5 Best Google Ads Courses

Published: April 3, 2024

Key Takeaways

Which Google Ad Course is the best?

The God Tier Framework simplifies PPC with detailed checklists, SOPs, and templates. The course offers step-by-step campaigns, over 40 frameworks, cheat sheets, scripts, tips, tricks, keyword optimization strategies, and an interactive checklist to advance your skills and generate consistent results within the ever-changing complexities of Google Ads.

Google Ads is a leading advertising platform with a market share of 60%. It enables businesses to reach potential customers when they search for a product or service.

Advertisers can strategically target their audience based on keywords, location, demographics, and user behavior to maximize the chances of conversion.

The job outlook for those aspiring to become Google Ads Specialists is growing at a rate of 6%, which is faster than average.

Also, the average salary of advertisers and marketing managers is $138,730, which presents an enticing opportunity for career advancement.

In this post, we’ve compiled the five best Google Ads courses and provided detailed reviews, ensuring you’re equipped with the knowledge to help you make an informed decision.

List of the 5 Best Google Ads Courses to Learn Online

We’ve selected these Google Ads courses to provide quality training for beginners to expert-level professionals. These courses have been reviewed based on course content, instructor expertise, practical application, online reviews, and value for money.

Here’s a preview of what these Google Ads courses offer:

  1. God Tier Ads Framework – This course is always updated with the latest Google Ads training and provides done-for-you templates of 23 pillar ad copies with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  2. Google Ads Mastery Course – It is the best course for progressing from scratch to expert level, and it is designed according to Google Internal Training.
  3. Google Ads Fundamentals – The course includes high-quality video lectures, guided walk-throughs, and assignments to assess your knowledge.
  4. Google Ads Masterclass – A 4-week online training program with 5 live 2.5-hour workshops packed with the latest Google Ads strategies & tactics.
  5. Paid Traffic Mastery – It’s an intensive learning course with strategies from the top traffic experts that give you confidence and prepare you for future changes.

Our Course Selection Criteria

To find the Google Ad training, we have researched and evaluated each considering the following factors:

  • Content Depth and Relevance: The course should cover a wide range of Google Ads topics, from fundamentals to advanced strategies, ensuring relevance to real-world advertising scenarios.
  • Instructor Expertise and Credibility: The instructor should have proven experience and expertise in Google Ads, ideally with a track record of success in managing campaigns and staying updated on industry trends.
  • Practical Application and Hands-On Exercises: The course should incorporate practical exercises and case studies to allow students to apply theoretical knowledge in real advertising scenarios, developing confidence.
  • Student Feedback and Reviews: Positive reviews and feedback from past students are social proof of the course’s effectiveness, credibility, and value in enhancing the skills.
  • Value for Money and Additional Resources: The course should balance affordability and the quality of content provided, including additional resources such as templates, tools, and ongoing community support to maximize learning outcomes.

Let’s explore each course in detail.

1. God Tier Ads Framework

The editor’s perspective on this course

We got hands-on with God Tier Ads Framework, and we can say that it provides a methodical outlook by combining practical examples with conceptual frameworks.

It provides a detailed and logical system to clarify the ad campaigns completely. It covers every aspect of Google Ads management, from asking new clients the right questions to structuring an account effectively and troubleshooting.

As the course progressed, lecture videos uncovered strategies for quick and effective results, ensuring easy adoption and implementation.

The instructor’s approach emphasizes running campaigns and crafting them strategically, ensuring every touchpoint contributes to success.

The emphasis on client retention strategies and stress-free campaign builds is refreshing, providing practical solutions to real-world challenges.

However, with so much in-depth information shared via PowerPoint-style videos, the focus shifts to telling what to do rather than showing actual steps to perform.

The active private community adds immense value, providing a platform for collaboration and support. With consistently updated content and bonuses, this course is a game-changer for any marketer.

What topics are covered in this course?

  • The most detailed 400+ step PPC Checklist for Google Ads
  • Including the important bits of Google Analytics 4 (migration + conversion tracking)
  • Identify and optimize Macro and Micro conversions
  • 150+ quick notes for shortcuts and instant guidance
  • SOPs galore for planning, building and optimizing campaigns
  • Account structure templates (with wireframe examples)
  • Performance Max, Shopping, YouTube & Remarketing
  • Benchmark and find the right attribution model
  • How to diagnose and scale smart bidding
  • Weekly & monthly optimization routines
  • Repeatable, step-by-step processes
  • Automations + scripts for automating tedious tasks

Who is the instructor of this course?

Source: LinkedIn

Ed Leake is a well-known professional in the digital marketing industry, recognized for his expertise and innovative approaches.

