7 Best Data Science Bootcamps in 2023

Published: October 18, 2023

The data science industry has evolved and changed the blueprint of not only the IT industry but many different sectors as well. Long gone is that era where managers were required to dig into heaps of files manually and try and find actionable insights from raw data.

Now with data science in our view, all of this is behind us. We have specialized individuals with critical analytical skills that help derive tangible insights from data and introduce practical solutions using complicated algorithms.

With evolving trends, the data science sector is now valued at $96 billion, with a global market capitalization of $378 billion predicted by 2030. As a result, the average yearly pay for a person working in the data science industry is $145,000.

Given the characteristics of this industry, now is the time to invest in data science skills and begin your career in it.

We selected and studied the top 7 best data science bootcamps to help you launch your dream profession in data science and find your real calling.

Are you ready to maximize your abilities and excel? With the right data science skills, you can accomplish your dreams!

List of Top Notch Online Data Science Bootcamps

1. Data Science Online Bootcamp – allWomen
2. Data Science Bootcamp Online – BrainStation
3. Online Data Science Course – Clarusway
4. Live Online Data Analytics Course – Coding Temple
5. Data Science Program – Codeup
6. Data Science for All – Correlation One
7. Data Science Immersive Bootcamp – General Assembly

7 Best Data Science Bootcamps in Detail

1. Data Science Online Bootcamp – allWomen

Learn the best data science bootcamps online

When talking about data science bootcamp providers, allWomen is a notable name in the sector. Not only is their bootcamp a favorite among students, but we have also rated it highly. The program has a duration of 24 weeks and is priced at $7,400, which falls in the median range in the case of top data science bootcamps.

For women looking forward to starting their career in data science, this is literally the best bootcamp for them. Furthermore, as only females can participate or enroll in this, it provides a chance to connect with females with similar mindsets and aims in their professional life.

This bootcamp will teach you various topics, including programming with Python and supervised machine learning algorithms. SQL, along with probability and statistics, will also be covered in this bootcamp.

The instructors for this bootcamp have experience in different industries and work at some of the top-rated companies such as Typeform and Adevinta. Jovana Urosevic is the lead instructor for this bootcamp and is a senior computational linguist.

Student reviews highlight the career services and job placement facilities of this bootcamp. One student said,

“I attended the data science immersive bootcamp in 2021 and recommend it to anyone. The course taught me enough that I feel confident in applying for data science positions. The ladies in the course with me became my family, and now, almost a year later, we still chat frequently with each other. allWomen works hard to assist students in finding jobs after graduation. There are multiple hiring fairs, frequent webinars to help with resumes and LinkedIn profiles, and they often have events where we can network.”

We rate this bootcamp an 8.8/9.0 because of the course instructors’ activity in the industry and providing job placement services to students.

You can check out our blog here if you’re interested in learning more about online resources for programming languages such as Python and SQL.

2. Data Science Bootcamp Online – BrainStation

The best bootcamp for data science from Brain Station

Another name that comes up when talking about the best bootcamps for data science is Brain Station. Its Data Science Bootcamp spans 10 weeks and is priced at just $3,250. This price factor makes it accessible for students and young working professionals.

This data science bootcamp will take you up from the basics and give you advanced skills at the end of it. You will learn how to use SQL to manipulate data and perform data analysis, and you will also get command over communicating data insights using different visualization techniques and dashboards.

Sandy Carter, Tehmina Haider and  Jimmy Nguyen

The bootcamp has an illustrious pool of instructors, from Sandy Carter, the VP at Amazon Web Services, to Tehmina Haider, the Chief Growth Officer at Harry’s. Not only that, but they also have Jimmy Nguyen, who is a Senior Data Scientist at LinkedIn.

Students appreciate this program because of its instructors. One student said,

“The program was intensive but at the same time really exciting. I studied awesome skills. The educators were just brilliant! In addition, what is really important is that I have got confidence that I could achieve almost everything.”

We rate this bootcamp an 8.5/9.0 because of the price point and illustrious instructor profiles.

