7 Best Online Learning Platforms For 2023

Published: October 18, 2023

When we talk about eLearning, also known as online learning, we’re referring to a mechanism and system that involves imparting skills, knowledge, and information through electronic mediums using the Internet, PC, Laptop, etc. Several online platforms are working towards this goal of imparting online learning and skills by bringing together teachers and professors, and students at the same point.

The best online learning platforms out of the multitudes present are those that let you enjoy the actual advantages of eLearning, such as flexibility, lower cost, variety of courses, and other things, all from the comfort of your own home.

But as we said that with a plethora of options available, it is imperative that for you to take full advantage of this e-learning opportunity, you select the right platform for your required skill or course. And this is where we come in.

Today in this article, we shall explore the best online educational learning platforms for 2023 in detail and cover all pertinent information, such as accessibility, pricing, course variety etc., to help you make the right choice.

So, let’s start this detailed analysis right away!

What is Online Learning or an eLearning Platform?

An online learning platform is a digital arena where course developers may promote, sell, and execute their eLearning courses. They’re also known as “online course markets.” 

Such platforms, like conventional schools, provide learners with a secure place to learn, view course materials, and, in many circumstances, interact with professors and students. These include, but are not limited to, lessons, projects, quizzes, excellent learning opportunities, completion certifications, and social forums/chats.

These online educational platforms have gained traction in recent years, mainly because they provide a student with the flexibility of learning online, working professionals with a chance to continue building their portfolio, and all of this at their schedule and at a lower price point.

As a result, an online learning platform may be used by both organizations and learners. They aid you with creating, cataloging, marketing, and accepting money for your courses while offering all the tools and materials that learners require under one roof.

The Top Online Learning Platforms in 2023

When we talk about the top educational learning platforms or just run a single online search, we come across hundreds of results.

But we at Internet of Learning believe in selecting and presenting not just any of these eLearning platforms but the ones that are indeed the best and top-rated in all dimensions. So, before we look at all of these from a more detailed point of view, we have listed the top online learning platforms for 2023 for you below.

  1. Coursera
  2. Udemy
  3. edX
  4. LinkedIn Learning
  5. Skillshare
  6. Udacity
  7. FutureLearn

7 the Best eLearning Platform Which You Don’t Want to Won’t Miss

Let us now explore these best online learning platforms in detail one by one. It is worth noting here that we have listed them without any order.

1. Coursera

online learning platform

Coursera is an online learning platform that houses certification programs and university-level courses. Instructors from renowned corporations and colleges such as Stanford, Yale, and Princeton teach the courses. This is why it is counted among the best e-learning platforms.

Each course ranges in price from $29 to $99. Nevertheless, hundreds of courses have the audit option, which allows you to study the course for free. Most courses include video lectures, homework, journal articles, quizzes, projects, and panel discussions.

Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, French, German, and more languages are accessible. Arts and Humanities, Business, Computer Science, Data Science, Information Technology, Health, Math and Logic, and Personal Development are among the themes covered in the courses. Each course is completed in 4-6 weeks.

If you want to change careers or start a new one, you can enroll in one of the Professional Certifications programs. Professional Certificates, like Specializations, are a series of courses. However, the Certificate of Completion will be awarded by the firm that designed the course.

Finally, world-class, reputable colleges offer online degree programs. The most significant benefit of earning your degree online is that it is far less expensive than on-campus programs. You may also study at your own pace and finish your degree faster.

We will rate this online learning platform an 8.9/9.0 based on its course content and accreditation. So check this one out immediately if you want a user-friendly approach to eLearning!

2. Udemy

online platform to lean business and other courses

Another one of the famous educational platforms to learn online is Udemy. It offers the most extensive collection of over 150,000 courses, making it the finest in terms of substance. Udemy allows you to broaden your knowledge and abilities in virtually every sector conceivable, from business and digital marketing to hand weaving and coding. 

Unfortunately, Udemy, unlike Skillshare and LinkedIn Learning, does not supply limitless membership options; instead, you must pay for each course separately, which is slightly inconvenient. The courses, on the other hand, start at just $9. In addition, if you don’t like a course you bought, you can request a refund within 30 days.