With over a decade of experience, Leake has established himself as a prominent thought leader, consultant, and speaker in the industry.

He is the founder of AdEvolver, a leading digital marketing agency, and the creator of the God Tier Ads Framework, an extensive methodology for maximizing advertising performance.

Leake’s strategies and insights have empowered countless businesses to achieve remarkable results in their online advertising.

Through his workshops, courses, and speaking engagements, he continues to inspire and educate marketers worldwide.

Does the instructor offer more courses?

The other courses the instructor offers include:

  • The Performance Framework
  • The Agency Forge

Does the course offer hands-on projects or assignments to reinforce learning?

The course provides practical AdWords training, which can be easily implemented in your campaign.

Who should take this course?

It is an advanced-level course for agency owners, freelancers, or PPC Managers who want a fresh perspective on account building and optimization.

Social media sentiments

Here’s a review from a Google Ads contractor who completed the course and improved results in terms of ROI for the Google Ads campaign after implementing what they learned from God Tier Ads.

Source: YouTube

Here are some reviews from the Reddit post showcasing positive responses from students who were able to benefit from the course and create profitable Google PPC ad campaigns.

Source: Reddit

2. Google Ads Mastery Course

The editor’s perspective on this course

As we looked into the Google Ads Mastery Course by Ovais Ahmad, we can say that it provides a solid foundation in Google Ads management.

Most importantly, the course structure focuses on practical applications through an example of a hypothetical Fintech Company.

While some videos seemed outdated, and the YouTube ads section felt incomplete, it is suitable for beginners who want to systematically learn about digital marketing and performance marketing.

The course structure is coherent and crisp for the basics. The quizzes helped recall the key concepts, although a final quiz would have been beneficial.

This course teaches you the theory and best practices regarding keyword research and valuable insights to enhance campaign strategies. However, the YouTube ads section covers only one topic among all the mentioned topics.

Overall, this course is exhaustive, covering everything from setting up your ad account to writing your ad copy and tracking your profits.

What topics are covered in this course?

The overall contents of this course will be:

  • What is Google Ads, what can it do, and what is possible in Google Ads?
  • How to create a Google Ads account from scratch.
  • How to create professional campaigns (All Types) from scratch.
  • How to do analysis, research, and structure campaigns.
  • How to report, analyze, and optimize campaigns to generate the best results.
  • How to integrate Google Ads with other platforms.

The course covers both basic and advanced concepts. It offers detailed Google ads learning with a hypothetical Fintech business example to ensure that even beginner-level students can gain an in-depth understanding.

This Google Adwords course covers aspects such as ad rank, quality score, ad group structure, keyword planning, and managing negative keywords and search terms.

Moreover, it covers advanced topics like remarketing and conversion tracking and provides insights into performance campaigns.

Who is the instructor of this course?

Source: LinkedIn

Ovais Ahmad, a performance marketing consultant and trainer, has nine years of diverse experience as a professional in digital marketing and online advertising.

Trained by Google’s Engineering team, he has worked for prominent companies like Google, Delivery Hero, global agencies such as MCN Group and Initiative, publishers, advertisers, and clients across different geographies.

He has trained global Google Support teams and thousands of students and professionals and helped entrepreneurs and marketers succeed by planning and executing marketing strategies.

His expertise includes Ad operations, programmatic buying and selling, various Google advertising products, Oracle-BlueKai DMP, account management, digital marketing, and ticketing tools.

Additionally, he has built a successful YouTube channel with over 180K subscribers in just 2 years, further showcasing his influence and expertise in the field.

Does the instructor offer more courses?

Yes. Here are the other courses offered by the instructor include:

  • Digital Marketing/Performance Marketing Fundamental Course
  • Facebook/Meta Ads Complete Course
  • Display & Video 360 (DV360) Course
  • Complete the Programmatic Advertising Course with Tools
  • Campaign Manager 360 (CM360) Course
  • DMP Course with Oracle BlueKai DMP
  • Digital Marketing & Programmatic Advertising Interview Preparation (Q&A)

Does the course offer hands-on projects or assignments to reinforce learning?

It has quizzes, challenges, and practical exercises to enhance the learning process, but there is no final quiz to test the knowledge base. Throughout the course, a hypothetical Fintech Company example is provided.


No experience is needed.

Social media sentiments

Students express satisfaction with the course’s effectiveness and value for money. Here are some of the reviews from YouTube.

Source: YouTube

After completing the course, another student’s review posted on LinkedIn highlights its impact and the instructor’s expertise, contributing to its reputation as one of the top choices for learning Google Ads.


