5 Best Digital Marketing Courses and Certificates

Published: March 30, 2024

Key Takeaways

Which is the best digital marketing course?

After comprehensive reviews and evaluations, the Digital Marketing Career Blueprint Full Training is the top recommendation among digital marketing courses. The course offers 45+ hours of on-demand video content, personalized mentorship, and real-world insights. It is the most relevant course for individuals and managers looking to enhance their digital marketing skills with personalized guidance and feedback from the instructor.

Digital marketing is one of those industries that shows no signs of slowing down.

According to Forbes, the demand for digital marketing professionals is set to witness a 6% increase in growth, which is higher than the average job growth rate.

The job outlook for Digital Marketers looks very promising. The average pay for digital marketers ranges from $127,830 to $140,040.

The emergence of new marketing technologies, such as AI-powered insights and content generation tools, will further fuel the demand for digital marketers.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a newbie, online digital marketing classes can help you stay current with industry trends or improve your skills.

In this post, you’ll find the best digital marketing courses from industry experts designed to help you attract the best clients or land the perfect job.

List of the 5 Best Digital Marketing Courses

Here’s an overview of the top-rated digital marketing classes and courses at a glance:

  1. Digital Marketing Career Blueprint Full Training: This course features step-by-step videos, 45+ hours of on-demand digital marketing skills employers demand, personalized guidance, and real-world insights. It offers personal mentorship and feedback for working search and marketing professionals. It is a worth taking course for individuals and managers alike.
  2. Digital Advertising & Marketing 101: With its 1.5-hour on-demand video, in-depth curriculum, and practical insights, this course equips aspiring digital marketers to create and manage campaigns that scale, grow their current business, or find new ways to increase their value at their current jobs.
  3. Digital Marketing Mastery: A full-stack certification for digital marketers looking to advance their skills, generate leads, and build brand awareness. With 16 hours of education and a final exam, this course will turn you into a T-shaped marketer who understands how to turn 1 or 2 specialized skills into many.
  4. Digital Marketing Fundamental Course: Apart from the concepts, this course helps you transition into digital marketing with the perfect curriculum and step-by-step tool guides like Google Ads, 10 modules, and quizzes, making it equivalent to a diploma.
  5. Unicorn Digital Marketing Course: A course designed to empower individuals to become proficient digital marketing assistants and entrepreneurs. It provides comprehensive training in online business strategies, email marketing, funnel components, blogging, social media strategy, and more. With bonus materials and access to a supportive community, it provides a holistic learning experience.

Our Course Selection Criteria

These best digital marketing courses provide practical training, real-world exercises, analysis of successful campaigns, and technical know-how needed to become a powerful digital marketer. We researched and reviewed many courses before narrowing them down.

The following selection criteria were used to evaluate each course:

  • Practical Training: We evaluated courses based on their emphasis on practical, hands-on learning experiences rather than theoretical concepts. Courses that offered opportunities for learners to apply their knowledge through exercises, projects, and real-world simulations were given priority.
  • Real-World Exercises: Courses incorporating real-world exercises, case studies, and assignments were favored. Such exercises allow learners to gain practical experience by working on tasks and projects similar to those they would encounter in professional settings, enhancing their skills and confidence.
  • Analysis of Successful Campaigns: We looked for courses that included in-depth analysis of successful digital marketing campaigns. Analyzing real-life examples helps learners understand the strategies, tactics, and techniques contributing to campaign success, enabling them to replicate and adapt these strategies in their work.
  • Technical Know-How: Courses that provided a solid foundation in technical aspects of digital marketing, such as tools, platforms, analytics, and optimization techniques, were prioritized.
  • Industry-Relevant Content: Courses covering the latest tools, technologies, and best practices in digital marketing were considered more valuable, ensuring learners receive up-to-date and relevant training.

Let’s explore these best digital marketing online courses and modules.

1. Digital Marketing Career Blueprint Full Training

The editor’s perspective on this course

When we looked into the most popular digital marketing courses, the Digital Marketing Career Blueprint Full Training course took first place. It teaches the ins and outs of digital marketing and guides students through finding a job in the industry.