Finance & Accounting, Web Development, Business, Marketing, IT & Software, Office Productivity, Music, Personal Development, Teaching & Academics, Design, Lifestyle, Photography, Health & Fitness are the 13 categories of Udemy courses

The classes are available at three distinct levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. One thing we really appreciate is that classes are offered not only in English but also in Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, German, and Spanish.

Udemy is not an accredited institution. However, after completing a paid course, you will receive a certificate of completion. In addition, each Udemy course includes video teaching (the average course is 5 hours long, but some are as short as 30 minutes) and other materials such as quizzes, practice exams, coding projects, and assignments. 

We will rate this online learning platform 8.9/9.0 based on its course library. So check this immediately if you want a language-compatible online learning experience! 

3. edX

top online learning platform

edX is a top online learning platform for college-level online courses. Harvard and MIT formed the firm, and the course quality is excellent. Except for professional education courses, all edX courses are free to take.

Biology & Life Sciences, Architecture, Chemistry, Art & Culture, Electronics, Education & Teacher Training, Medicine, Food & Nutrition, Physics, Science, Music, Law, History, Language, and Environmental Studies are among the disciplines covered by edX. Most courses are in English, but some are in Chinese, Russian, French, Italian, and Spanish. 

There are classes for beginners, intermediates, and advanced students. Text and video content, as well as homework, are often included in the courses. You may also take part in course discussions and ask questions.

You may also enroll in bootcamp programs through edX, a series of graduate-level courses from premier colleges. In addition, several colleges accept the MicroMasters program credential as credit. 

The programs are not free, although they seldom cost more than $1,500 and may be completed in 7 months to a year. If considering attending graduate school, you may also look at online Master’s Degrees on edX.

We will rate this online learning platform an 8.7/9.0 based on its accreditation. So check this one immediately if you want to ease your Master’s journey!

4. LinkedIn Learning

oldest e-learning site

LinkedIn bought one of the oldest e-learning sites, Lynda, a few years ago and migrated all material to its platform, LinkedIn Learning. The organization currently provides hundreds of high-quality courses for all levels, from beginner to expert, on a wide range of topics such as Web Development, Software Programming, Economics, and Business Management.

LinkedIn Learning features a single monthly membership cost starting from $26.99/month that grants you access to all the platform’s material. The courses are divided into bite-sized chunks that aid in information retention. In addition, LinkedIn Learning lets you download any course for offline viewing, which is helpful.

LinkedIn Learning is not recognized, but most courses supply a Certificate of Completion that you may add to your LinkedIn profile afterward. Look at the best LinkedIn Learning courses offered for free to experience the platform before committing to it completely.

We will rate this online learning platform an 8.3/9.0 based on its offline usage feature. So try this one immediately to ease your online learning experience!

5. Skillshare

well-known online learning platform

Skillshare is a well-known online learning platform. It has over 30,000 lessons in three categories: Thrive (Lifestyle, Productivity), Build (Business Analytics, Freelance & Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Management, Marketing), and Create (animation, film & video, graphic design, music, creative writing, photography, web development, and more).

Skillshare believes in a project-based learning method that helps students to explore their creativity and apply new skills in real life. Therefore, all courses are divided into two parts: a video presentation (typically 20-60 minutes) and a class project.

Keep in mind that while there are many excellent courses available on Skillshare, none are certified by any school, and Skillshare does not supply certificates of completion. It is a place where you can buy new skills and broaden your knowledge, not where you can receive a degree.

The membership at Skillshare costs $14 a month. You may also attend Skillshare Live Sessions and Workshops led by prominent professors. In addition, all the lessons in the library are accessible for download, allowing you to continue studying on the move even when you don’t have an Internet connection.

We will rate this online learning platform an 8.4/9.0 based on the exciting variety of course offerings. So try this one right away if you want to learn something creative!

