6 Best HTML Courses to Enroll Now – Elevate Your Coding Skills

Published: October 17, 2023

Enrolling in an online HTML school can transform your life if you want to learn more about HTML and improve your coding skills. 

There are the best HTML courses accessible to meet your goals, regardless of whether you have little to no prior experience or wish to expand your expertise. We will examine some of the top HTML programs available in 2023 in this blog and give an overview of their characteristics, programs, and learning objectives.

This course teaches HTML and CSS basics to beginners using modern methods and practical exercises. Codecademy’s “The Complete HTML & CSS” courses are immersive, and interactive, and include real-world projects. Pluralsight’s “HTML5 and CSS3 Fundamentals” course covers modern web design techniques.

FreeCodeCamp.com’s “Responsive Web Design” certification covers HTML and CSS, whereas Coursera’s “HTML, CSS, and Javascript for Web Developers” course covers JavaScript. Finally, LinkedIn Learning offers “HTML and CSS: Creating Navigation Bars,” which helps students create visually appealing websites.

Consider aspects including the course curriculum, instructor expertise, student reviews, possibilities for real-world application, supplemental resources, self-paced learning alternatives, cost, and time commitment when choosing the ideal HTML course for your needs. 

You may increase your coding abilities, produce gorgeous websites, and better user experiences by selecting a course that fits your goals and learning preferences.

Don’t pass up the chance to improve your coding abilities with the top HTML classes offered online. Explore the courses described in this blog, consider the key elements, and start your transformational HTML learning journey.

List of the Top Notch HTML Classes to Learn in 2023

  1. Bestseller HTML Course to Build Responsive Real-World Websites – Udemy
  2. Beginner HTML Class to Learn Online – Codeacademy
  3. Top Notch HTML Class with 10-day Premium Free Trial – Pluralsight
  4. Affordable Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) certification – Freecodecamp
  5. 40-Hour Class for Hypertext Markup Language – Coursera
  6. High-Quality HTML Class with Sharable Certificate – LinkedIn

Detailed Review of the Top Rated HTML Courses to Learn in 2023

1. Bestseller HTML Course to Build Responsive Real-World Websites – Udemy

HTML and CSS foundations course by udemy

This HTML and CSS foundations course is one of the best HTML courses online, geared towards students with little to no prior experience, providing a strong groundwork for web programming. With no prior experience necessary, you can build HTML and CSS confidently and in a modern manner. 

The course allows you to create a magnificent real-world project from scratch for your portfolio. HTML5, the current, semantic, and accessible version, is taught, along with the use of Flexbox and CSS Grid for layout, which are modern CSS features (prior CSS3). 

The course covers essential CSS principles such as the box model, positioning strategies, inheritance, resolving selector conflicts, and more. It also provides a framework for web design that includes simple rules and recommendations for creating standout websites.

The course has a duration of thirty-seven and a half hours, providing comprehensive coverage of the fundamentals of HTML and CSS, including tags, attributes, styling, and layout, among other topics. It includes practical activities and tasks to work on, ensuring hands-on learning. 

With a price of $74.99, it offers great value for the knowledge and skills gained. If you’re looking for top-notch HTML courses, this HTML course online is an excellent choice to enhance your coding abilities.

What do students say about this course?

“Verily, verily I say unto you, you can not get any better course on web development or better instructor than this course and the course’s instructor. This person is just the best. Good at web design and development and great and teaching with nice teaching method.”

Olaniyi D.

In starting I had problem in understanding languages, but as I completed course, my confidence increased. This is a very good course. I am excited for my new journey . thank you Udemy.

Ashutosh S.

The following topic you can expect to learn:

  • HTML Fundamentals CSS Fundamentals Layouts: Floats, Flexbox, and CSS
  • Grid Fundamentals Web Design Rules and Framework Components and
  • Layout Patterns Omnifood Project – Setup and Desktop Version Omnifood
  • Project – Responsive Web Design Omnifood Project – Effects, Optimizations, and Deployment

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2. Beginner HTML Class to Learn Online – Codeacademy

provides a comprehensive HTML course for beginners

Codecademy provides a comprehensive HTML course for beginners that is both immersive and comprehensive, instructing students in HTML and CSS from the ground up through the use of interactive exercises and hands-on projects. 

HTML is the underlying structure of every web page. It specifies how a page should be organized, while CSS determines how it should look. 

Learning HTML and CSS is the first step towards creating your own website, and both are essential to your success. Learn both, and then get started making some incredible websites. A comprehensive education that begins with the fundamentals and moves on to more in-depth subjects later on. 

Contains both interactive activities and quizzes, as well as projects that are applicable in the real world. Course duration is going at your own speed. 