The course curriculum boasts an extensive library of step-by-step video tutorials with over 45 hours of instruction. The curriculum provides a foundation for learners at all levels by covering essential digital marketing disciplines such as PPC advertising, SEO, social media marketing, and email marketing.

Each module is crafted to deliver in-depth insights and practical skills that align with industry standards and best practices.

The course videos are well-produced and convey complex concepts clearly and engagingly. The instructor’s expertise makes the learning experience both informative and enjoyable.

A standout feature is the emphasis on gaining practical, hands-on experience through live case studies and portfolio-building exercises.

Nevertheless, including dedicated forums and access to working professionals in the search and marketing industries provide invaluable mentorship and support opportunities. Learners can also receive personalized guidance and seek feedback on their work.

Students get lifetime access to the course and additional materials like templates, case studies, and practical guides to make practical application easier.

Overall, the course emphasizes practical, job-oriented training with hands-on experience, mentorship, and guidance beyond the duration of the training, making it an excellent course for managers.

What topics are covered in this course?

This course covers a wide range of in-demand digital marketing disciplines, including:

  • Module 1 – Mindset Foundations and Mind Map
  • Modules 2 & 3 – Industry Orientation
  • Module 4 – The Website
  • Module 5 – Google Ads: PPC and the Fastest Way to a Job
  • Module 6 – Analytics: Tracking and Measuring
  • Module 7 – SEO in Plain English
  • Module 8 – Facebook Ads
  • Module 9 – Email Marketing
  • Modules 10 and 11- Generating Experience & Getting Clients
  • Mods 12-14 Certification, the Experience Paradox, and Client Accounts
  • Module 15 – What Employers Want
  • Module 16- Landing the Gig: From Resume to Interview
  • Module 17 – Job Search Masterclass
  • Modules 18-20: Conclusion & Support, Alumni Advice, and Coaching Calls Archive

Who is the instructor of this course?

Seth Jared Hymes is renowned for his innovative approach to teaching digital marketing skills and guiding individuals toward lucrative career opportunities in the field, regardless of their previous experience or educational background.

Having launched the Digital Marketing Career Blueprint in 2016, Seth has empowered thousands of individuals worldwide to kickstart their careers in digital marketing. His course has received numerous reviews, adding credibility and trust among learners.

Inspired by his early experiences in video production, Seth pursued formal education in film production at NYU’s prestigious Tisch Film Production Program.

Driven by the realization that digital marketing offered a powerful platform to connect with audiences and share ideas on a global scale, Seth started to explore digital marketing, from search engine optimization to paid search and content creation, leveraging online resources and courses to expand his knowledge base.

Despite initial challenges and financial constraints, Seth’s passion for digital marketing propelled him into unexpected career opportunities.

Drawing from his experiences, Seth developed the Digital Marketing Career Blueprint as a comprehensive roadmap for digital marketers. His course covers concepts and strategies and provides practical guidance on securing the first job in the field, from entry-level positions to six-figure salaries.

Does the instructor offer more courses?


Does the course offer hands-on projects or assignments to reinforce learning?

This course empowers you to gain valuable hands-on experience before securing your first job. You’ll learn how to navigate various search platforms, execute campaigns, and build a portfolio that showcases your expertise to potential employers.

What are the prerequisites to study?

The course has no strict prerequisites for formal education or previous experience. It is designed to cater to individuals at various stages of their professional journey, from newcomers to the digital marketing industry to those seeking to enhance their skills.

What does social media sentiment tell us?

The review on Quora reflects a positive sentiment, as the learners highlight that the course offers the opportunity to acquire valuable knowledge and expertise in digital marketing within a short period.

Source: Quora

According to the ratings and reviews posted on Trustpilot, the students stated that the course has up-to-date content, a supportive community, weekly coaching calls, and tangible results in career advancement within the digital marketing industry.

Source: Trustpilot

Learners on Reddit appreciated the simplified explanations, emphasis on fundamental concepts, and practical advice for finding jobs in the field in this course. One comment stated that mentioning LinkedIn endorsements and provided templates indicates the added value in job search strategies.