6. Udacity

project-based learning platform

Udacity’s Nanodegree programs are well-known. A Nanodegree is a program of skill and project-based learning. Each Nanodegree comprises a series of courses in subjects such as Artificial Intelligence, Coding, Robotics, Mobile Programming, Business, and Data Science. 

Most programs may be finished in 3-6 months. In addition, all Nanodegree students receive one-on-one technical mentoring from Udacity.

Udacity is an excellent learning site when it comes to online learning and education. Enrolling in one of Udacity’s Nanodegree programs improves your chances of obtaining a job after finishing the course.

Udacity is not a university, but the skills they teach are relevant and in demand, and businesses actively seek them. Nonetheless, compared to other online services, Udacity’s cost is high compared to other online learning platforms. A Nanodegree program typically costs between $1200 to $2400. You can get a discount if you pay several months in advance. 

While for other offerings, prices start at $399 a month and can go up to $1,995 for four-month access to some courses. We suggest you check out the free courses offered at Udacity before taking the giant leap, as the offerings at Udacity are not accredited.

We will rate this online learning platform an 8.9/9.0 based on its course approach. So check this one out immediately if you want to experience a nanodegree program! 

7. FutureLearn

an online education portal

Futurelearn is an online education portal that supplies access to hundreds of courses from the world’s top institutions. Although most courses are free to audit, access to course examinations and a Statement of Participation or Certificate of Accomplishment is only accessible if you upgrade to a paid course. An unlimited membership, which includes access to over 600 short courses, is available for $249.99 per year.

Most courses have video and audio content, reading materials, and short quizzes. All students can give questions and engage in discussions with professors and peers. Specific courses include assignments, and if your course has been improved, you can also take examinations.

Futurelearn supplies premium courses in addition to free courses at a charge. Premium courses are ideal for those who want to learn in small groups and desire to grow in their jobs. The four premium course categories are IT and Digital Skills, Business and Management, Teaching, and Healthcare.

We will rate this online learning platform an 8.1/9.0 based on its free course offerings. So check this one right away if you want to earn a free skillset for your profile! 

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing an Online Learning Platform

The search is always on for an all-in-one online learning platform for any student or professional looking to enroll in a course.

Therefore, we have considered varied factors when selecting these top online learning platforms to give you a choice with all the considerations. We have considered the following factors when choosing these platforms.

  1. Content Quality and Variety: The course content and curriculum should be top-notch and have varied topics.
  2. User Experience and Interface: The platform itself should be easy to navigate and user-friendly in terms of user experience and user interface.
  3. Pricing and Payment Options: It should offer affordable pricing and value for money regarding different courses. The presence of other payment options and free trials has also been given due weightage. 
  4. Learning Resources and Support: The online learning platform should give students access to excellent learning resources to help enhance the overall experience and offer customer support to solve queries and questions.
  5. Accessibility and Compatibility: Lastly, the virtual learning platform should offer great accessibility with just the click of a button and should be compatible with various desktop and laptop systems.

Before enrolling in a course at any of these platforms, check out the challenges of online learning to help you be better prepared before imparting on this eLearning journey.

Pros and Cons of Online Education Platforms

Let’s check out the pros and cons of these top-rated online learning platforms to help you make an easier choice among all.

Coursera183,000+ courses for leisure and professional skills30-day money-back guaranteeReadings and quizzes are included in multimedia lectures. Courses are accessible in 65 different languages. There are no deadlines.Specific courses have stringent time constraints. More applications are needed for degree programs. There is no certificate with free courses.
Udemy183,000+ courses for leisure and professional skills30-day money-back guarantee Readings and quizzes are included in multimedia lectures. Courses are accessible in 65 different languages. There are no deadlines.This is not an accredited online learning platform. Instructors can post courses without evaluating materials. Teachers are not as engaged in the Q&A part.
edXBachelor’s and Master’s degree programs are available. Financial aid of up to 90% discount is provided. Money-back guarantee for 14 days is well-known for its STEM-focused curriculum.Few creative and humanities courses are available. Financial aid is only available for some courses.
LinkedIn LearningA large variety of courses is available. Approx. 50 new courses are added every week on average. Certificate of completion at the end of every course.Self-paced learning without the pressure of graded assignments.Most of the courses need to be accredited. A vast variety of courses but fewer course subjects.
SkillshareA large database of design, graphics, and other creative classes courses taught by lecturers who are experts in their fields.Quick, practical lessons that leave an impact.
There are no certifications or formal paperwork. There is a high yearly subscription cost needed.
UdacityIntensive programs with many classes are available. Supplies resume aid and portfolio evaluation. Get individualized project feedback. There are several scholarship schemes available. After-purchase return policy of seven days
Increased time commitmentDeadlines for enrolment
FutureLearnHigh-Quality Courses with a step-by-step approach.Massive Variety of Accredited Courses.Availability of Free Courses as well.Limited course offerings. The unlimited plan is expensive. Course credit acceptance is limited in US colleges.

