10 Best Free LinkedIn Courses and Certifications

Published: October 18, 2023

According to LinkedIn Learning, which recently revealed its top most popular programs for 2023, millions of individuals are taking free LinkedIn courses this year to improve their goal-setting, interaction, and technical skills. As a result, LinkedIn Learning is all the rage now and has transformed the e-learning industry.

According to the e-learning platform, 7.3 million individuals have viewed the top classes on the site, nearly double the viewership during the same timeframe last year.

Interest in e-learning peaked during Covid when people were stranded at home, and it has since remained strong. This, of course, does not take from the difficulties you might face while learning online. We recommend that you do check out the challenges of online learning before you enroll in any e-course, whether on LinkedIn Learning or some other platform.

According to LinkedIn Learning user data, users are flocking to the platform to hone soft skills (particularly communication and cooperation) and technical ones (like Excel, Python, and SQL). Notably, economists think communication, adaptability, and project planning are among the most “slump” free talents. LinkedIn courses are divided into four categories: business, creative, technology, and certifications.

Let us now look at the best free online LinkedIn and certifications that can also transform your career and your personality if you learn from these free LinkedIn courses. And help you look at the world with a newer lens.

Top 10 LinkedIn Courses and Certifications You Should Know in 2023

Learn about the most prominent free LinkedIn learning opportunities! Our comprehensive list of top-tier Free LinkedIn Courses with Certificates is based on learner feedback and expert research. Boost your potential with one of these well-known LinkedIn learning free courses right now!

Our comprehensive analysis considers time and curriculum, taking you one step closer to advancing your career with seasoned expertise. But first, look at these best free LinkedIn courses in detail.

1. Learning Video Production and Editing

LinkedIn free course on learning video productio

This LinkedIn free course on learning video production and editing spans 18 months and covers everything required to get started in video production and editing. By the end of this course, you’ll have a command of all the tools and techniques needed in the three main genres of video production.

By the conclusion of this course, you will have a good understanding of what it takes to make a quality video. The course is free under a 1-month trial policy. This course is recommended if you want to learn how to get started in editing and video production, or you can check our list of music video production courses.

Rob Garrott, a content manager at LinkedIn learning, teaches the course. He has a passion for and long-term experience in video production and editing.

content manager at LinkedIn learning

Student reviews state regarding the course,

“Clear explanation. Great for beginners in video production.”

The learners have scored this course a 4.7/5.0.

We rate this course an 8.0/9.0 based on course comprehensiveness.

2. Marketing Tools: Digital Marketing Tools and Services

free linkedin digital marketing tools and services

The digital marketing tools and services course will help you understand social media marketing, digital advertising, and e-mail marketing but will also help build all these concepts from the foundation and up. The course lasts 1 hour and 51 minutes,

This is a must-take course for all new to social media marketing, which is still marketing and analytics.

Anson Alexander is a YouTube educator and content marketer. He has transformed his own YouTube channel through his digital marketing skills. He is the instructor for the course.

Students’ reviews state regarding the course,

“We need to keep updated as the world of technology is advancing fast. Knowing these concepts will give me an edge in the digital era.”

The learners have scored this course a 4.7/5.0.

We rate this course a 7.9/9.0 based on feedback on the curriculum.

If you want to explore more courses relevant to digital marketing, you can check out our list of the best digital marketing courses.

3. Affiliate Marketing Foundations

LinkedIn learning course for affliate marketing

In this LinkedIn learning course, you will cover the basics of affiliate marketing and explore how you can build your brand as a seasoned affiliate marketer. Not only this, but by the end of this course, you will have full command of how to make your affiliate marketing strategy.

We recommend you take this course before you step into the world of affiliate marketing so that the basic framework and fundamentals are in place and you have a strong command over the concept.

Sam Dey, the founder of deytips.com

Sam Dey, the founder of deytips.com, teaches this course. Sam is known for working with entrepreneurs and business owners to help them leave a mark with digital marketing.

