5 Best Data Analytics Bootcamps to Learn from Online 

Published: November 13, 2023

With the data analytics sector projected to grow by 30.7% by 2030, the demand and opportunities in this industry are growing side by side. With the average salary of a data analyst coming out to be $70,576, professionals are looking for opportunities to become a data analyst or data analytics experts. 

This is why a top-rated data analytics bootcamp can provide you with a straight path to becoming successful a data analyst. So, what exactly is excellent quality? Which are the best data analytics bootcamps available right now?

It might feel like a difficult search, to begin with, while looking for the appropriate bootcamp. With so many alternatives accessible and some relatively strong promises being made, it can be difficult to distinguish those that are genuinely worth considering.

We’ve compiled a curated list of what we consider to be the best data analytics bootcamps, aimed at assisting you in your search. Our selection is meticulously chosen, backed by extensive market research, and covers various price ranges, durations, and study modes. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve also highlighted the standout features of each bootcamp.

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So, what are you waiting for? Let’s begin this insightful voyage right away!

A Quick Overview of the 5 Top Data Analytics Bootcamps to Learn From In 2023

  1. Data Analytics Bootcamp – Thinkful
  2. Online Data Analytics Bootcamp – Fullstack Academy
  3. Data Analytics Bootcamp – Ironhack
  4. Data Analytics Bootcamp – Springboard
  5. Online Data Analytics Bootcamp- Berkeley

5 Top Notch Data Analytics Bootcamps Available On The Internet

For a detailed review, let us look at these best data analytics bootcamps. Here, using our grading technique, we will investigate each bootcamp. These bootcamps analyses are listed in no particular order.

1. Data Analytics Bootcamp – Thinkful

This data analytics bootcamp offered by thankful always makes a list. The duration of this online data analytics bootcamp varies between 4 to 6 months depending on your learning option, as flexible payment options offer both full-time and part-time opportunities.

If you opt for the full-time study plan in which you will learn with a cohort supported by learning assistance, then you must pay a fee of $13,475.The duration for this option is 4 months

The part-time option allows you to have a flexible study schedule at your own self-pace but does not come with 24/7 learning assistance as such and has a maximum duration of 6 months. The cost of the part-time option is $8,240.

This online data analytics bootcamp includes career support and a mentorship program to help graduates secure jobs and navigate the industry.

By the end of this bootcamp, you’ll have complete command over the usage of data analytics in modern business practices and how you can take a deeper approach towards data analytics and visualization with the help of Python and Statistics. You’ll also know how SQL and Python can be used in relevance to different databases and informational needs.

Therefore we recommend you check out the best Python courses to supplement the skill-learning process in this best data analytics bootcamp.

top instructors for data nalytics

The bootcamp is led by different teachers and experts. Thinkful has a credible panel of faculty. These include Alina VerbenchukAlisha Evans, and Arun Nair. Alina has worked for the top giants in the industry, whether it is YouTube or Google.

Alisha is a software developer who has worked for the industry’s biggest and most professional names. While Arun holds a Master’s degree in Engineering Management and has worked with EY and PwC, the leading accounting firms in the world.

Student reviews for this program are excellent. One that caught our eye says,

“My mentor and everyone else on staff has been helpful. They are focused on the learning and retention of the subject matter.”

Our rating for this bootcamp is 8.8/9.0 based on the faculty profile and student feedback. Check out this bootcamp immediately if you want to enjoy a flexible approach to learning data analytics online!

2. Online Data Analytics Bootcamp – Fullstack Academy

best data analytics bootcamps for beginners

One of the best data analytics bootcamps for beginners is offered by Fullstack Academy. The bootcamp lasts 10 to 26 weeks, and the price tag is $13,495.

In this bootcamp, you will cover all the relevant fundamentals of data analytics, including data visualization, the use of excel, and how to present data insights. In addition, you will learn firsthand skills with SQL and Tableau. The fact that AWS and relevant analysis tools are also taught.

Check out the best SQL courses before enrolling in this bootcamp, as it will help you get the relevant skills to use SQL for data analysis and visualization.