Source: Reddit

2. Digital Advertising & Marketing Course 101

The editor’s perspective on this course

As we evaluated the most popular digital marketing courses, we examined the curriculum, videos, reference materials, problems, quizzes, and presentations offered by this top-rated digital marketing course.

The course curriculum offers a comprehensive understanding of foundational concepts and principles in digital marketing. From distinguishing between marketing and advertising to exploring the depth of digital advertising, the curriculum covers various topics important for aspiring digital marketers.

The course’s emphasis on industry expert insights and case studies makes it the best choice among others. Adding examples of companies like Nike, Coca-Cola, and Ford offers invaluable insights into the practical applications of digital advertising strategies.

It helps learners gain theoretical knowledge and a glimpse into the strategies that drive success in real-world scenarios. The instructor also guides learners through industry trends to help them stay updated with the latest practices.

The course videos are engaging and well-paced, making complex concepts accessible to learners of all levels. The visual aids enhance the learning experience, keeping them actively engaged throughout the course.

The course provides reference materials to supplement the video lectures, such as recommended readings and additional research resources.

Additionally, the engaging quizzes and assignments help students apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios, improving their understanding and identifying areas for improvement. Overall, the course is well-rounded, but some learners may find certain topics more challenging than others, requiring additional time and effort.

What topics are covered in this course?

Throughout the course, students will learn the following topics:

  • Section 1: Introduction to Digital Advertising & Marketing 101
  • Section 2: Introduction to Digital Ads
    • Introduction Part 1 – The IAB, banner ads, video ads and rich media
    • Introduction Part 2 – Custom, skins, social media, audio ads, and search
  • Section 3: The Digital Advertising Ecosystem
    • Digital Ecosystem Part 1 – Publisher direct, exchanges, networks, DSPs & ATDs
    • How DSPs, SSPs, Exchanges, Networks, and publishers all work together
  • Section 4: New Data & Privacy Regulations
    • Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT)
    • Google’s Announcement to Stop Sharing Cookie Data – Cookie Deprecation
  • Section 5: Buying the Ads
    • Buying Digital Ads – How to buy digital ads, price ranges, process, and more
  • Section 6: Ad Targeting
    • Ad Targeting – Contextual, behavioral, demographic, geographic & more
  • Section 7: Ad Serving
    • What is an ad server? DoubleClick, DFP, DFA, third-party ad servers, etc.
    • Illustration of how ad servers work
  • Section 8: Reporting
    • Digital Advertising Reporting Overview – Impressions, Clicks, CTR, CPC, & more
  • Section 9: Final Thoughts & Course Review

Who is the instructor of this course?

Ben Silverstein is a digital advertising professional and entrepreneur based in NYC. He has over a decade and a half of experience in the digital space, managing hundreds of millions of dollars for various brands, including Six Flags Amusement Parks, Giorgio Armani, Cafe de Columbia, William Grant & Sons, and the FDA Real Cost, which won a 2015 gold Effie in the Disease Awareness and Education category.

Since 2015, his online courses have been taken by over 60,000 students worldwide and have received thousands of five-star reviews.

Ben works full-time in advertising, speaks at conferences, and enjoys watching the Buffalo Bills when he’s not busy with work.

Does the instructor offer more courses?

Yes, the instructor offers several digital marketing programs. Trending courses include:

  • Digital Marketing & Advertising Masterclass – 80+ Lectures
  • Digital Advertising & Marketing 201: Top Topic & Trends
  • Digital Advertising & Marketing 301: The Professional’s Course
  • Introduction to Programmatic Advertising
  • Advertising Sales Certification: Learn Ads Sales Today

Does the course offer hands-on projects or assignments to reinforce learning?

Yes, the course offers an assignment tasked with conducting trend analysis, creating ad targeting strategies, and evaluating different types of digital ads.

What are the prerequisites to study?

  • Students must be interested in the digital advertising industry and come to the course ready to learn.
  • Suitable for all types of businesses (digital products, physical products, services, B2B, B2C).

What does social media sentiment tell us?

Overall, the course has received positive feedback from learners of diverse backgrounds and levels of experience.