Source: LinkedIn

3. Google Ads Fundamentals Course

The editor’s perspective on this course

As we researched the Google Ads Fundamentals course, we can confidently say you can master the leading PPC platform and drive effective results for your business.

The course goes beyond basic strategies, offering insights into optimizing marketing campaigns and improving conversions.

The video lessons provide in-depth knowledge and skills with a guided walk-through with techniques and tips.

The Google Adwords lessons in this course are different because they teach you what works and focus on practical exercises to apply the skills you learn.

There are 6 sections in the course: lessons, exercises, quizzes, lifetime access capabilities, assignments, and a community of students. The community platform allows students to discuss lessons and learn from one another.

Moreover, the instructor provides free updates for students once they refresh current lessons.

Specifically, the course content covered includes data gathered from Google Analytics and Google Sheets, visualizing data to create reports, building dashboards, and effectively sharing and collaborating on reports.

Lastly, the course mainly covers technical knowledge; hence, it could confuse and frustrate beginners, making it challenging to grasp Google Ads’ fundamental concepts for effective campaign management.

What topics are covered in this course?

Here’s what you will learn in the course:

  • Learn the latest version of Google Ads
  • Best ways to create and structure campaigns
  • Navigate the Google Ads interface
  • How to enhance ads with ad extensions
  • Identify opportunities to optimize campaigns
  • Research keywords and use keyword matching
  • Learn how to improve results using ad testing
  • Understand the options for tracking conversions

Who is the instructor of this course?

Source: LinkedIn

Benjamin Mangold, the Co-Founder of Loves Data, is an expert in digital marketing and analytics.

He has been working with Google Ads and Google Analytics for over 15 years, and he has trained and consulted for companies, including 3M, Fuji Xerox, and Google, to leverage the power of data-driven marketing strategies.

With years of experience, Mangold has established himself as a leading authority in the field, specializing in Google Ads and Analytics.

Mangold’s innovative approach and passion for teaching have made him a trusted resource for those seeking to optimize their online presence and drive success in the digital landscape.

Does the instructor offer more courses?

Here are the other courses offered by the instructor:

  • GA4 Complete Course
  • GA4 Mini Course
  • Google Tag Manager Course
  • Looker Studio Course

Does the course offer hands-on projects or assignments to reinforce learning?

Yes. The course offers quizzes to assess the knowledge and skills acquired at different intervals. Once the students complete the requirements, they will receive a certificate.


None. Anyone from the beginner level to the experienced user can greatly benefit from this course.

Social media sentiments

With many positive reviews online, the course is perceived to be highly informative and technical for practical implementation and strategic planning for Google Ads practitioners.

Source: YouTube

4. Google Ads Masterclass

The editor’s perspective on this course

This is the best Google Ads advanced course, designed to help you stay up to date with the latest developments and strategies in only 4 short weeks.

This isn’t a typical course; it’s a learning journey with advanced tactics and strategies, which makes it suitable for advanced learners.

The live 2.5-hour workshops, led by industry experts, provided invaluable insights based on practical experience and real data.

The community of experienced PPC experts adds value, allowing collaboration and shared learning.

Through testing and thorough experimentation, the course equips you with the latest strategies to outperform competitors and drive tangible results.

With over 1,300 specialists benefiting from this masterclass, it’s a game-changer for anyone looking to elevate their Google Ads expertise.

While this course offers advanced tactics and invaluable insights,

Without a prior understanding of basic concepts, beginners may struggle to keep up with the course material and fully benefit from the learning experience.

Also, critical components like assignments and quizzes are missing.

What topics are covered in this course?

Here’s the breakdown of the course content covered:

  • Advanced conversion and tracking
  • Advanced search
  • Advanced shopping (& pmax)
  • Advanced experiments
  • The future of PPC + Q/A

Who is the instructor of this course?

Source: LinkedIn

Miles McNair is a Google Ads Specialist (eCommerce) with years of experience working with 100+ eCommerce brands and spent more than €50M on Google Ads.

He is a real expert in the paid advertising field. He is well-known for his deep PPC knowledge, experience, and incredible content-creation skills.

He founded PPC Mastery together with Bob Meijer to help others become better Google Ads Specialists, though he still manages campaigns for clients.

Next to managing a portfolio of carefully selected e-commerce clients, he has created a PPC community to educate individuals from the ground up alongside Bob.

Unlike agency owners or gurus, he manages Google Ads campaigns every single day. Everything he teaches is based on real, practical experience. He aims to inspire Google Ads Specialists to be collaborative instead of competitive.

Does the instructor offer more courses?

