9 Best Business Management Courses

Published: October 19, 2023

Are you a present or prospective manager wanting to hone your business management skills?

Interested in obtaining qualifications related to business management but unsure where to begin preparing for them?

Best business management courses are a terrific approach to acquiring knowledge in any business domain, and business management courses are no exception in this regard.


With a plethora of courses available for purchase on various platforms, each with its own set of learning resources, specs, and teaching styles, knowing which ones are the perfect fit for you can be a tough nut to crack.


To help save you time and make an informed decision, we did the legwork for you by thoroughly analyzing multiple courses and ultimately short-listed the top 9 business and management courses on the internet.       

All recommended online courses for business management have been reviewed based on the following factors:

  • Who is it for Beginner, intermediate, advanced
  • The depth of the course covered
  • Number of videos and the total time duration of the course
  • Pricing
  • Reviews
  • Number of enrolled students

Learning about business management enables you to understand and develop business management skills. It is a critical skill that businesses require in order to stay afloat. 

Eager to discover the 9 best online business management courses?

Let’s get started.

List of 9 Best Online Business Management Courses

Here’s a sneak peek at our top 9 online courses for business administration:

  1. Business Fundamentals: Management and HR Management – Udemy – Beginners
  2. Practical Business Management: Strategy Business Game – Udemy – Intermediate
  3. Online Business Management – Udemy – Beginners
  4. Fundamentals of Management – Coursera – Beginners
  5. Strategic Management: Be competitive – Coursera – Beginners
  6. Strategic Leadership and Management Capstone – Coursera – All levels
  7. Management Foundations – LinkedIn – Beginners
  8. Strategic Management – edX – Beginners
  9. Strategy: Essentials for Management, Consulting, and Startup Success – Skillshare – Intermediate

If you’re short on time, we recommend considering courses 4 and 5 because they provide the most in-depth knowledge and practical learning experience.

Business Management Courses In Detail

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the 9 best business management courses that we’ve shortlisted for you:

1. Business Fundamentals: Management and HR Management – Udemy

business administration course online

For beginners who are just stepping into their professional lives, this online business management course, namely Business Fundamentals: Management and HR Management, is the perfect fit. 3,517 students are currently enrolled in this course.

Through this course, offered by 365 careers on Udemy, you will learn the basics of business and marketing, crucial to becoming a successful manager and running your own business.

With a pricing of $84.99, the course comprises 1.5-hour of on-demand video and offers lifetime access to the entire content, including 27 lectures and 3 downloadable resources.

By the end of this course, you will be equipped with all of the fundamentals you need to get started on the path to managerial success, such as:

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Business Strategy
  • Management and Leadership

Having a star rating of 4.6 out of 5.0, this course holds many positive reviews by the students, one of which is:

It helped me understand an overall background of managers fundamentals and processes to follow which I will benefit from when applying for my next career.”

We would rate this course 8.5/9.0.

2. Practical Business Management: Strategy Business Game – Udemy

online course for business administration

There is nothing wrong with having a little fun as you learn, and this course does just that. Taking Practical Business Management: Strategy Business Game course that incorporates game-based learning will change your perspective on online business management courses.

Intended for people who have already learned the fundamentals of financial analysis and business management, this intermediate-level course by Udemy will enable you to hone your management abilities by putting them to the test in a simulated market.

With 15 lectures compressed into an hour-long on-demand video and 11 downloadable resources, this business management course will give you a deeper understanding of the essential concepts that top-notch managers constantly apply in their lives.

What’s more is that though it is a bit pricey with a cost of $84.99, you can get a refund within 30 days of enrolling if you are not satisfied with the course for any reason. It seems like the best deal, right?

With 86 students enrolled in this course, giving it a rating of 4.2 out of 5.0, their reviews suggest that this course helps them learn the content through exciting game-based learning and in-depth explanations.

We would score it 8.5/9.0.

3. Online Business Management – Udemy

online business administration courses

Next up, we have another beginner-level business management course online available on Udemy.

With a 4.3 out of 5.0 rating given by 5,996 enrolled students, the Online Business Management crash course teaches you to efficiently manage your online business and run it smoothly to achieve the best possible outcomes. 

Short but sweet, this course is delivered via 35 min of on-demand video in which you will be guided through the following three lessons, divided into nine lectures:

  • Introduction
  • Overview: Maximize your efficiency with online business management
  • Conclusion

The course costs $84.99 and offers you lifetime access to all the three downloadable resources, 9 video lectures, and a certificate of completion when you finish it.

Talking about the reviews, most students praised that the course provides information about business management that is easy to understand and apply. At the same time, some took a dim view of the content that it is too basic to learn anything useful.

We would give it a rating of 7.0/9.0.

4. Fundamentals of Management – Coursera

online training for business management

A 4-week long online business management course, facilitated by University of California’s instructor Dave Nagy at Coursera, is specifically designed for beginners who are just about to start their professional careers or are newcomers within their company.

Taught through a series of 20 short video lectures, the Fundamentals of Management course will help you gain thorough knowledge about the management’s fundamental principles and theories while delving into the operational roles of managers in various corporations.

Taking around 7 hours to complete, this course is broken down into four modules, and each module concludes with a practice quiz that assesses your knowledge.

By the end of this course, you will be able to implement the SMART goal-setting method to achieve your objectives, understand the significance of network-building, and develop the required skills needed to become a successful manager.