3. Online Data Science Course – Clarusway

Mid-high rated boot camp for data science

It is improbable that you are looking at data science bootcamp reviews, and Clarusway doesn’t appear in the Google search results. This bootcamp spans over 30 weeks and is priced at $13,800, which is in the mid-high range. It is suitable for individuals with at least 3 to 5 years in their careers to afford this price point.

We are sure that at the end of this bootcamp, you will have excellent command over data analysis with Python and data visualization. Not only that, but you will also be able to develop relational databases with the help of SQL.

Unfortunately, the instructor profiles aren’t available on the website, but the in-depth course outline speaks highly of this online data science bootcamp.

Students like this bootcamp for its hands-on and practical approach. One student remarked,

“I think it was a very successful bootcamp. Focusing on hands-on work and group work contributed a lot. Instructors and mentors were highly motivated. Their contributions to career management were invaluable.”

We rate this bootcamp an 8.1/9.0 because of the hands-on approach towards curriculum.

4. Live Online Data Analytics Course – Coding Temple

Learn about data analytics online

The Live Online Data Analytics Course at Coding Temple covers in-depth data science topics. It provides an enriching experience when it comes to relating analytics with data science.

Their bootcamp spans 8 weeks and is priced at $10,500. This price point makes it a good choice for professionals going up to team leads.

In this bootcamp, you will develop skills to handle SQL and RStudio. These tools will help you visualize and analyze data to bring actionable insights.

Instructor profiles for this bootcamp are not available on the website, but given the repute of Coding Temple in the industry, we trust this program’s credibility.

Students like this data science training for its job placement support. One student says,

“There are plenty of reviews about the quality of the course which I agree with 100%. However, what you really pay for is the support after you graduate the bootcamp.”

We rate this bootcamp an 8.8/9.0 because of the job placement support initiative.

5. Data Science Program – Codeup

Another good data science bootcamp offered by Codeup

Another good data science bootcamp is the Data Science Program offered by Codeup. This data science bootcamp lasts 22 weeks and is priced at a heavy tag of $27,500. Given the price of this data science program, we recommend it for managers and high-level professionals who are looking to enhance their skill sets to aid in a horizontal move.

The data science topics covered in the curriculum include clustering, time series analysis, and anomaly detection. Apart from this, you will also gain command over machine learning and deploy SQL and Python to help you learn storytelling with data visualization.

Profiles of instructors for this bootcamp are not available on the site, but given the reviews, expect nothing but excellent skills and knowledge from the individuals conducting the course.

Students like this bootcamp for the helping and supporting nature of the staff involved. One student review says,

“Previous to my experience at Codeup, I spent a year off and on looking for the right Data Science bootcamp where I could attend full time while also still supporting my family. I could not have asked or found a better program. Even from the initial onboarding experience, to the introduction and school-walkthrough, the coursework and also the career-finding process, I am so pleased with the support I received from this program.”

We rate this bootcamp an 8.5/9.0 because of the depth of the program curriculum.

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6. Data Science for All – Correlation One

 top-rated bootcamp

Data Science for All is one of the top-rated bootcamps conducted by Correlation One in the industry and field of data science. The program spans 13 weeks and comes with a zero price tag. IT IS TOTALLY FREE!

In this program, you will not only learn relational databases as well as data visualization but will also touch upon programming languages and machine learning.

The bootcamp is taught by elearning industry leaders and academics to assist participants in building a sense of belonging. Unfortunately, their profiles are unavailable, but the bootcamp reviews are excellent.

Students like this program because of its planned and smooth execution. One student review states,

“This course helped me change my professional life, allowing me to enter the world of data and be able to work as a BI analyst. With the help of the content, the scholars, and the teachers, I made it to the end and graduated with honors. It is a very complete program, extremely practical, and very well planned.”

We rate this bootcamp an 8.9/9.0 because of the reasonable program duration and cost factor.

