6 Best JavaScript Bootcamps to Fast-Track Your Career In 2023

Published: October 18, 2023

JavaScript is a powerful programming language that is frequently used in web development. In today’s times, JavaScript has become an essential language for developers due to the rapid growth of web-based applications.

The need for JavaScript developers has increased significantly in recent years, resulting in continuous growth in job opportunities. The job outlook for JavaScript developers is expected to increase by 23%, which is faster than the average for all tech jobs, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Furthermore, the average annual compensation for a JavaScript developer is $95,979, making it a very attractive professional path.

To fulfil this demand, numerous bootcamps have sprung up to teach prospective developers the skills required to become adept in JavaScript.

We will look at the best JavaScript bootcamps available online and highlight their essential features, curriculum, and outcomes in this review. We will also present other valuable information on skill development through these bootcamps as well. 

JavaScript BootCamps

Our goal is to assist aspiring developers in making educated selections and selecting the top bootcamps for JavaScript that will provide them with the skills required to succeed in their jobs.

So, let’s dive in!

A Quick Overview of the 6 Best JavaScript Bootcamps To Advance In Career

When discussing the top bootcamps like JavaScript to learn online, or even when we just run a search on this term, the prospects seem endless.

But, at Internet of Learning, we believe in selecting and describing not just any of these JavaScript bootcamps but the best and top-rated in all categories. Thus, before we get into the details, we have compiled a list of these for your aid.

  1. Learn Intermediate JavaScript Nanodegree – Udacity
  2. Full Stack JavaScript Bootcamp – Grand Circus
  3. JavaScript Bootcamp – Berkeley Extension
  4. JavaScript Developer Bootcamp – Udemy
  5. Full Stack JavaScript Bootcamp – Treehouse

6 Best Bootcamps To Learn JavaScript –  Detail Analysis

For a thorough review, let us look at these JavaScript bootcamps. Here, using our rating method, we will assess each bootcamp. These bootcamps evaluations are listed in no particular order.

1. Learn Intermediate JavaScript Nanodegree – Udacity

Udacity Intermediate JavaScript

When talking about the best self-paced JavaScript bootcamps, this nano degree program offered on Udacity always makes a list. 

This bootcamp is priced at $1197 for 3-month access, but if you pay upfront, you can avail a 15% discount. You can also opt for a monthly payment plan of $399. The duration of this bootcamp is approximately 3 months, given that you put in at least 10 hours per week

In this Intermediate program, you will be prepared for roles in web development, server-side application development, and desktop development that require a more advanced set of JavaScript skills. This program will also equip you with the skills required to use JavaScript frameworks like React, Angular, and Vue.

Multiple Instructors of JavaScript Bootcamps

There are multiple instructors for this bootcamp. Alyssa Hope is a software developer, and she was previously the lead instructor of a coding bootcamp. Rachel Manning is a front-end developer and has spent three years as a curriculum developer for another bootcamp. Lastly, Andrew Wong is a developer advocate and has a passion for teaching.

Unfortunately, student reviews for this bootcamp are not available on the website, but given the platform reviews and instructor profiles, we are sure of its high-quality content.

Based on its curriculum and instructor profiles, we would rate this bootcamp an 8.7/ 9.0. Check out this bootcamp right away if you want to learn from multiple instructors for a diverse learning experience!

2. Full Stack JavaScript Bootcamp – Grand Circus

GrandCircus Fullstack JavaScript BootCamps

The next is the best 6-month JavaScript bootcamp offered by Grand Circus. The program is designed for those who want to start their career from scratch. The course is priced at $14,750, which is definitely a hefty tag.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to create interactive web applications using the tech industry’s most in-demand frameworks, including React, Node, and MongoDB. Along the way, you’ll build connections with encouraging instructors, alumni mentors, and affinity groups.

