9 Best Google Ad Courses for Unlocking the Power of Google Ads

Published: October 19, 2023

Do you want to know how Google advertising works? Do you want to run outstanding advertising campaigns on Google that can help you gain traction and boost your sales? Then you need to up your skills with the best Google ad courses today!

Online Google Ad Courses

Having successful ad campaigns on Google can help boost your business sales and even help your business grow. It is one of the most cost-effective ways of reaching a vast target audience. 

But with so much online Google Ads training, how would you know which course is right for you?

Don’t worry!

We have found some of the best Google ad courses online to help you run highly converted campaigns.

List of the 9 Best Google Ads Courses You Should Look Into

These google AdWords courses have not been listed in any particular order. However, we do find courses 4 and 5 to be exceptional. These courses are beginner-level, so they’re for anyone who hasn’t used Google Ads before.

Nine Best Google Ads Courses
  1. Best Google Ads Course for Beginners – Udemy 
  2. Ultimate Google Ads Training: Profit with Pay Per Click – Udemy
  3. Best Google Adwords Course – From Beginner to PRO – Udemy –
  4. Online Google Adwords Essential Training – Step By Step Process – Udemy
  5. Google Ads Online Classes – Coursera
  6. Create a Google Ads Search Campaign – Coursera
  7. Google Digital Marketing and E-commerce – Coursera
  8. Advanced Google Ads Online Courses – LinkedIn
  9. Google Ads Essential Training – LinkedIn

Details of the Top Ultimate Google Ads Online Training in 2023

Udemy Google Ads Course for Beginners

This holistic google Adword course is excellent for beginners who want to expand their knowledge of Google Ads. By the end of this course, you will have the ability to launch a successful ad campaign using basic Adwords.

We went over the course content and discovered that with 49 lectures, and 3.5 hours of on-demand videos, the course takes you 3 hours and 27 minutes to complete.

Corey Rabazinski, a Google Certified Marketer and instructor for this Google ad course. 36,766 students are enrolled in his course, and not surprisingly, he got 4,857 reviews from them. He oversaw the marketing department at Code School before the firm was sold for more than $36,000,000. During that time, he helped the company reach over 4 million members.

Instructor of the Course

He also offers other marketing courses like Google Analytics courses and search engine optimization courses.

It is available at a relatively pocket-friendly price of $16.99 after a discount of 80%. This is a great price, considering the course content and the lifetime access you will get. The course also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

summery of google advertisement class

We thoroughly analyzed student feedback and ratings and found that the course has a rating of 4.3 out of 5.0, with largely positive reviews posted by happy students. One of the comments included,

“Good course for beginners and easy to understand.”

We did notice some students mention that the course was a little fast-paced for them, but we genuinely believe that if you try to take it slowly, you will learn a lot from it.

The popularity of the course is also quite evident considering the number of students – 27,956 – who have already enrolled in it.

Overall we give this course a rating of 8.0/9.0.

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2. Ultimate Google Ads Training – Udemy

google ad class for all level learners

This course is perfect for all level learners and will enable you to do the following:

  • Drive traffic to your landing page
  • Boost your sales and traffic
  • Use conversion tracking to determine the value of your campaigns

This Google Ads course gives a holistic and in-depth learning experience for only USD 84.99. but you can get this google ad class for 16.99 after 80% off. The course has extensive material, including 136 lectures and 24.5 hours of on-demand videos. Overall, the course will take 24 hours and 41 minutes, which is ample time to become proficient in Google Ads.

Taking a look at the student reviews made it evident that this Google Ads online course is well-liked by the majority.

Isaac Rudansky teaches this google Adword course, is a Co-founder of AdVenture Media and is a Certified Google AdWords Pro; he is also the best instructor for Facebook marketing courses.

Instructor Isaac Rudansky

Since 2011, he has assisted publicly traded companies and tiny neighbourhood businesses grow their online sales through more effective online advertising strategies. His staff has overseen advertising campaigns with budgets ranging from $2,000 per month to millions of dollars annually.

Overall it is rated a 4.6/5.0 and is a bestseller on Udemy for this category. Student reviews for the course are positive too.

google ad course content

No wonder it has such a stellar rating. One of the comments that caught our eye was,

Watching this in 2023, I must say how I wish I got the course earlier. This was very informative. Wow! Cannot wait to apply this to my business.”

The course currently has around 202,693 students enrolled in it, which shows just how many people love it.

Considering the price and learning experience, we have given this course a rating of 8.5/9.0.

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3. Best Google Adwords Course – Udemy

learn about Google Ads offered by udemy

This all-level course has been curated explicitly considering 2023 trends. Thus, this is the best course if you want to learn about Google Ads in line with the latest updates. This multi-level course will teach you how to create successful ad campaigns while keeping RO in mind.