Learners appreciate the well-structured content, engaging delivery, and the appropriate balance of depth and accessibility.

Source: Udemy

3. Digital Marketing Mastery Course

The editor’s perspective on this course

As we further evaluated more digital marketing courses, we found the Digital Marketing Mastery a specialized resource. This course emphasizes mastering foundational concepts such as the customer avatar canvas, core message canvas, and customer value journey. These elements are often overlooked but are crucial for crafting effective marketing strategies.

With 10 core modules comprising 105 video lessons, the course thoroughly explores various digital marketing disciplines, including content marketing, social media marketing, digital advertising, and search marketing. Each module is structured to provide comprehensive coverage of key concepts and strategies.

Also, in this complete digital marketing course, you’ll learn how to design and build your automatic customer-generating marketing funnel and discover the simple strategy that guarantees profitability right from the first click.

Throughout the course, the videos offer engaging and informative content delivered by experienced instructors who are T-shaped marketers. The videos help learners maintain their interest in the course.

This course is a great fit for entrepreneurs, startup founders, business owners, executives, freelancers, marketing students, and agencies looking to create and launch full-scale campaigns.

The course provides a range of reference materials, including worksheets such as the customer avatar worksheet and core message canvas worksheet, a full-color, 149-page workbook, and a 16-page Final Exam Study Guide.

However, the lack of interactive elements such as live sessions or group discussions creates a gap, as the students don’t get instant feedback.

What topics are covered in this course?

The course offers a full digital marketing lifecycle through topics such as:

  • Core Concepts of Digital Marketing: Learn the role of digital marketing and how to leverage it in today’s business world.
  • Knowing Your Customer: Develop a Core Message and Customer Avatar Canvas and finally clarify who you’re selling to.
  • Customer Value Journey: Discover the steps in your marketing plan that seamlessly move a person from lead to paying customer to rave fan.
  • Content Marketing: Learn which types of content to use to attract your audience and leverage content marketing strategies to grow your business.
  • Social Media: This course will help you gain a basic, clear understanding of how to use social media to build real relationships with your audience.
  • Digital Advertising: Explore paid traffic strategies, landing pages, copy, and ad design elements and how these functions work together to bring prospects to your pages.
  • Search Marketing: Use SEO strategies to generate better rankings on search engines and free organic traffic to your site.
  • Email Marketing: Learn how to create open and clicked email campaigns and convert passive list subscribers into active customers.
  • Community Management: Go in-depth into how to build a thriving online community that positively impacts your business’ bottom line.
  • Data & Optimization: Discover the data and optimization tactics to find which marketing techniques work best for your business and customers.

Who is the instructor of this course?

Ryan Deiss

Ryan Deiss is the Co-Founder and CEO of DigitalMarketer, a prominent figure in the marketing industry known for his innovative strategies and entrepreneurial experiences. With a background as a marketer turned entrepreneur turned investor, Ryan has made significant contributions to the field of digital marketing.

Ryan is the creator of the “Customer Value Optimization” methodology and has introduced and popularized many digital selling strategies that modern companies now take for granted. Ryan is also an accomplished author, having written influential books on marketing that have shaped the industry’s landscape.

Renowned entrepreneur and Shark Tank star Daymond John has praised Ryan’s impact on the digital landscape, stating, “His companies practically own the internet.

Richard Lindner

A sought-after executive leadership expert who has worked with some of the world’s most exciting brands, Richard has helped start 13 companies from scratch, fund (or acquire) a dozen more, and directly advise hundreds of CEOs and entrepreneurs on how to grow and scale their companies.

Richard’s expertise extends to advising hundreds of CEOs and entrepreneurs on how to grow and scale their companies effectively. His insights and guidance have helped shape the success of numerous businesses across various industries.

Richard has achieved impressive results in email marketing, including tripling email open rates, doubling email click-through rates, and generating over $40 million in revenue from email marketing initiatives.

Kasim Aslam

Kasim (rhymes with “awesome”) is the founder and CEO of Solutions 8, one of the world’s top-ranked Google Ads agencies, Solutions 8.

In 2017, Kasim was honored with the Arizona Interactive Marketing Association’s TIM Award for Person of the Year due to his exceptional leadership and impact in digital marketing.