Unfortunately, instructor profiles for this bootcamp are not available on the website. But given the student reviews that we will talk about next, we assure you of its excellent teaching methodology and overall bootcamp quality.

Student reviews for this bootcamp are amazing. One review states,

“I went to the Grand Circus Java bootcamp back in 2017. (That was definitely when everything was in-person!) My bootcamp experience was very intense, lots of fun, and constant learning throughout the entire time. And thankfully, because I went to Grand Circus, I’m now a full-stack developer.

One thing that I think about was the overall support that I got from Grand Circus. Whenever I needed help, the instructors were always available. I ended up relying a lot on my classmates, too. You’re all stressed out; you’re all going through it together. With that, I built a lot of lifetime connections and relationships with people.”

Based on its content and student reviews, we would rate this bootcamp an 8.6/ 9.0. Enroll in this bootcamp right now to experience an interactive and enriching learning journey! 

3. JavaScript Coding Bootcamp – Berkeley Extension

Berkeley JavaScript Introduction

This is a comprehensive bootcamp offered by the University of Berkeley under their Berkeley Extension online learning program. The program lasts 24 weeks and comes with a price tag of $13,495.

In this top-rated BootCamp, you will cover the basics and fundamentals of JavaScript language and learn how to use JavaScript to develop websites and web applications. You will also cover other relevant concepts such as Variables & Objects, Loops & Conditions, Switch Statements, Regular Expressions, Chaining, and Boolean Operators.          

Unfortunately, faculty profiles for this bootcamp are unavailable on the website. Still, given that these bootcamps are conducted and taught by the University of Berkeley’s faculty, we assure you it is one of the best bootcamps out there.

Student reviews for this bootcamp are excellent. One student review says,

“I’ve been looking into coding bootcamps for a few years, and when I lost my job for the second time in a year, I decided to attend a Full-time bootcamp at the UC Berkeley Extension in San Francisco. In the past, I had jobs that required extensive knowledge of computer systems, and I had done some testing in the past and wanted to know more about the background of programming

I met amazing people and learned extremely practical and relevant languages. I ended the course with over 25 applications built that I could showcase in a portfolio to future employers. I had zero knowledge of the field beforehand. I still feel I have a lot to learn in the field. But I’m excited to change career paths and take my skills to the next level.”

Based on its student reviews and platform repute, we would rate this bootcamp an 8.3/ 9.0. Check this boot camp right now to learn at a reputed university in the US.             

4. JavaScript Developer Bootcamp – Udemy

Udemy JavaScript Developer Beginner to Expert

When exploring the most affordable bootcamps to learn JavaScript, Udemy offers multiple options. But this one that we will discuss in detail is highly rated, and the student reviews are excellent too.

This bootcamp has a price tag of $84.99, but currently, with a sale going on, it is priced at $13.99. It has a 4.7/ 5.0 stars rating, and currently, 2,609 students are enrolled in it.

This bootcamp includes 63.5 hours of on-demand video, 117 downloadable resources, and a certificate of completion. We would also rate this program as a pocket-friendly bootcamp based on its pricing.

In this program, you will master JavaScript Array Literal Data Structure, JavaScript Object Literal Data Structure, and JavaScript Loops. You will also cover JavaScript Functions, JavaScript DOM, and Object Oriented Programming. And most importantly, you will learn game development with JavaScript.

Muslim Helalee Instructor

The instructor for this course is Muslim Helalee. He’s a full-stack developer by profession. He went into programming and coding right after graduating as a mechanical engineer. Python Developer Bootcamp in 2023 – Beginner to Expert is another one of his offerings on the platform.

Student reviews for this bootcamp are extremely positive. One such review states,

“I have done a JavaScript bootcamp which I left halfway due to the lack of projects and the verbose structure and left my JS journey midway. Then after searching for a month, I bought this course.

I can say that this course is the best, especially for people like me who want to see real-world applications more along with the theoretical part. Will be completing this course from start to finish.