Based on the price, it is super affordable. $9.99 is a competitive price considering the 145 lectures and 10 hours of on-demand videos that you’ll get.

The total duration of this course is 10 hours and 24 minutes long. In addition, the course is rated 4.4 out of 5.0, which clearly indicates how well-received the course is.

Course Details

The course’s positive response can further be seen in the student reviews. Here’s one review that shows this course is truly designed for beginners:

“Excellent. I am a beginner. It provides detailed information about Google Ads.”

The only concern voiced by students is that the instructor’s accent is a little challenging to comprehend. The course currently has around 15,395 students enrolled in it, which shows just how popular this course is.

The Google Ads course offered by Simon Koss has significant competence in Google Adwords, SEO, Facebook Advertising, mass media, and social communication strategies, as well as in creating and managing online communities, Google Ads PREMIER Partner, Digital Marketing Specialist, and Performance Marketing Business Trainer

Instructor Simon Koss

Overall, we give this google ad course a rating of 8.5/9.0.

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Udemy Online Google Adwords Essential Training Course

As the course title suggests, it is ideal for “Beginners” who want to explore Google Ads from scratch. We recommend this course to learn Google Ads based on the latest trends. By the end of this course “Highest rated” course, you will be proficient in Adwords and will be able to develop a successful campaign of your own.

The actual price of this google ad course is 84.99, but you can get get this class at a discount price of 80% which is now 16.99$, a competitive price considering other similar courses. You will get lifetime access to 3 articles, 3 downloadable resources, and 4.5 hours worth of videos at this price.

Course Details

Overall the course will take you 8 hours and 36 minutes to complete. The course is the highest-rated one for this category on Udemy and has 8,997 students already enrolled in it, indicating how popular it is among students.

ClickSlice Ltd offers this google ad certification. The top SEO firm with a London office is called ClickSlice. They mostly assist companies in boosting their online website presence in order to increase income. Over 100 different firms in the UK have worked with our small yet effective team.

leading seo agency offering this online google class

They got reviews of 17,937 from 84,762 students who are enrolled in their courses, they also offer affiliate marketing courses.

To top it off, the course has some of the most positive reviews we have seen. The instructor is well-liked by all the students, and most of the feedback was similar, including comments like,

“What an amazing course this was, Joshua George knows his stuff inside and out and is great at explaining this to complete novices. I highly recommend this course and all of his other courses.

Based on the positive reviews and course content, we give the course a solid rating of 9.0/9.0. We believe this is one of the best courses Udemy offers on Google Ads.

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best online google ads training

The next AdWords training we have lined up for you is a beginner-level one that will cover some of the essentials of Google Ads. You will have mastered the tools to frame the campaign framework by the end of this course. This course offers the benefit of free enrollment, so don’t forget to register yourself. The only downside is that the course is available on desktops and does not extend to mobile phones.

Overall, you will be able to complete the course within 2 hours, which is a good enough time to learn skills like this.

We went over the ratings of previous students to see how they felt about the course, and most of them had positive words to write, such as “It’s a great start for a beginner, the Professor has provided the fundamental content that you can promptly do along and understand everything in just 2 hours.

This clearly shows that the course is a great one for the time duration. Moreover, 123,488 students have already enrolled in the course. Based on this, we strongly recommend the course to you and give it a rating of 9.0/9.0.

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6. Create a Google Ads Search Campaign – Coursera

Coursera Google Ads Search Campaign Online Course

Next up, we have another course by Coursera, which is perfect for beginners. Once you have finished this course, you will be able to develop a Google ad campaign of your own. Moreover, you will be able to showcase a hands-on experience in a job interview.

The Google ad certification online is offered by Angelo Paolillo, who is one of the best instructors for digital marketing courses on Coursera.

Instructor Angelo Paolillo

This course offers you free enrollment, too, just like the last one.

What more can you ask for?

We believe that the course is excellent because of its content and the students’ reviews. One student review caught our attention: “The best way to learn about Google Ads campaigns.” It’s clear and efficient.”

Moreover, it is rated 4.5 out of 5.0 by several of the 18,579 students already enrolled in the course.

Course Details

Since this course is free and highly rated, we will surely give this course an 8.5/9.0 rating.

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7. Google Digital Marketing and E-commerce – Coursera

Coursera Google Digital Marketing and E-commerce Online Course

This Beginner Level course not only teaches you Google Ads, but it also teaches Google digital marketing. The top instructor is offering it, so it should be one of your top picks.