His innovative strategies and forward-thinking approach have propelled Solutions 8 to the forefront of the industry, earning the agency a reputation for delivering outstanding results for its clients.

In 2020, the University of Missouri named Kasim one of the Top 50 Digital Marketing Thought Leaders in the United States. Kasim is also an accomplished author, and his book, “The 7 Critical Principles of Effective Digital Marketing,” was celebrated by Book Authority as one of the Top 100 Digital Marketing Books of All Time.

Does the instructor offer more courses?

Yes. Here’s the list of other courses offered by the instructor:

  • Social Media Mastery
  • Content Marketing Mastery
  • E-commerce Marketing Mastery
  • Email Marketing Mastery
  • Paid Traffic Mastery
  • Optimization & Testing Mastery
  • Analytics and Data Mastery
  • Search Marketing Mastery
  • Copywriting Mastery
  • Community Management Mastery

Does the course offer hands-on projects or assignments to reinforce learning?

Yes. The course offers assignments and tasks for which you need to receive an award of completion. The test at the end of the course is difficult, and learners who understand the methodologies will be able to clear it.

What are the prerequisites to study?

While there may not be strict prerequisites for studying the course, a willingness to learn, dedication to mastering digital marketing concepts, and the ability to comprehend and apply complex concepts are essential for success in the program.

What does social media sentiment tell us?

Overall, the reviews on Trustpilot reflect that the Digital Marketing Mastery course offers high-quality content with enthusiastic instructors providing valuable insights and practical skills.

Many reviewers highlight the training as full-spectrum, the clarity of instruction, and the tangible results they have achieved after completing the courses.

Source: Trustpilot

The reviews and testimonials on the course website indicate the commitment to providing cutting-edge information in the industry. Users are satisfied with the quality of the courses and instructors’ expertise.

4. Digital Marketing Fundamental Course

The editor’s perspective on this course

As we researched the Digital Marketing Mastery course, several aspects stood out. It offers a comprehensive learning experience for beginners in digital marketing.

The course emphasizes practical application alongside theoretical concepts, with an introduction to 20+ tools. This provides learners with hands-on experience, allowing them to apply their knowledge directly in real-world scenarios.

The course covers a wide range of topics, from fundamental concepts to advanced strategies in digital marketing. The 10 modules provide a structured learning path, ensuring that learners gain in-depth subject knowledge.

Key topics such as digital marketing channels, audience analysis, Google Ads, analytics, and media planning are covered in-depth, equipping learners with essential skills for a career in digital marketing.

Learners can expect step-by-step guides, demonstrations, and explanations of concepts via engaging video content. Some modules’ quizzes further enhance the learning experience by allowing learners to test their knowledge and reinforce key concepts.

The course offers important resources that learners can refer to indefinitely, ensuring continued learning even after completing the course.

Overall, this course suits absolute beginners seeking to enter the field. However, one drawback could be the need for more personalized feedback or interaction with instructors, which some learners may prefer for clarification or guidance.

What topics are covered in this course?

The following modules and topics are covered in this digital marketing specialization course:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Module 2: Digital Marketing Terminology
  • Module 3: Digital Marketing  Channels and Formats
  • Module 4: Digital Marketing research, Market overview, and Audit
  • Audience – Analysis, Sizing and Tools
  • Google Ads
  • Analytics and Tools
  • Reporting
  • Briefing, Media Planning, and Strategy
  • Digital Marketers Toolkit

Who is the instructor of this course?

ovais ahmad is the instructor of digital marketing fundamental course

Source: LinkedIn

Ovais Ahmad, a performance marketing consultant and trainer, has nine years of diverse experience as a professional in digital marketing and online advertising.

Trained by Google’s Engineering team, he has worked for prominent companies like Google, Delivery Hero, global agencies such as MCN Group and Initiative, publishers, advertisers, and clients across different geographies.

He has trained global Google Support teams and thousands of students and professionals and helped entrepreneurs and marketers succeed by planning and executing marketing strategies.

