

A quiz is offered at the end of each video to help you practice the math problems at home. You get one-to-one guidance in case of any queries. All math courses in high school are offered free of cost here. The platform has helped hundreds of students get better grades in their colleges.

We will score it 7/9.

6. Algebra 1 Tutor – Step-by-Step Video Lessons- mathtutordvd.com- Beginner-level online courses:

Mathtutordvd.com offers many sciences and online math classes. Plus, this is a beginner-level algebra course from their high school math courses list. This course will teach equations, exponents, polynomials, inequalities, and simplifying expressions.

Algebra 1 Course

The course is divided into 21 sections constituting short videos. You will get the worksheets for each lesson and a practice test at the end. To download the entire course bundle to your computer, you will have to pay $399. In the case of DVDs, it will charge you $499 to buy all the courses. Hundreds of students have benefited from these courses to date.

We will score it 7/9.

7. ALGEBRA 2 ONLINE COURSE – SUMMER EDITION- Thinkwell homeschool- Advanced Level Online Classes

Thinkwell offers advanced-level online summer math courses for high school students. Their algebra 2 online course consists of all lessons from this book, and students won’t need any extra helping material after solving the exercises of this course. You can access the course anytime, start from wherever you want, and learn at your own pace.


The course includes 65+ lessons constituting 200+ videos. You will also get downloadable worksheets, answer keys, and step-by-step feedback. Plus, it is a limited-time course. You will have to purchase a 6 monthly subscription to access the course content. The best thing is that you get a 14-day free trial to decide whether the course is the right choice for you or not.

The discounted price to get this course is $90. You can pay them in 4 installments or the whole course fee at once as per your convenience. You may add on printed notes and worksheets as per your choice.

We will score it 8/9.

8. Integrated Math I- Achieve Academy Online Lessons- Advanced Level

Achieve Academy offers all high school math courses in order. Integrated math 1 is an advanced-level integrated course reviewing mathematical operations, number sense, and algebraic skills. The course is designed keeping 4 learning targets in mind: graphing, solving, geometry, and writing equations.

Integrated Math I Course

It is an extensive course that takes almost a year to complete. This Academy is no less than an online math school offering full-time and part-time enrollment. You can also avail of in-district transfers from your school. Online courses for international students may vary from time to time. The basic subscription is free of cost for local students.

We will score it 7/9.

9. Algebra: Elementary to Advanced – Equations & Inequalities- Coursera Online Courses- Beginner Level

This is a beginner-level course for students who want to master the fundamentals of algebra. Topics include all that math courses are required in high school. In addition to algebra, Coursera online math courses also use statistics, calculus, pre-calculus, and profitability concepts.

Algebra Course Elementary to Advanced

The course offers a total of 9 video lessons along with 8 quizzes and many readings. It will take approximately 10 hours to complete the course; however, you get flexible deadlines to complete it at your own pace. You will also earn a completion certificate at the end.

Students can enroll in this course for free. 8,150 students have already enrolled for the upcoming free session. Former students say that the word problems and assignments helped them a lot in refreshing their rusted math skills.

We will score it 8/9.

Best High School Math Courses - FAQs

What are math courses required in high school?

High school math courses mainly include three years of maths coursework. The typical list of high school math courses in order is given below;

Basics of  algebra 1
Calculus and
Other electives

How many math courses are required in high school?

Mostly, high schools have minimum requirements of three years of math coursework and recommend taking four years. The high school math courses list includes mainly six courses, including algebra 1, algebra 2, trigonometry, pre-calculus, calculus, and geometry.

What do high schoolers learn in math?

The students study real numbers, quadratic equations, trigonometric ratios, binomial expressions, integration, exponents, graphing linear equations, polynomials, etc. They learn algebra 1 and algebra 2 and also revise basic mathematical operations.

What is the easiest math class in high school?

According to a large group of high schoolers, Algebra 1 is the easiest math subject in high school. That’s why most students end their freshmen year by taking algebra 1. However, geometry is the second easiest subject.

What is the hardest math class?

Calculus is termed the hardest math class in high school. Many students find it a lot more tricky and complex as compared to other math subjects. It is a full-on trigonometry-based course attended for engineering.


High school math courses are a great way to step up your math game. There are many paid and free online high school math courses available on the internet today. We have enlisted the best 9 courses for you. The first two courses are highly recommended due to their overall good profile. Udemy is well-known for its online courses and has helped hundreds of students in completing their goals.

We hope this article helped you in finding the right math course for you. Best of luck with your future mathematical studies!