You will effectively learn the fundamentals of digital marketing and e-commerce. Moreover, you will be able to measure marketing performance through analytics. You will also be able to run successful Google Ad campaigns and become a successful marketer.

learn the fundamental of google ads and e commerce

Based on your learning experience, we strongly recommend this course to you.

This Google Ads certification benefits from free enrollment and a 7-day full-access free trial, which will help you decide if the course fits your requirements. After the trial ends, you will need to pay $14 per month to continue learning.

We love this course because it has a flexible schedule that will be convenient for you. Overall, the course duration is approximately 6 months, which is the ideal time to grasp the digital marketing that covers Google Ads.

Google Career Certificates offers this course, The Grow with Google program, which draws on Google’s 20-year history of developing products, platforms, and services that support people and businesses in growth, including Google Career Certificates.

Google Career Certificate

Through initiatives like these, the best resources are provided by Google in order to advance their professional development, careers, and enterprises, including the members of the workforce of today and the future workforce students.

The course is rated 4.8/5.0, which indicates how well-liked it is. We could not find reviews for this certification, but we still highly recommend it because it is a comprehensive Google digital marketing course.

Our rating for this course is 9.0/9.0. If you want to learn SEO in-depth, we definitely recommend checking out our list of the best PPC marketing courses and LinkedIn courses.

Enroll now to get the best price.

8. Advanced Google Ads Online Course – LinkedIn

learn the knowledge of Google Ads

This course is specifically designed for advanced levels. It requires prior knowledge of Google Ads since it builds on already established foundations. Some aspects that this course will cover include maximizing your Pay-per-click performance. Moreover, it will focus on advanced keyword research to maximize engagement.

Based on the rating of 4.7 out of 5.0, we can conclude that the course is liked by the students who have already taken it. We went through the reviews, too, and saw positive sentiments like “great” and “informative” used to describe this advanced Google Ads course.

details of the advance level google ad course

The total time it will take you to complete the course is 1 hour and 12 minutes. Moreover, it already has 30,045 learners enrolled, which speaks to its popularity. Lastly, the course is priced at USD 34.25, which is relatively pricey. However, we believe that it is justified, given the advanced learning it offers.

Based on reviews and the fact that it can be completed in under 2-hours, we undoubtedly give this Google Ad training a rating of 8.5/9.0

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LinkedIn Google Ads Essential Training

Lastly, we have another course on LinkedIn, perfect for beginners. The course will explore the foundations of pay-per-click and give you in-depth knowledge of Google Ads. If you are hoping to step into the field of Google Ads, this is the course for you, or you can have a look at our free LinkedIn courses to find free courses.

Overall, the course should take you 2 hours and 33 minutes to complete and is available for free.

Based on the rating of 4.8 out of 5.0, we say this course is well-liked. We saw comments like “good experience” left by students, further proving this point. We were unable to find the exact number of students who have already taken up this course, but the 4,523 reviews prove how many students took an interest in this course.

Overall, we give this Google Ad training a rating of 8.0/8.0.

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Factors in Choosing These Best Google Adwords Courses

The review process of these Google ad courses is after thoughtful consideration, comprehensive research, life experience, and the most important challenges of the eLearning industry. The components below were deliberately constructed.

  • Tutor Rating
  • Course Objectives Are Cleared or Not
  • Depth of Course
  • Resources and Material
  • Who can take this course? Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced Level
  • Details of the course
  • Student Reviews
  • Course Duration
  • Price

Other Digital Marketing Courses

Best Google Ads Courses - FAQs

What is the best course for Google Ads?

There are several online courses available. However, Google Ads For Beginners 2023- Step By Step Process by Udemy and Google Ads for Beginners by Coursera are two of the best online Google ad courses. They will provide an in-depth learning experience for you and help you run a successful marketing campaign of your own.

Is Google Ads course training free?

Most of the courses that are available online have a fee associated with them. This online training has fees that are not very heavy in your pocket and provides you with a great learning experience.

How much does a Google Ads certification cost?

The price of Google Ads certification varies depending on the course content and its depth. Courses available on Udemy will typically cost you $12.99, while you will have to pay a subscription fee of $49 on Coursera, giving you access to several courses simultaneously. Typically, a Google Ads certification will cost you USD 10-50.


If you want to improve your Google Ads skills, one of the best ways to do so is by taking an online course. We’ve rounded up nine of the best courses to help you become a master of Google Ads. Our e-learning tips will help you in learning them

If you want to start your journey, go for our top picks – courses 4 and 5 because they offer great insights. These Best Google Ad Courses will help you develop effective campaigns of your own. On the other hand, you can also learn Instagram marketing and LinkedIn marketing for a better approach.