Student reviews highlight this course’s good points as,

“Interesting content. Great starting information on affiliate marketing.”

The learners have scored this course a 4.7/5.0.

We rate this course an 8.1/9.0 based on comments on the course content.

If you want to explore more course offerings for affiliate marketing, you can check out our list of the best affiliate marketing courses.

4. Free Linkedin Learning Python

Learn Python basics for free

With the duration of just over 3 hours, by the end of this course, you’ll have a command of Python basics and be able to work with files that use programming languages for timers and internet data formats. In this course, you’ll also be allowed to test your learnings through quizzes as you progress.

This is a must-take course for those just starting out in programming languages, especially Python. However, if you are interested in other programming languages, check out our best online programming courses.

Joe Marini is the Director of Product Management at OutSystems. He is the instructor for the course. He is also a LinkedIn Learning Author for nearly 17 years.

Participant reviews mention the course “Clear Explanation!”

The learners have scored this course a 4.7/5.0.

We rate this course an 8.0/9.0 based on instructional clarity.

5. Deliver Successful Projects

free project management foundations course

This course, namely delivering successful projects, has been extracted from the main course called project management foundations. During this short learning experience, you’ll learn what project management is, along with an overview of agile project management. By the end, you would have a command over this cycle of starting and closing the project while monitoring performance.

We rate this course a 7.0/9.0 based on the content outline.

6. Interpersonal Communication

most sought-after courses on LinkedIn for free

As one of the most sought-after courses on LinkedIn, learning interpersonal communication lasts 31 minutes; you will learn the ultimate basics of interpersonal communication while being in an organizational setting. This includes communication with your seniors or workmates and communication in tricky situations.

This is a must-take course for anyone working in a corporate setting. However, this course’s learning will also extend beyond your workplace and help you in your communication and social circle.

The instructor for this course is Dorie Clark. Dorie is not only a bestselling author, but she’s also the best communication coach. She is highly regarded in the learning and communication sector, and learning from her is a dream come true for any professional.

instructor of  free Interpersonal Communication class

Participant reviews mention,

“The content was very interesting and helpful!”

The learners have scored this course a 4.7/5.0.

Based on the instructor’s profile, we rate this course an 8.3/9.0.

7. Digital Marketing Foundations

free essential digital marketing fundamentals learning

Digital marketing is the trending term nowadays for any business. In this course, over 1 hour 35 minutes, you will start with the essential digital marketing fundamentals, move up to digital marketing in relevance to social media, and gain marketing analytics skills.

This course is recommended for anyone and everyone who wants to start learning the basics of digital marketing to take their brand one step ahead.

Brad Batesole is a renowned growth marketer. He is a Partner at Madecraft and a well-known Marketing Author on LinkedIn.

renowned growth marketer and Marketing Author on LinkedIn

Participant reviews mention course content is

“Very simple and easy to understand.”

The learners have scored this course a 4.7/5.0.

We rate this course an 8.1/9.0 based on content clarity.

8. Agile Foundations

develop an agile mindset through interactions

The agile mindset and methodology are one of the most sought-after frameworks in the industry nowadays. In this course, which spans over 1 hour and 35 minutes, you will learn how to develop an agile mindset through interactions and on an individual level. Not only that, you will provide the framework for starting an agile transformation in your organization with the help of modern software and tools.

We recommend this course for professionals at a level where they have a say in critical decision-making. This will help them understand and approach the agile methodology if they want to adopt it for their organization.

Doug Rose, a known name in the industry regarding organizational change, agile framework, and training methodologies, leads the course. Doug is also an author and has worked for more than 20 years in the industry, transforming organizations with the help of technology.

training methodologies, leads the course

Participant reviews recognize the course’s well-thought-out process:

“The concept of the course is well explained for anyone to understand.”

The learners have scored this course a 4.7/5.0.