In these online bootcamps, you will also get career support from resume building, job placement, and even negotiating offers.

Student reviews highlight the same factor repetitively. For example, one review says,

“The career success team is prepared not just to help you find any high paying job, but a job that matches your interests that you will find professionally fulfilling and that will lead to long term career growth. I think that this is unique among bootcamps. Lots of bootcamps have some form of demo day, hiring day, or TAs that give job application advice, but none that I’ve seen have the professional level of career support that I’ve seen at Fullstack Academy.”

Unfortunately, faculty profiles are unavailable on the website, but given the platform’s repute, we can assure you of quality teaching and methodology.

Based on the curriculum content, our rating for this bootcamp is 8.7/9.0. Check out this bootcamp immediately if you want to learn and secure amazing career guidance and services!

3. Data Analytics Bootcamp – Ironhack

data analytics bootcamp offered by Ironhack

The next data analytics bootcamp that we will talk about is offered by Ironhack. This bootcamp has the option of a full-time schedule that can be completed in 9 weeks and a part-time learning schedule that is 24 weeks long. In addition, this bootcamp comes with flexible payment options, which include an upfront fee payment option of $12,000.

In this bootcamp, you would be taught all the basics of data analytics and how to use visualization in different streams of business and management, and engineering. You will also cover the command line essentials, Git, Python, MySQL, and statistical analysis. Programing would also be taught with a focus on the major languages. 

Do check out the best online programming courses to enhance your command over various data analytics techniques and tools. This will also help you enjoy improved learning outcomes from this particular bootcamp.

They also offer career services to this enrolled student named Careerhack. They help students identify their true potential and ideal job placements based on their skills.

Jan Molendijk and Ignacio Soteras profile

Jan Molendijk and Ignacio Soteras are the instructors for this bootcamp. Jan holds a Master’s in computer science and mathematics and has worked in various roles, from data administrator to IT consultant and CTO. While Ignacio holds a doctorate in computational chemistry and finds his passion in data analytics and teaching.

Student reviews about the bootcamp are excellent. One review states,

“Ironhack helped me a lot during my career transition; the material, methodology, and teachers were amazing. I was a person who knew absolutely nothing about data analysis and finished the bootcamp knowing Python, SQL, and Tableau. 2 months after my graduation, I got a job as a Data Analyst and could not be happier.”

Our rating for this bootcamp is 8.6/9.0 based on the teaching methodology. Enroll in this bootcamp immediately if you want to learn different uses of programming languages for data analysis!

4. Data Analytics Bootcamp – Springboard

top data analytics bootcamps offered by Springboard

The next one of these top data analytics bootcamps that we will cover is offered by Springboard in partnership with Microsoft. The program lasts 6 months and comes with a price tag of $11,300. One of the most impressive bits about this bootcamp is its career coach facility and job guarantee, something that we will discuss a bit ahead.

The 400-hour bootcamp includes videos, essays, hands-on projects, and career-related education. If you study 15-20 hours per week, you should be able to finish it in 6 months, or you may spend more time completing sooner.

This bootcamp will teach you how to frame organized thinking, analyze business challenges, and connect data using SQL. You will also learn how to visualize data with Python and communicate your findings.

The career coach facility and job guarantee that this program offers are one of a kind. The career coach will stay in touch with you for six months after you graduate from this bootcamp and will guide you in every aspect of career building, from making your resume to completing your job offer negotiation. And in these 6 months, they offer a full refund if you still need to land a job.

Unfortunately, the faculty profile for this bootcamp is not available on the website, but given the repute of the program, we assure you of its high-quality teaching framework methodology.

Our rating for this bootcamp is 8.9/9.0 based on the curriculum, career services, and teaching methodology. Check this bootcamp immediately if you want to learn data analytics in a Microsoft partnered bootcamp!