Comparison of Online Learning Platforms

We have also conducted a comparison of these best online learning platforms. This comparison table helps pitch these online learning platforms against each other regarding course offerings and pricing.

PlatformMajor CoursesPricing
CourseraMost courses focus on business-related topics and the sciences, such as computer science, data science, health sciences, physical sciences, etc.Guided projects begin at $9.99 for each course, professional certificate courses start at $39 per month, and higher university-issued certifications begin at $2,000 per course.
UdemyVast variety from business to stitching to coding.Single courses cost anywhere from $11 to $200 or even more.
edXLike a university, you can find almost any course topic – be it architecture, medicine, art and the humanities, the sciences, linguistics, business etc.Starts at $50 to obtain a verified official certificate.
LinkedIn LearningA major focus is on creative, business, and technology-focused courses.$26.99/month if billed annually.$39.99/month if billed monthly.
SkillshareCreative skills and topics such as design, graphics, and arts.$14 per month or $168 per year
UdacityNano degree programs focused on AI, Coding, Mobile App Development, and Data Science.Begins at $399 a month and can go up to $1,995 for four-month access to some courses.
FutureLearnThe primary focus is on Tech and digital skills, Business and Administration, Teaching, and Healthcare.$279.99 or $189.99 per year, depending on the discount being offered.

Best Online Learning Platforms - FAQs

Are online learning platforms accredited?

Accreditation is available for online learning platforms, but not all virtual platforms are accredited. It also depends on whether the courses being offered on that platform are academic or just general skill-based offerings.

What kinds of courses are available on online learning platforms?

Nearly every educational topic or skill is offered as a course on online learning platforms. So whether you want to learn coding, web design or improve your public speaking skills, there is a platform and a course that is waiting for you.

Can online learning platforms help with career development?

Yes, the best online learning platforms can help with career development. Different course offerings on these platforms help build different skills and offer certifications that add to your professional profile and career development.

Are online learning platforms affordable?

Online learning platforms are affordable compared to in-person classes or pieces of training provided by different educational institutes or universities. Moreover, some learning platforms also offer free courses and free trials, which adds to the pricing domain’s attractiveness.

Which is the No 1 online learning platform?

According to our rating and analysis, Coursera is the No 1 online learning platform. It has associations with the best institutions, and its course offerings help fulfill professional advancement requirements and needs.


Whichever phase of your life you are in, online learning platforms could be a handy choice for you to advance in your job or begin something new.

Because of its wide range of courses and formal accreditation, Coursera is our top choice for an online learning platform. In addition, its collaboration with top institutions and corporations guarantees that course curriculums are academically complete and fulfill industry requirements for professional advancement.

On the other hand, whether you’re searching for a precise or slightly unusual topic, Udemy has a course on it. It’s a terrific alternative for individuals on a tight budget who want to challenge their minds with something unique.

And last but not least, Udacity is an excellent choice for professionals looking to better their careers or change sectors. This virtual learning platform offers intense “nanodegree” programs, which give you full access to genuine advisers who help you create your résumé and profile.

So, no matter what type of course or online skill-building you’re looking for, one of these platforms is there to help serve that purpose. We wish you the best of luck in your elearning journey!

Do check out our eLearning tips to help you once you have enrolled in a course on any of these platforms.