We rate this course an 8.0/9.0 based on a simplistic and easy learning approach.

9. Learning to Teach Online

understand the basics of online education

During the COVID-19 pandemic, online courses in teaching took a boom. After this rise in education, it has now become a norm and regular practice. In this course, over 46 minutes, you will understand the basics of online education and its essential and fundamental elements. Not only that, but you will also learn how to design relevant courses’ online learning experiences.

We recommend this course to anyone interested in stepping into the role of an online education instructor. It is also recommended for full-time educators who might have to shift to an online mode due to some uncertainty in the future.

Oliver Schinkten is the instructor for this free LinkedIn course. Oliver is an educator and learner as well. He is passionate about teaching, and his area of expertise includes online education.

instructor for this free LinkedIn course

Student reviews talk positively about the course. The learners have scored this course a 4.7/5.0.

We rate this course an 8.2/9.0 based on the instructor’s profile and expertise.

10. Teaching Online: Synchronous Classes

learn relevant tools for free

In this course, which spans over 1 hour and 12 minutes, you will learn all the tools and software that are not only the best but well suited to different online training and education forms. You will also get a command of how to conduct online sessions where you must keep the engagement level high and learn to deploy the flipped classroom model.

Every aspiring and current online educator should take this course as it will help them polish their skills and learn relevant tools to make their online classes a more enriching and exciting experience.

Corbin B. Anderson is one of the instructors for this course. He’s a multimedia developer and knows how to turn ideas into multimedia projects.

Kat Anderson is also the instructor for the course. Kat is an author at LinkedIn Learning and shares a passion for educating and teaching methodologies.

instructors for this course

Participant reviews recognize the ease in the course approach as,

“It’s very helpful for beginners.”

The learners have scored this course a 4.5/5.0.

We rate this course an 87.5/9.0 based on ease of learning.

Free Courses Other Than Linkedin Free Courses

Ranking Criteria for Choosing These Free LinkedIn Courses

Do you have reservations about taking a free LinkedIn course? Then don’t worry or be nervous!

We investigated all your criteria so that you could make an informed conclusion. So, relax, unwind, and let us be your trainers.

We considered the following variables while selecting the finest bootcamps for you:

  • Instructor Bio
  • Learner Feedback
  • Course Curriculum
  • Course Length and Timetable

We granted a merited score to each course after thoroughly analyzing it under our demanding standards.

Why Did We Choose These Best Free LinkedIn Courses and Free Certifications?

Out of the vast pool of available LinkedIn courses and certifications, we have selected these top best online LinkedIn course review factors in multiple considerations.

First and foremost, we keep in mind that the courses should be top-rated with an excellent curriculum and have an increasing demand in the industry. This consideration ensures that going through this course adds to your profile and helps you get a better position or job.

Other things that contributed to our reasons for choosing these courses include instructor repute, student reviews, and of course, how attractive the course topic is and does it come with a completion certificate.

Best Free LinkedIn Courses - FAQs

What Is LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning is an online training platform that utilizes expert-led lesson videos to help you find and improve business, technological, and creative abilities.

Are Courses on LinkedIn Free?

LinkedIn Learning has several free courses accessible. This implies that no LinkedIn Learning membership is required to take these courses.

Can You Get a Job with A LinkedIn Certificate?

According to LinkedIn, applicants who hold LinkedIn Learning certificates have a 9% better probability of being recruited than those who do not.


Now that you have reviewed and read through our analysis of Free LinkedIn courses, you must consider at least taking one of these courses. Try to evaluate and find the areas of approvement in your profile or explore a new skill altogether.

Once you have this exercise, you can select a course that matches your criteria and enroll in it immediately. This will not only open new career avenues for you, but on successful completion, you will also feel the enhancement of your soft skills.

So, what are you waiting for? Log in to LinkedIn learning and kickstart your journey toward a diversified and more skilled professional profile.