Thanks, Muslim, you are a genius.”

Based on its student reviews and faculty profile, along with course content, we would rate this bootcamp an 8.8/ 9.0. Check this boot camp right now to learn from a skilled professional.

5. Full Stack JavaScript Bootcamp  – Treehouse

Treehouse JavaScript Techdegree

The last best JavaScript bootcamp that we will talk about in today’s detailed analysis is a tech degree that is offered by Treehouse. It has a duration of 5 months and is priced at $199 per month.

In this program, you will learn JavaScript fundamentals along with other critical concepts, including  Data Pagination and Filtering, OOP, Public API Requests and Static Node.js and Express Site. You will also cover the development of a React Gallery App and Full Stack App with React and a REST API.

Unfortunately, faculty profiles for this bootcamp are unavailable on the website, but given that this bootcamp comes with a strong peer-to-peer as well as faculty-student interaction mechanism, we assure you of its high-quality teaching.

Student reviews for this bootcamp are good. One such review says,

“I accidentally signed up for a monthly subscription to the full stack JavaScript tech-degree, I have to say the Team Treehouse curriculum is excellent! The HTML & CSS isn’t touched on heavily in this track, but they got other small lessons you can access on that subject. The videos are top quality and the way you can work on the projects side by side in the video through the browser is great. The slack channels for communicating real time with other students and staff is very helpful.”

Based on its peer-to-peer interaction mechanism and student reviews, we would rate this bootcamp an 8.4/ 9.0. Enroll in this bootcamp right now to experience high-quality faculty mentorship!       

Our Criteria to Choose the Top Bootcamps for JavaScript Bootcamps 

Let us explore the basics and standards we used to gauge and rate these high-quality JavaScript bootcamps.

  1. Eligibility Criteria: What are the musts for you to be able to sign up for a bootcamp?
  2. Course Curriculum: The topics, tools, and projects that will be included and taught in the bootcamp.
  3. Teaching Methodologies: What teaching techniques and tools are the faculty utilizing?
  4. Reputation Of The Bootcamp: How well-reputed is the platform conducting the bootcamp?
  5. Instructors Rating: What do the student assessments say about the trainers for this bootcamp?
  6. Cost: What are the price factor and costs of enrolling in a particular bootcamp?
  7. Job Placement: Does the bootcamp provider provide job placement options to help secure a job after conclusion?
  8. Career Support: Does the bootcamp provides any job assistance or career counseling?

After evaluating the bootcamps based on these traits, we have given a particular grade to each bootcamp. 


Best JavaScript Bootcamps - FAQs

Is Bootcamp the Best Way to Learn Javascript?

Yes, bootcamps can be an efficient approach to learning JavaScript, particularly for people who want to learn quickly and can commit to a rigorous learning schedule. However, because everyone learns differently, bootcamps may not be suitable for everyone.

Are Javascript Bootcamps Worth the Money?

The worth of a JavaScript bootcamp is determined by your own circumstances, such as your present skill level, learning objectives, and financial condition. Bootcamps can be costly, but they may be worthwhile if they help you reach your job objectives.

Can I Get a Job After Javascript Bootcamp?

Completing a JavaScript bootcamp will increase your chances of landing a job in the tech business, but it is not a guarantee. Employers frequently seek a combination of technical knowledge and practical experience in the job market.


We examined the best JavaScript bootcamps and their elements; now, you can use the information in this write-up to choose which bootcamp is best for you and your professional determinations.

According to our evaluation, “JavaScript Developer Bootcamp – Udemy” provides the most efficient approach to expertise, according to the curriculum theme, reasonable price factor, and excellent teaching faculty. But, before making a decision, compare your needs to the offerings of these online JavaScript bootcamps and choose the one that best matches your wants and competencies.

We wish you the best of luck with your online learning endeavours and the pursuit of becoming an expert JavaScript developer! Do check our guide on the same to help you in this journey.