His expertise includes Ad operations, programmatic buying and selling, various Google advertising products, Oracle-BlueKai DMP, account management, digital marketing, and ticketing tools.

Additionally, he has built a successful YouTube channel with over 180K subscribers in just 2 years, further showcasing his influence and expertise in the field.

Does the instructor offer more courses?

Yes. Here are the other courses offered by the instructor include:

  • Google Ads Mastery Course
  • Facebook/Meta Ads Complete Course
  • Display & Video 360 (DV360) Course
  • Complete the Programmatic Advertising Course with Tools
  • Campaign Manager 360 (CM360) Course
  • DMP Course with Oracle BlueKai DMP
  • Digital Marketing & Programmatic Advertising Interview Preparation (Q&A)

Does the course offer hands-on projects or assignments to reinforce learning?

Yes, the learners can expect to engage in practical exercises and activities throughout the modules, including quizzes and interactive elements designed to help them apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios.

What are the prerequisites to study?

No experience or knowledge is required as it is for absolute beginners in digital marketing and performance marketing.

What does social media sentiment tell us?

Reddit users express positive sentiments about the course, praising the instructor for his expertise and teaching style, with users referring to him as a “gem.”

Source: Reddit

YouTube comments reflect positive sentiments towards the course, indicating valuable content, clear explanations, and an effective teaching style of the instructor.

Many viewers highlight the course’s accessibility to beginners and its ability to provide knowledge for even those without experience in the field.

Several comments indicate that the course has inspired viewers to pursue digital marketing as a career or enhance their existing field skills.

Source: YouTube

5. Unicorn Digital Marketing Assistant School

The editor’s perspective on this course

As we researched this Unicorn Digital Marketing Assistant School, several aspects differed from other courses, including recorded workshops on confidence training, discovery call training, and data tracking lifeline.

It’s a course that covers nine core modules with over 26 lessons, providing a thorough understanding of various aspects of digital marketing.

The up-to-date tech lessons ensure that students are equipped with knowledge of the industry’s most popular platforms. Given the instructor’s background in broadcast journalism and electronic media, students can expect high-quality video content that is engaging and informative.

The course offers a range of reference materials, including recorded workshops, tech walkthroughs, and bonus courses on social media design and freelance business setup. Students will also get a lawyer-written client services agreement and legal documentation to protect their scope of work and services rendered.

More details about course structure, video quality, and assessment methods should be provided, making it easier to assess the learning experience. The course description also needs more information on instructor engagement and student support.

However, the course offers lifetime content access and a supportive community through the Digital Marketer’s group.

What topics are covered in this course?

  • Module 1: Online Business Strategies You Must Know To Get Hired
    • Understand the big picture of online business.
    • Recognize the tasks your clients need off their plate and how your role as an independent freelancer fits in.
    • Get access to Emily’s insider know-how on exactly what you need to do to uplevel from assistant to implementor or integrator for the long run.
  • Module 2: Email Marketing & List Building
    • Understand list building, tagging, and segmenting and how you apply it to email marketing.
    • Build and update email sequences
    • Plan, create, and implement a weekly email strategy
  • Module 3: Funnel Components and Tracking
    • Learn page designs and the different landing pages used in funnels
    • Tech walkthroughs on integrations with popular programs
    • Understanding tracking links and learning how to track and report funnel effectiveness
  • Module 4: Blogging
    • Six things every blog needs
    • What is SEO, how it’s used, and rules for optimization
    • Organizing, setting up, and tracking blogs
  • Module 5: Website Updates
    • Website terms and components plus common pages to edit
    • Email and site integration
    • Tech walkthroughs on Meta pixel, Kajabi, Elementor, and sleuthing
  • Module 6: Social Media Strategy for Online Business
    • Steps are taken from getting access to repurposing content
    • Ways to keep the algorithms satisfied
    • The backend of analytics and how to create post schedules
  • Module 7: Affiliate Marketing
    • The quickest way to get and organize affiliate links
    • The legal must-dos for affiliate marketing
    • How to work the Amazon Affiliates options and other affiliate programs
  • Module 8: Client Work
    • What to charge for tasks and how to estimate projects
    • Step-by-step plan to create your smooth workflow
    • Create packages and proposals and onboard new clients based on your new digital marketing skill set.
  • Module 9: AI Tools for Marketing Assistants
    • Must-Know AI marketing tools
    • Understand AI prompts, outputs, and messaging
    • Impress prospects and clients with your efficiency and ability to recommend programs.

