7 Best Cloud Computing Bootcamps to Learn Online

Published: October 18, 2023

Data storage is rapidly evolving, giving way to the cloud computing industry. Gone are the days of bulky on-site servers and backups that require millions of dollars in capital investment – these infrastructure costs have been replaced with virtually limitless access to data stored remotely via clouds.

With changing trends, the cloud computing industry is currently valued at $546 billion and is expected to double by 2027 and reach a total market capitalization of $1,241 billion. As a result, the average salary of an individual operating in the cloud computing industry is $120,000 annually.

Given the dynamics of this sector, this is the right time for you to invest in cloud computing skills and start your career in it.

To help you launch your dream job in cloud computing and reach your true calling, we have picked and analyzed the top 7 best cloud computing bootcamps.

List of Top Notch Online Cloud Computing Bootcamps

  1. Data Science Bootcamps – Le Wagon
  2. Back End, SQL, and DevOps with Python — NuCamp
  3. AWS Solutions Architect Certification Bootcamps– Simplilearn
  4. Cloud DevOps Engineer – Udacity
  5. Data Science Bootcamps for All – Correlation One
  6. AWS Solutions Architect Bootcamps – Clarusway
  7. Advanced Software Development Bootcamp for ASP.NET Core – Code Fellows

Details of 7 Best Cloud Computing Bootcamps

1. Data Science Bootcamps – Le Wagon

best  cloud computing BootCamp for beginners

When discussing cloud computing BootCamp for beginners, Le Wagon is the first name that comes to mind. Not only is their cloud computing bootcamp loved by students, but we have also rated it very highly. The duration is flexible, going from 9 weeks to 24 weeks, but it is slightly costly at $8400.

In this boot camp, you will cover many topics, including learning mechanisms relevant to cloud design and being able to design a cloud-hosting data center all on your own.

This cloud computing bootcamp is taught by skilled instructors with experience in this field. Unfortunately, their profiles are unavailable on the site, but given the student rating and reviews, we are sure of their skill set.

Student reviews also highlight the employability factors of this bootcamp. One student said:

“For the last 19 years, I worked solely as an aircraft technician. However, with the crisis in aviation, I decided it was time to change my career. I chose Le Wagon, which was the best decision to get a new skill set and enter tech.”

We rate this bootcamp as 8.8/9.0 due to its schedule flexibility and the course instructors being active in the industry.

2. Back End, SQL, and DevOps with Python — NuCamp

If you want to build on your cloud computing skills and learn programming languages along the way, this bootcamp is the one for you.

This program is spread across 16 weeks and costs just $1,925! Given the other options in the industry, this is a perfect choice for students due to its lower price point.

At the end of this bootcamp, you will undoubtedly have excellent command over data algorithms and cloud computing fundamentals alongside expertise in AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

Unfortunately, the instructor profile isn’t available on the website, but the affluent course content speaks highly of this online cloud computing training.

Students of this online cloud computing bootcamp have great things to say, such as,

“I’ve tried other boot camps, and NuCamp is by far the best. I like that the instructors are currently working in the field they teach. The end-of-week assignments can be challenging, especially if you tackle the bonus tasks, which is great for learning!”

We rate this bootcamp an 8.6/9.0. Our rating is based on its attractive price point and quality course content.

If you’re genuinely passionate about programming, we’re sure you’d love our lineup of the best programming language courses.

3.  AWS Solutions Architect Certification Bootcamps– Simplilearn

 introductory bootcamp for cloud computing

If you desire a hands-on career in cloud computing, then this cloud computing BootCamp offered by Simplilearn is the way to go. This is one of the introductory courses they provide in cloud computing as a bootcamp. It comes with the flexibility of up to 3 months, and the cost is totally out of this world at $299.

Yes, you read it right, $299!

If you’re thinking of getting the relevant cloud computing skills through verified cloud computing study resources and on a limited budget, then this is the right choice. Here you will learn about cloud databases, VPC networking, and content delivery.

course advisor for cloud computing bootcamp

Marc Weaver is the course advisor. He owns a Cloud Based Solutions firm. He has over 15 years of experience in the professional industry and is an AWS Architect himself.