Yes. Here’s a list of other courses offered by the instructor:

  • Performance Max Mastery: Launch, Grow & Scale pMax Campaigns
  • Conversion Tracking Mastery: Master Google Ads Conversion Tracking
  • Google Ads Audit Template: Checklist To Easily Audit (New) Accounts
  • The PPC Hub Membership: The Best Way We Can Help You All-Year-Round

Does the course offer hands-on projects or assignments to reinforce learning?

Throughout the course, students are provided with hands-on examples from projects, real-life case study analyses, and a certificate upon completion.


The Google Ads Masterclass is not for beginners. It is an advanced program and, therefore, not suited for absolute beginners.

You need some prior experience with Google Ads because the pace is high, and we teach very advanced topics and strategies.

However, if you have a basic understanding of Google Ads, you’re good to go.

5. Paid Traffic Mastery


The editor’s perspective on this course

The Paid Traffic Mastery course is extensive in terms of strategic intent shared, providing insights into the proven process for running your ads from start to finish.

Once you’ve completed this course, you can apply the same campaign structure for another campaign, measure your progress, and replicate your results.

However, removing LinkedIn training was disappointing, as it limits the course’s comprehensiveness, especially for professionals aiming to leverage multiple platforms.

Additionally, the lack of a private community for support was felt, leaving learners without a space for collaboration and troubleshooting.

Moreover, the course’s emphasis on Google Ads and analytics monitoring was valuable, but the coverage of other platforms like YouTube and Facebook somewhat felt lacking.

We would say that the course offers solid introductory knowledge, but the absence of certain features and limited depth on non-Google platforms may leave some learners wanting more.

What topics are covered in this course?

It teaches you everything you need to know about digital advertising:

  • Understand the core concepts of paid traffic
  • Learn the different types of paid traffic channels
  • Build and execute different types of ad campaigns
  • Master everything from Google Ads, YouTube Ads, Facebook Ads, and other channels.
  • How to optimize your ads for success
  • How to test, measure, and scale your ads effectively
  • Google Ads’ newest campaign, “Performance Max.”

Who is the instructor of this course?


Source: LinkedIn

Kasim is the founder and CEO of Solutions 8, one of the world’s top-ranked Google Ads agencies, Solutions 8.

Recipient of the Arizona Interactive Marketing Association’s 2017 TIM Person of the Year Award.

The University of Missouri also named Kasim one of the Top 50 Digital Marketing Thought Leaders in the United States in 2020.


Source: LinkedIn

John Moran is the Senior Client Strategist of Solutions 8, one of the world’s top-ranked Google Ads agencies.

He specializes in building and managing full-funnel digital marketing campaigns for clients.

He creates strategies such as paid search, social media, email marketing, content creation, ascension models, and return paths.

Does the instructor offer more courses?

  • Digital Marketing Mastery

Does the course offer hands-on projects or assignments to reinforce learning?

Yes, the course offers quizzes the student needs to complete and will be awarded an industry-recognized certificate.


None. This course is suitable for business owners, agency teams, students, or a marketing professional aiming to speed up the latest trends and best practices.

Social media sentiments

A student’s positive sentiment post-course completion, where he shared a video recommending the course to others and expressing satisfaction.


Source: YouTube

Moreover, Reddit users actively recommend this course, indicating its worth within the online community.


Source: Reddit

How hard is it to pass Google Ads certification?

Passing the Google Ads certification exams can vary, depending on the individual learning curve and time devoted to the preparation. The exams may be less challenging for those with experience and a solid understanding of Google Ads fundamentals. However, for beginners or those less familiar with the platform, thorough study and practice are essential to passing the exams.


As mentioned earlier, the God Tier Ads stand out because they emphasize the framework, with practical applications and real-world examples that add depth to understanding campaign optimization strategies.

The Google Ads Mastery Course by Ovais Ahmad stands out due to its all-inclusive content, expert instruction, and practical approach.

The instructor’s extensive experience in the digital marketing industry and effective teaching style ensure that students receive the most up-to-date and valuable insights into Google Ads management.

Benjamin Mangold’s Google Ads Fundamentals course provides a solid foundation for Google Ads, particularly for beginners acquiring essential concepts and strategies.

The Paid Traffic Mastery course by Kasim Aslam offers a structured approach to Google Ads and other advertising platforms, providing valuable insights from industry experts.

However, its limitations on community support and platform coverage may put off some learners.

The Google Ads Masterclass promises an intensive learning experience led by seasoned experts, offering advanced tactics and strategies to elevate participants’ skills, but it is not suitable for absolute beginners.

After a thorough evaluation upon completion of each course, we get you one step closer to choosing the best Google Ads courses.