Who is the instructor of this course?

Source: LinkedIn

Emily Reagan, the Unicorn Digital Marketing Course instructor, has an MBA and a background in broadcast journalism and electronic media. Over the years, she has developed her communication and public relations skills.

Her extensive work experience includes roles as a communications director, newspaper writer, editor, and audio-visual production specialist.

She holds certifications from reputable programs like Active Campaign, Amy Porterfield’s Digital Course Academy, Stu McLaren’s Membership Experience, and Google Analytics Academy.

She has worked with over 102 clients, helping them resolve digital marketing challenges, develop digital products, monetize their businesses with multiple revenue streams, and grow their audience and brand.

Her impressive portfolio includes collaborations with notable figures such as creativepreneur Jennifer Allwood, retailer coach Wendy Batten, and artist Tracey Bellion.

Furthermore, Emily is well-versed in various website platforms, email service providers, and customer relationship management systems, including WordPress (Elementor + Divi), Kajabi, ClickFunnels, Active Campaign, Convertkit, Ontraport, and Mailchimp.

With Emily’s guidance, students can expect to gain practical insights, technical proficiency, and strategic marketing know-how to succeed in today’s digital landscape.

Does the instructor offer more courses?


Does the course offer hands-on projects or assignments to reinforce learning?

The course content’s practical nature recommends that students apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios, reinforcing their learning effectively.

What are the prerequisites to study?

You must have the drive, confidence, and high-flier attitude, love challenges, and have the knowledge and wherewithal.

What does social media sentiment tell us?

Reviews highlight the course’s support in providing practical knowledge and valuable insights, leading to positive transformations in careers and business ventures.

Source: YouTube

The reviews on the course website feature numerous positive sentiments, emphasizing its transformative impact on individuals’ careers and businesses. 

Source: Emily Reagan

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a digital marketing course worth it?

Absolutely! A digital marketing course is definitely worth it. As businesses rely more on online channels to reach their target audience and drive growth, these courses become valuable assets. Whether you want to advance your career, switch industries, or start a business, a digital marketing course can provide the necessary expertise to succeed.

How hard is digital marketing?

Digital marketing can be challenging, but it’s not necessarily hard. Like any field, success in digital marketing requires dedication, continuous learning, and adaptability. With new technologies, platforms, and changing consumer behaviors, digital marketers require analytics and technical skills. The right mindset to learn leads to a rewarding and fulfilling career path.

How much does it cost to learn digital marketing?

The minimum cost to learn digital marketing typically starts at around $70 for entry-level courses or tutorials. However, more comprehensive courses or certifications may range from $250 to $3000, depending on the content depth, instructor support level, and additional resources provided.

Which digital marketing is best for beginners?

Digital Marketing Fundamental Course by Ovais Ahmad is the best for beginners entering the industry. It offers a comprehensive curriculum covering key concepts and practical tools like Google Ads, along with quizzes; it provides a solid foundation for those looking to transition into digital marketing.


Digital marketing is constantly evolving, and various courses, certifications, and programs are available to help individuals stay ahead of the curve. These courses offer a pathway for professionals to transition into the digital marketing field.

Our first and top-rated Digital Marketing Career Blueprint Full Training will help you learn skills demanded by employers and create strategies that win. Whereas the Digital Advertising & Marketing 101 course is best for beginners and intermediate professionals seeking to drive business growth.

Moreover, the Digital Marketing Mastery course will broaden your skill set and help you establish a strong brand presence in the digital world. The Digital Marketing Fundamental Course is a practical tool for beginners, providing foundational knowledge and practical tools.

Lastly, the Unicorn Digital Marketing Course is tailored for digital marketing assistants and entrepreneurs seeking to excel in the industry. Therefore, by leveraging these best digital marketing courses, you can now get equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the competitive world of digital marketing.