Supercharge your web development skills with top-rated HTML courses! Enroll today and embark on a journey to HTML mastery.

3. Top Notch HTML Class with 10 day Premium Free Trial – Pluralsight

Learn basic HTML5 and CSS3 by building your first web page

This course from Pluralsight focuses on HTML5 and CSS3, delving into their most recent features and recommended practices for developing contemporary websites. 

A solid understanding of HTML5 and CSS3 with a dash of jQuery and JavaScript is essential to creating a responsive web page. Learn basic HTML5 and CSS3 by building your first web page in this course to discover how to build a website using the newest technologies

After receiving an introduction to HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery scrolling, you will develop a dynamic JavaScript copyright date and animate the website. Additionally, you’ll learn how to employ the Google and Font Awesome icon fonts. 

After completing this course, you will have a basic understanding of web page code that will be useful as you pursue a career as a front-end developer or web page designer.

Course time spent is about two hours. The course material places emphasis on the most recent capabilities offered by HTML5 and CSS3, including semantic tags, multimedia elements, responsive design, and animations. 

Pluralsight offers HTML training courses, and subscriptions can be purchased for $29 per month or $299 per year.

The following topic you can expect to learn:

  • Introduction (9mins)
  • HTML5 Basics (46mins)
  • Designing the Page with CSS3 (44mins)
  • Adding a Few Special Touches (21mins)
  • Summary (1min)

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4. Affordable Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) certification – Freecodecamp

Course duration is learning at your own pace

Learners will master the languages that web developers use to create websites in this Responsive Web Design Certification; HTML for content and CSS for design. 

You will first create a cat photo app to teach yourself the fundamentals of HTML and CSS. Later, you’ll learn cutting-edge skills like CSS variables by creating a penguin and accessibility best practices by creating a quiz website. 

Building a photo gallery with Flexbox and a magazine article layout with CSS Grid will teach you how to create websites that adapt to multiple screen widths. 

The curriculum covers the fundamentals of responsive web design, such as media queries, flexible grids, and designing with mobile in mind first. 

Course duration is learning at your own pace, free of cost. freeCodeCamp offers HTML e-learning courses that provide an excellent opportunity to dive into responsive web design. 

The following topic you can expect to learn:

  • Basic HTML and HTML5
  • Basic CSS
  • Applied Visual Design
  • Applied Accessibility
  • Responsive Web Design Principles
  • CSS Flexbox
  • CSS Grid
  • Responsive Web Design Projects

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5. 40 Hour Class for Hypertext Markup Language – Coursera

course is offered by John Hopkins University at coursera

This course covers the fundamental tools that any web page coder needs to be familiar with. Learning how to use HTML and CSS to implement contemporary web pages will be the first step in understanding how to learn HTML. 

Next is learning how to write our sites so that their elements automatically rearrange and resize themselves in accordance with the size of the user’s screen.

Learners will be able to code a website so that it functions equally well on a desktop computer and a mobile device. There’s no need to “pinch and zoom”!

Last but not least, subscribers will receive full introduction courses to Javascript, the most widely used, well-liked, and very potent language on the web.

They may create a completely functional web application with Javascript that uses Ajax to deliver server-side functionality and data to the user.

This course is offered by John Hopkins University under the label of Coursera as the facilitator. 

Course Duration is 40 Hours, and the cost of a subscription to Coursera Plus is $79 a month. Including HTML tutorials and practical examples, this course provides a comprehensive learning experience on how to learn HTML and CSS and apply them to create modern web pages.

What do students say about this course?

This was a really great course, i learned so much, and it was really interesting and very well explained. I will be taking any more courses done by Yaakov! Really excellent course, thank you so much.This is helpful (53)

Sophie L W

The following topic you can expect to learn:

  • Introduction to HTML5 (9 hours to complete)
  • Introduction to CSS3 (11 hours to complete)
  • Coding the Static Restaurant Site (7 hours to complete)
  • Introduction to Javascript (8 hours to complete)

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6. High Quality HTML Class with Sharable Certificate – LinkedIn

HTML and CSS for web design that is offered by LinkedIn Learning

You may learn how to develop aesthetically appealing websites by taking a course on HTML and CSS for web design that is offered by LinkedIn Learning. This course will provide you with the skills you need to construct websites.

Even if your business or product is truly unique, the app or website you create for it will share components with every other app or website in the world. 

Consider the simple navigation bar, which visitors to your website utilize to make their way around. 

Jen Kramer, the course’s instructor, walks students through the process of making stunning, easily accessible navbars using HTML and CSS approaches that are applicable to any web environment. 