With 122,309 enrolled students, this course has an excellent rating of 4.6 stars out of 5.0. Just check out this glowing review shared by one of the students:

Great for people that, like me, do not have a management background but maybe end up dealing with this type of position. Good guidelines, simple but complete and using understandable examples.

You can either apply for financial aid or audit the course to access it for free. Or, you can purchase it for $69 on a monthly subscription.

We would rate it 9.0/9.0.

5. Strategic management: Be competitive – Coursera

online classes for business management

By joining 7,074 students in this popular beginner-level business management course on Coursera, you will learn about the core principles of marketing, strategy, co-creation, and how to implement them in your business.   

Spanning over 6 modules and 23 video lectures that take approximately 21 hours to complete, the course will help enhance your strategic thinking abilities and company competitiveness and teach you to lead your business on a successful strategic path.

Ultimately, you will walk away comprehending how to consistently plan, supervise, scrutinize, and evaluate everything required to achieve your company’s goals and objectives.

Boasting a tremendous star rating of 4.8 out of 5.0, the worth of this course can be judged through this review:

Excellent course about strategic management. You will have all the information you need in this course, one of the best I studied in this domain. A must-have for any manager.”

You can purchase it for $49 on a monthly subscription or audit it to access it for free.

We would give it a rating of 9.0/9.0.

6. Strategic Leadership and Management Capstone – Coursera

best courses for small business owners

Suitable for all-level learners, this course is a component of the University of Illinois’s iMBA program, which is a flexible, fully-accredited online MBA degree.

This online business management course is actually one of the courses from Strategic Leadership and Management Specialization, which contains seven courses in total – including this one.

In this 6-week-long course, you will implement your knowledge in a real-world business scenario with collaboration from one or more key companies.

Comprising 6 modules condensed into 18 video lectures, 26 readings, and 8 quizzes, this course takes around 11 hours to be completed.

With 9, enroll422ed students rating it 4.8 out of 5.0, the reviews are incredibly positive for this course, praising the course content and appreciating the supporting videos, presentations, pdf files, and materials given to test their comprehension level.

The only con of this course is that you can only access it if you have taken other 1-6 courses in the Strategic Leadership and Management Specialization, which you can purchase for $49 on a monthly subscription or audit it to get enrolled for free.

We would rate it 8.5/9.0.

7. Management Foundations – LinkedIn

Short courses in business management

Next, we have another great course for you. Within only 46 minutes, this business management course will teach you the essentials to becoming a successful manager who your coworkers will look up to and admire.

Intended for beginners, the Management Foundations course will teach you how to choose the appropriate management style for you and your company, allocate duties, deal with performance issues, and settle disputes.

Presented in a series of 21 recorded video lectures, this course will also explain how to manage your time effectively and assist your team members in accomplishing their performance goals.

Liked by 2,424 users, this course has a star rating of 4.7 out of 5.0, with reviews highlighting that the course is great and explains the content clearly. 

You can either enroll in this course for free with a one-month LinkedIn trial membership or purchase it for $26.59 to get lifetime access to the entire course material.

We would rate it 7.0/9.0.

8. Strategic Management – edX

online courses for starting a business

Suitable for beginners, this online business management course will pull back the curtain on what it takes for a manager or CEO to put a business plan together that involves researching the market and gaining an advantage over competitors.

The penultimate course on this list includes five lessons which will take five weeks to complete if you spend 3-5 hours each week learning.

With 84,732 enrolled students, you can avail of this course in two ways. One is to get the free audit track, which provides you with the course material for a limited time without any certification. The second is to get the paid verified track for $150.

Sadly, we couldn’t find reviews for this course – nevertheless, based on the number of students enrolled and course content, we believe it will be fantastic for you.

We would give it a score of 6.5/9.0.

9. Strategy: Essentials for Management, Consulting, and Startup Success – Skillshare

online business admin training programs

Want to hone your strategic decision-making skills? Then this is the right course for you.

Through the lessons in this online course for business management, you will learn about the history and origins of strategy and how to think like a strategist.

With over 7.4K enrolled students, this course consists of 27 video lectures that take 1 hour and 59 mins to complete.

The rating of this course exhibits that 52% of the students are satisfied with it and the class exceeds their expectations. 

The reviews for this course are amazing – one specific student stated:

Very interesting and insightful class which covers all bases of strategy and really invites students to think for themselves. More case studies and depth would have been helpful, though the course already exceeded my expectations.”

You can enroll in this course for free with a seven-day Skillshare trial membership. When the free trial ends, you will have to pay $2.49 per month.

We would rate it 6.0/9.0.

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Best Business Management Courses - FAQs

Is business management a good course?

Undoubtedly. Business management is a versatile course that can be utilized to meet many different requirements. With a wide range of applications, the business management course is suitable for both – those who are at some established position in a company and those who are just getting their feet wet.
Moreover, taking a business management course can be a worthwhile investment as it provides you with employment opportunities, higher salaries, and potential career growth.

What subjects do you study in business management?

You will study the following subject business management:

Human Resources Management
Information Technology
Computer Science
Business Ethics
Consumer behavior


Best Business management courses can provide you with the skills and knowledge to help you succeed in a variety of businesses and organizations. The coursework can also help you develop a better understanding of how businesses operate, how to manage people and resources, and how to make decisions that can improve the bottom line.

Taking online business courses equips you with the necessary skills and expertise to seek worldwide employment opportunities while also assisting you in gaining a comprehensive grasp of businesses and particular fields like marketing and finance.

If you are considering getting started, we recommend dipping your toes into courses 4 and 5.