7. Data Science Immersive – General Assembly

The Data Science Immersive bootcamp offered by General Assembly has a program duration of 12 weeks and is priced at $15,950. This program provides both a full-time and part-time option.

By the end of this bootcamp, you will have an exemplary skill set in exploratory data analysis, machine learning models, and data science fundamentals.

the instructors are available for re-explaining and questions

Instructor profiles for this data science bootcamp are among the best. Christoph Rahmede, Riley Dallas, and Matt Brems are all experts in their fields, and they’ve helped launch careers and managed different data science ventures.

Students particularly appreciate this program because the instructors are available for re-explaining and questions. One student says,

“My experience at GA was extremely positive. I was very impressed with GA’s team knowledge, with their way of teaching and how the course was correctly structured and timely-measured. These guys really know what they are doing and working on it. Their resources and availability to help the students to understand re-explaining what as much as needed in order to make sure that the concepts are understood it’s something remarkable. If you are looking to give your first-deep-steps in Data Science, this must be one of the best places to take them.”

We rate this bootcamp at 7.8/9.0 because of the course structure.

Top 7 Data Science Bootcamps – Overview

Discover the most elite data science bootcamps! Our comprehensive selection of top-notch programs is based on student assessments and expert analysis. Unlock your potential with one of these renowned opportunities in data science today! Our comprehensive evaluation considers time and cost, bringing you one step forward in advancing your profession with data science expertise.

S.noNameStudent RatingIOL RatingDurationPrice
1.allWomen4.9/5.08.8/9.024 Weeks$7,400
2.BrainStation4.7/5.08.5/9.010 Weeks$3,250
3.ClarusWay4.5/5.08.1/9.030 Weeks$13,800
4.Coding Temple4.9/5.08.8/9.08 Weeks$10,500
5.Codeup4.7/5.08.5/9.022 Weeks$27,500
6.Correlation One4.9/5.08.9/9.013 WeeksFree
7.General Assembly4.3/5.07.8/9.012 Weeks$15,950

Ranking Criteria for These Data Science Bootcamps

Are you anxious about selecting a data science bootcamp? Don’t be concerned! We’ve done the homework for you and examined all your requirements so you can make a knowledgeable selection. So, take a step back, relax, and allow us to be your personal mentors.

We considered the following elements while selecting the finest data science bootcamps for you:

  • Student Rankings
  • Length and Time
  • Course Curriculum
  • Schedule
  • Payment and Cost
  • Instructor Credibility

We gave each bootcamp a worthy score after thoroughly evaluating it under our rigorous standards.

Tips to Select the Right Data Science Bootcamp

Let’s look at some pointers to help you choose the best data science bootcamp. After all, you don’t want to invest all this time and money to discover that your choice isn’t a good fit for your skills, experience, and aim.

  • Examine the course content and outcomes. It should be in line with your aim.
  • To determine your match, consider program duration and learning methods.
  • When choosing a bootcamp, do consider your finances.
  • Prefer the bootcamps that provide official completion certificates.

Best Bootcamps Other Than Data Science Bootcamps

Best Data Science Bootcamps - FAQs

Is a Data Science bootcamp worth it?

If you are passionate about data science, then a data science bootcamp is worth it as it will help you enter the industry and work towards your dream profession.

How much do Data Science bootcamps cost?

The costs for data science bootcamps vary, but the average price for such a program is $13,800.

What is a data scientist's salary?

The average salary for a data scientist in the USA is $145,000 per annum.

What jobs can you get after completing a data science course?

After completing a data science course, you can work as a data scientist, data analyst, data engineer, or business intelligence analyst, to name a few.


As we are through the list of the best data science bootcamps in detail, you can now reflect on all the information presented in this writeup and decide which is the right data science bootcamp for you and your career goals.

Correlation One’s bootcamp is the best as per our ranking. It is not only free, but its professors come from a variety of backgrounds. They provide significant insights not only into data science but also into our world’s social fabric.

We are so excited for you to make the correct decision for yourself and embark on a magnificent and distinguished career in data science!

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