6. Online Data Analytics Bootcamp – Berkeley

affordable data analytics bootcamp

The last data analytics bootcamp we will cover is offered by the University of Berkeley via their Berkeley Extension program. The program lasts 24 weeks and has a price tag of $9,995

In this bootcamp, you will learn relevant tools and technologies, including Intermediate Excel, Python, Java, HTML5/CSS, API Interactions, SQL, Tableau, Fundamental Statistics, Machine Learning, Git/GitHub, and other concepts covering the basics of data analytics.

The projects given in this bootcamp are based on real-world datasets from various industry data fields like Financial Services, Human Resources, Government, and Healthcare. 

The bootcamp is accompanied by career services. Working with their career support team will give you direct access to resources, events, career pathing support, and their network of 260+ employer partners who love to hire bootcamp graduates.

The best faculty teach the program at Berkeley, but unfortunately, their profiles are not listed on the online learning platforms. However, the student reviews are excellent about the faculty, and given the university’s repute, we expect nothing but excellence.

 One student review says,

“I chose to attend because I couldn’t have gotten these kind of jobs before — I couldn’t get into interview rooms without a degree or certificate of some kind. The program helped me advance in my career.”

Our rating for this bootcamp is 8.5/9.0 based on the curriculum and career support services. So enroll in this bootcamp right away if you want to learn data analytics from a top-rated university!

Factors To Consider When Choosing the Best Data Analytics Bootcamp

Let us highlight the varied factors and characteristics we have explored for choosing these best online data analytics bootcamps:

  1. Instructor Experience: What is the instructor’s skill set, and how long have they been in the industry or the academic sector?
  2. Instructor Qualification: Degrees, courses, and certifications the bootcamp instructor holds.
  3. Cost: What is the price/cost of the bootcamp, and does it offer a free trial or flexible payment option?
  4. Curriculum: The topics, tools, and projects that will be covered and taught in the bootcamp.
  5. Learning Objectives: What will you be able to achieve by the end of this bootcamp, and how well does that align with your professional aims as well?
  6. Flexibility: What kind of scheduling ease does the bootcamp provide, especially regarding time duration and class timings?
  7. Job Guarantee: Does the bootcamp provides any job guarantee or career support?
  8. Reviews/Reputation: What do already enrolled and graduated students say about the bootcamp, and how well do they rate them?

After analyzing the bootcamps based on these factors, we have assigned a particular rating to each bootcamp. Therefore, consider reviewing these online learning tips after enrolling in one of these data analytics bootcamps. These will help you make the most of these best bootcamps in data analytics.

Best Data Analytics Bootcamps - FAQs

Are Data Analytics Bootcamps Worth It?

Yes. Data analytics bootcamps are now the quickest option to get industry-ready skills. Considering the skills shortage, a bootcamp will make launching a profession in data analytics simpler. Furthermore, the best online data analytics bootcamps provide employment assurances, reducing the risks associated with financing them.

Which Is the Best Data Analytics Bootcamp? 

The best data analytics bootcamp is “Data Analytics Bootcamp – Springboard,” listed at seq.4 in this write-up.

How Long Will It Take Complete a Data Analytics Bootcamp?

A data analytics bootcamp usually takes 4 to 6 months to complete.

How Much Does Data Analytics Bootcamp Cost? 

On average, data analytics bootcamp costs around $11,727 per enrollment.

What Skills Will You Learn After Completing the Data Analytics Bootcamps?

You will learn the following skills from a data analytics bootcamp:

Data Visualization
Data Security
Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence

Do Companies Hire Data Analytics Bootcamp Graduates? 

Companies prefer college-educated data analysts, but technology workers who finish data analytics bootcamps rather than having data science or analytics degrees can also be viable job applicants based on their skill sets and professional profiles.


We assessed the attributes of the best data analytics bootcamps; now, you can use the knowledge in this blog to determine which bootcamp is best for you and your professional objectives.

According to our study, “Data Analytics Bootcamp – Springboard” provides the best approach to skills, primarily based on the curriculum substance and career support. But before deciding, compare your needs to these online data analytics bootcamps and choose the one that best meets your needs and skills.

We wish you the best of luck in your online learning journey!