Students love the course horizon and overall experience. We believe this review accurately sums up the course’s learning experience:

“Simplilearn indeed has given me a purpose in the tech world. After going through all these live classes, and the self-learning videos, I can say I am a bit grounded, especially working with real-life world projects.The contents and scope of the study were broad and covers a large spectrum of the course.”

We rate this bootcamp at 8.1/9.0 based on its pricing.

4. Cloud DevOps Engineer – Udacity

 learn cloud computing skills right down from the basics

If you want to learn cloud computing skills right down from the basics, then this bootcamp is the right choice.

Spanning across a duration of 4 months and offering flexible payment options starting from $399 per month and going up to $1,436 for the whole program, this bootcamp is definitely worth checking out.

Ready for a challenge? In just 4 months, you’ll have the experience and expertise to deploy Infrastructures such as Code (IAC) and Microservices at Scale using Kubernetes. Impress your colleagues by creating clusters like an expert, starting with nothing more than basic cloud computing knowledge!

most robust instructor pools in the sector

The bootcamp has one of the most robust instructor pools in the sector. For example, Kesha Williams, an instructor, has over 20 years of experience in software solutions and is an engineering manager at a leading fast-food chain. She is leading by innovation in cloud services.

The reviews for this bootcamp are great too. An alumnus of this bootcamp states, “As a graduate of a University Bachelor’s Computer Science degree, many of the concepts explained so far (that is, 2. Cloud Fundamentals) are already familiar to me. That is not to say this is discouraging: I like how the program introduces me in a way I can relate to my past learning. Based on the projects in upcoming lessons, I believe this program will go beyond my current knowledge.”

We rate this online cloud computing bootcamp at 8.5/9.0. Our rating is based on its flexible payment options and varied instructor pool.

5. Data Science Bootcamps for All – Correlation One

Learn to garner exceptional cloud computing skills online

Correlation One is revolutionizing the way people learn to build their cloud computing skills with its innovative skill bootcamps. By providing an engaging and effective learning platform, Correlation One has become a game-changer for those looking to gain in-demand tech knowledge.

As a social enterprise, its cloud computing program is free of cost with a flexible schedule of 13 weeks.

Over the next 13 weeks, you will garner exceptional cloud computing skills to help you kickstart your cloud computing career. For example, they teach you how to deploy a cloud data center and be able to learn different programming languages along with practical usage of Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

Industry experts and individuals from academia teach the program to help develop a sense of belonging for the participant community. Unfortunately, their profiles are not accessible, but the program reviews speak excellently of them.

Students love the program; as one of them says,

Academic programs are awesome, but not only is this point is good, I give them 5/5, all teachers, infrastructure, TA and program are excellent. This program helps you to get better analysis about everything.”

We rate this bootcamp for cloud computing at 8.9/9.0 because the free course focuses on building the community.

6. AWS Solutions Architect Bootcamps – Clarusway

CloudFront to Computer Network Basics and AWS Security

Clarusway is known for its applied programs with an efficient curriculum approach. In this online cloud computing bootcamp, you will learn cloud computing skills and how to use them practically. This program has a flexible schedule for a month to 6-months, but it costs a little bit on the higher end at $6500. Hence, we recommend it for mid-level managers.

From CloudFront to Computer Network Basics and AWS Security (WAF), you will cover everything you need to know to kickstart your cloud computing career in this bootcamp. Students at this institution benefit from highly experienced mentors and excellent networking capabilities because their instructors come straight out of the industry.

Despite being unable to view the instructors’ profiles online, market buzz and program reviews glowingly attest to their superb caliber.

A current student of the program comments,

“Although I have started from scratch in the IT field,  I am deeply satisfied to be a student in the Clarusway family. After gaining theoretical knowledge in the first module, we are now experiencing practical skills in the second module.”

We rate this bootcamp an 8.9/9.0. This rating is based on the depth of the curriculum and its practical approach.