Jen begins by explaining the appropriate HTML for a navigation bar and the box model linked to its components. 

Course Duration is two & half hours, and the subscription fees to LinkedIn Learning vary from country to country. 

Including HTML basics and CSS, this course provides a comprehensive learning experience on how to learn HTML and CSS for web design, enabling you to create visually appealing and functional websites.

The following topic you can expect to learn:

  • Introduction
  • Navigation Bar Basics
  • Vertical Navigation Bars
  • Horizontal Navigation Bars
  • Responsive Navigation Bars
  • Nested Navigation Bars

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10 Important Elements to Be Mindful of While Selecting the Top HTML Course Online

  1. Look for a course that covers the fundamental ideas of the HTML language, such as HTML tags, elements, attributes, and the construction of a simple web page. Additionally, more complex subjects like forms, multimedia integration, and semantic HTML should be covered to learn HTML basics.
  2. Examine the credentials and experience of the course instructor to determine their level of expertise in teaching HTML and CSS. Throughout the learning process, a skilled and qualified instructor can offer insightful advice on how to learn HTML and CSS effectively.
  3. Reading reviews and ratings from former students will give you a sense of how they felt about the course to learn CSS and HTML.
  4. Look for courses that have received good reviews, have high ratings, and include testimonials that attest to the course’s success in teaching HTML and CSS.
  5. Practical exercises and coding projects are essential for mastering HTML and CSS. Ensure the course offers many opportunities for practical experiences, such as coding challenges, tests, and projects to reinforce your knowledge of HTML and CSS.
  6. Check to see if the course includes any additional learning tools, such as downloadable resources, cheat sheets, coding exercises, or reference manuals for HTML basics. These resources can be valuable in practicing HTML and CSS outside of the course.
  7. Determine whether the course allows for self-paced learning and offers flexibility in terms of learning speed and access to course resources. Self-paced courses provide the flexibility to learn HTML and CSS at your own pace and on your schedule.
  8. Evaluate the costs of the course against the features and advantages provided. Free courses might be a fantastic place to start learning HTML and CSS, but paid courses frequently offer more in-depth material, greater support, and certification alternatives.
  9. Examine the projected length of the course and the time commitment necessary to learn HTML and CSS. 
  10. Take into account your availability and learning objectives to select a course on HTML and CSS that fits your schedule and preferred learning pace.

Best HTML Courses - FAQs

How Can I Pick the Best HTML Course Available Online?

When choosing the best HTML course online, take into account elements including the course syllabus, instructor experience, student feedback, and ratings, possibilities for practical application, and any supplementary materials offered.

Can I Get Free HTML Training?

Some of the courses on the list are, in fact, free. Sites like freeCodeCamp provide thorough HTML courses for no charge. However, bear in mind that free courses could have restrictions in comparison to those that cost money.

How Long Does It Normally Take To Complete These HTML Courses?

The depth and platform of the course, as well as the length of the course, all affect how long HTML courses last. From a few hours to several weeks, courses can be offered. You can learn at your own pace with some self-paced courses.

Can I Use a Mobile Device to View These HTML Courses?

You can learn HTML on your smartphone or tablet thanks to the majority of online course platforms’ mobile-friendly websites and mobile apps.

Are There Any Requirements to Take these HTML Courses?

The HTML courses on the list are often accessible to beginners and don’t have any particular prerequisites. However, it would be beneficial to have a fundamental understanding of computers and experience utilizing the Internet.


In conclusion, taking online HTML and coding courses can change your job and life. This blog will help you find the best HTML education online based on your needs and goals. HTML classes like Udemy, Codecademy, Pluralsight, freeCodeCamp, Coursera, and LinkedIn Learning offer options for all skill levels. These courses cover HTML basics, including tags, attributes, styling, layout, and responsive design as well as advanced topics like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and responsive web design.

A high-quality educational experience can be ensured by selecting courses that have a comprehensive curriculum, skilled instructors, and outstanding evaluations and ratings. You may better grasp and use HTML with the help of exercises, coding projects, and more tools.

Self-paced courses provide you the freedom to learn at your own speed and the flexibility to work education into your already packed calendar. In general, paid courses come with a greater amount of information, certification, and support than their free counterparts. 

Training in HTML might take as little as a few hours or as long as several weeks. As a result, it is essential to strike a balance between the time commitment and your availability.

Taking an HTML course that is tailored to your objectives will enable you to create stunning websites, designs that are responsive to changing conditions, and improved user experiences. Therefore, to increase your coding abilities, enroll in the greatest HTML classes that can be found online. 

Examine the lessons offered on this site, think about the things that are most important to you, and become an HTML expert.