5 Best Jaw Harp Courses to Learn Online [Updated 2023]

Published: October 18, 2023

The Jaw harp, also known as Jew’s harp, is a musical instrument played by being inserted in the mouth and tuned according to the way it is blown or struck. It has been used since the 3rd century BC in China and has since evolved in shapes, sizes, and colors.

Jaw harp become a source of creativity and expression, with so many people from all over the world opting to learn this instrument for personal and professional purposes.

Top 5 Online Jaw Harp Lessons You Should Look

Below we will share the best jaw harp online courses for anyone who wants to know how to play the jaw harp courses for beginners, intermediate, and advanced. Each type of online jaw harp tutorial recommended will be featured according to the:

  1. Best Jaw Harp Online Course – instant skills for non-musicians – Udemy – Beginner’s Course
  2. How to play a Jew’s harp (Express course) – Udemy – All Learning Levels
  3. Advanced Jews Harp Class – Udemy – Advanced Level Course
  4. How To Play The Jaw Harp – Didgeridoodojo – All Learning Levels
  5. Learn to play a jew’s harp – Skillshare – Beginner’s Course

1. Best Jews Harp Online Course – Udemy


This is an interesting and practical course that lets you kick start playing the Jews harp. The only prerequisite to have in this course is to possess an actual Jews harp.

Priced at $19.99, having a rating of 4.8/5 and 500+ enrolments, it is the perfect choice if you are new to using this instrument and want a detailed start in learning more about it. Suitable for beginner-level learners.

We will give it a score of 8/9.

2. How to play a Jew’s Harp (Express course) – Udemy


This is a beginner-level course for Jews harp fans but with an intense learning model. It truly assists the learner in quickly picking up the needed strategies to start harmoniously playing this unique musical instrument.

Priced at $39.99, having a rating of 4.7/5 and 100+ enrolments, it is a suitable choice for anyone interested in spending 35 minutes to cover the entire course material. We will give it a score of 7.5/9.

3. Advanced Jews Harp Class – Udemy

This is for anyone who wants to further polish their existing skills in playing the Jews harp. Basic prerequisites for this advanced-level course are to be acquainted with the musical instrument and play basic tunes. This intensive advanced course offers 3.5 hours of learning. It has received a rating of 4.5/5, 243+ enrolments, and is priced at $29.99.

We will give it a score of 8/9.

4. How To Play The Jaw Harp – Didgeridoodojo


This is an excellent platform to learn from various jaw harp tutorials in a step-by-step manner. We found it interactive, descriptive, and easy for the learner to engage in.

The first 3 videos are free to watch, so you can decide better if the course content suits your needs. To access all videos, you will need to acquire the full membership, the yearly subscription being for $97. There are other payment options to explore too.

We will give it a score of 8/9.

5. Learn to play a jew’s harp – Skillshare


This is a masterclass-oriented online course for anyone who wants to learn to play a jew harp, starting from the basics. The course offers 8 lessons, which, when compiled have a duration of 35 minutes.

It is a time-friendly course and not only teaches the learner how to play the musical instruments but broadens their knowledge about the vast variety of this specific type of instrument.

We will give it a score of 8/9.

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Best Jaw Harp Courses - FAQs

Is it hard to learn the jaw harp?

Not at all, it is very easy, especially as you just need to use your mouth and finger. The musical instrument is placed in the mouth, and the finger is used to flick the instrument so a sound can be created.

Can you break your teeth with a jaw harp?

No. The only damage incurred to teeth from the Jaw harp is when it is not used properly.

How long does it take to learn jaw harp?

It can take as little as a few minutes to start playing tunes but at a more proficient level would require a minimum of 100 hours which can go up to 1000 hours if you desire to become an advanced musician.