7. Advanced Software Development in ASP.NET Core – Code Fellows

advanced level of cloud computing in both theoretical and practical sense

Code Fellows offer one of the most enriching cloud computing bootcamps in the industry, but it is also one of the most extensive and expensive, spanning over 23 weeks in duration and priced at $12000. This is precisely why we suggest this program be undertaken by individuals who already have a command over the fundamentals of cloud computing and are just waiting for a push in their cloud computing careers.

What you will learn in this course is the advanced level of cloud computing in both theoretical and practical sense. In addition, you will master distinct and sophisticated architectural layers and Hadoop Layers.

All of these, along with other critical concepts, will be taught to you by the best instructors in the industry. The instructors at this school are highly praised for their teaching excellence – but who exactly is behind the curriculum? Unfortunately, their bios remain a mystery as they are nowhere to be found on the website.

Student reviews are excellent for this cloud computing bootcamp. Here’s what one student had to say about it:

This Bootcamp touches on everything relevant in the industry today. Incorporating technologies and tools to keep you sharp while looking for a position when you complete it. You have lots of space, opportunities to grow and lots of support from peers, teaching assistants, and teachers. Everyone wants to see you learn and succeed. A very welcoming environment.’’

We would rate this bootcamp an 8.1/9.0. Our rating is based on instructor reviews and quality teaching environments.

Top 7 Cloud Computing Bootcamps – Overview 

Struggling to find your ideal cloud computing bootcamp? Leave it to us! We have compiled a comprehensive list of the top programs based on student feedback and expert opinion. Our in-depth assessment also considers duration and price, helping you get one step closer to boosting your career with cloud computing skills.

S.noNameStudent RatingIOL RatingDurationPrice
1.Le Wagon4.9/5.08.8/9.09 Weeks to 24 Weeks$8400
2.NuCamp4.8/5.08.6/9.016 Weeks$1925
3.Simplilearn4.5/5.08.1/9.03 Months$299
4.Udacity4.7/5.08.5/9.04 Months$399 – $1436
5.Correlation One4.9/5.08.9/9.013 WeeksFree
6.Clarusway4.9/5.08.9/9.03 Months to 6 Months$6500
7.Code Fellows4.5/5.08.1/9.023 Weeks$12000

Ranking Criteria for These Cloud Computing Bootcamps

Feeling overwhelmed by the cloud computing bootcamp selection process? Don’t fret! We’ve taken some of the guesswork out for you and considered all your needs so that you can make an informed decision. It’s time to take a deep breath, relax, and let us be your guide on this exciting journey.

Some of the factors we took into consideration when shortlisting the best cloud computing bootcamps for you include:

  • Student Feedback
  • Fees and Costs
  • Length and Duration
  • Instructor Profiles
  • Course Curriculum
  • Schedule

After carefully assessing each bootcamp against our strict criteria, we bestowed every course with a deserving rating.

Tips to Select the Right Cloud Computing Bootcamp

Let us now look at some eLearning tips you must utilize to select the right cloud computing bootcamp for yourself. After all,  you don’t want to put in all this effort in terms of time and money and then realize that your selection is not the right match for your skill set and objective.

  • Look at the course curriculum and outcomes. It should align with your goal.
  • Focus on program duration and learning methodology to analyze your fit.
  • Explore the bootcamps that offer official completion certificates.
  • Always keep your budget in mind when making a choice.

Boot Camps Other Than Cloud Computing


Now that we have gone through the list and details of the best cloud computing bootcamps available, you can reflect and analyze and then eventually decide which of these is the right one for you.

Our top suggestion would be the one offered by Correlation One because of the cost factor. Not only is it budget-friendly, but its instructors have diverse backgrounds that can offer valuable insights not just about technology but also about the world we live in today.

We cannot wait for you to make the right choice for yourself and take the first step towards a fantastic and illustrious career in the cloud computing sector!

If you decide to pursue a formal college degree online in cloud computing instead of a bootcamp, we suggest you check out our blog on the best and most affordable online colleges.