5 Best Blockchain Bootcamps for 2024

Published: April 23, 2024

Key Takeaways

Our recommended bootcamp, the Blockchain Bootcamp by Lee Markham, stands out for its intensive yet beginner-friendly approach.

It is led by an expert who offers practical examples, interactive sessions, and invaluable guidance to maximize understanding and results in blockchain technology.

The blockchain industry is experiencing exponential growth, with increasing companies recognizing its potential and integrating it into their operations.

The blockchain market was valued at $12.3 billion in 2023. It is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 57% from 2023 to 2030.

Forecasts suggest that global blockchain technology revenues will experience massive growth in the coming years, with the market expected to climb to over US $39 billion by 2025.

With its potential to enhance transparency, security, and efficiency, blockchain drives innovation in various industries, including finance, healthcare, retail, and supply chain management.

As a result, there’s a growing demand for skilled professionals, from developers and engineers to project managers and consultants. There are diverse opportunities.

So whether you are a techie or not, a career in Blockchain is a new and exciting opportunity worth exploring.

In this post, we will discover the 5 best blockchain bootcamps to help you gain in-demand skills and knowledge to succeed.

List of the 5 Top Blockchain Bootcamps

Here’s the list of 5 top-rated blockchain bootcamps:

  1. Blockchain Bootcamp: One of the best online bootcamps with intensive, beginner-friendly training that will prepare learners to maximize their blockchain results, leveraging the instructor’s extensive experience in cryptocurrency. It has value, practical examples, interactive sessions, and guidance.
  2. Online Blockchain Developer Bootcamp: It is one of the best self-paced blockchain bootcamp designed to help you become a highly paid developer with a step-by-step guide, examples, and well-written instructions. You’ll get all the skills you need to enter the blockchain industry as a developer.
  3. Advanced Solidity Bootcamp: It offers in-depth training in Ethereum development and Solidity programming. Divided into eight parts, it covers advanced topics like bonding curves, smart contract security, and DeFi lending protocols. With weekly live classes, 1-on-1 code reviews, and a focus on hands-on projects.
  4. The 6-Figure Blockchain Developer Bootcamp Roadmap: It is designed to equip learners with skills for lucrative careers in blockchain development. The bootcamp covers Blockchain, Ethereum, decentralized applications, and smart contract programming with hands-on projects, business strategies, and lifetime access.
  5. Blockchain Bootcamp Developer: This covers everything from basic blockchain concepts to advanced smart contract programming and business strategies. Structured modules progress logically, beginning with fundamental topics like cryptography and gradually advancing to complex subjects.

Our Bootcamp Selection Criteria

All these best blockchain bootcamps are thoroughly evaluated based on our selection criteria, and we look into all the details offered to ensure only the best are listed for aspiring learners.

  • Curriculum Depth and Relevance: We assess the relevance of the curriculum, ensuring it covers essential topics from foundational concepts to advanced skills. A well-rounded curriculum ensures learners acquire practical knowledge applicable to real-world scenarios.
  • Instructor Expertise: We research the qualifications and experience of instructors leading the bootcamp. Expert instructors with industry experience enhance the quality of learning.
  • Hands-on Learning Opportunities: We prioritize bootcamps that offer hands-on projects, coding exercises, and real-world case studies.
  • Support and Resources: We evaluate the availability of support channels, including instructor interaction, community forums, and dedicated assistance for learners. Additional resources such as downloadable materials, GitHub repositories, and recommended readings.
  • Affordability and Accessibility: We consider the cost and accessibility of the bootcamp, ensuring it provides value for money without compromising on quality.

Let’s explore each of these bootcamps.

1. Blockchain Bootcamp

The editor’s perspective on this bootcamp

As we reviewed this beginner-friendly and full-time Blockchain bootcamp, we found it incredibly comprehensive and valuable for those entering the cryptocurrency space.

The curriculum is packed with diverse topics, covering everything from understanding the centralized banking system to exploring the potential of the metaverse and decentralized finance (DeFi).

It provides an understanding of fundamental concepts like blockchain technology, smart contracts, emerging NFTs, and Web 3.0 trends. Each topic is explored thoroughly, providing learners with a solid foundation.

One of the best things about this bootcamp is its emphasis on mindset transformation. The instructor understands that success in the blockchain space goes beyond technical knowledge; it requires a winning mindset.

Learners acquire practical skills and the attitude necessary for success by integrating mindset development into the curriculum.

The quality of the bootcamp videos is engaging and informative. The instructor makes complex concepts easy to understand for beginners.

Moreover, the bootcamp offers reference materials such as articles, guides, and recommended reading lists. It also includes problems and quizzes to test learner’s retention.

Overall, this bootcamp is designed to offer a holistic learning experience that equips participants with the knowledge and skills to navigate the crypto world confidently.

Who should take this bootcamp?

This bootcamp is designed for beginners entering cryptocurrency, entrepreneurs exploring blockchain applications, investors seeking to understand digital assets, finance professionals staying updated on fintech trends, tech enthusiasts interested in emerging technologies, and individuals pursuing financial independence.

What topics are covered?

Here are the topics covered in this bootcamp:

  • Understand the centralized banking system
  • Enhance your financial literacy
  • Transform your mindset
  • Gain knowledge of smart contracts
  • Learn how to position yourself for the future
  • Get introduced to NFTs
  • Explore the metaverse
  • Gain insight into Web 3.0
  • Understand the difference between crypto coins vs. tokens
  • Acquire knowledge of decentralized finance (defi)
  • Acquire income and asset management skills
  • Understand blockchain technology fundamentals
  • Learn the secret sauce to retiring early
  • Get introduced to cash flow systems
  • Learn how to live with crypto
  • Apply what you’ve learned through homework

Who is the instructor?

Source: LinkedIn

Lee Markham, the instructor of the Blockchain Bootcamp, brings a unique blend of experience and passion to cryptocurrency education.

With a military service and entrepreneurship background, Lee has transitioned from a structured career in the UK’s Royal Air Force to blockchain technology.

As the founder of Bluegrass Training, Lee is dedicated to simplifying the complexities of digital assets and blockchain for learners of all backgrounds.

He is committed to helping individuals benefit from cryptocurrency, guiding them toward financial independence.

Through his ‘Crypto Wealth Formula,’ he has leveraged digital assets to enable a lifestyle of flexibility and exploration.

Does the instructor offer other bootcamps?

No, the instructor doesn’t offer any other bootcamps, but two courses:

  • Crypto Wealth Formula
  • Crypto Success Blueprint

Does the bootcamp offer hands-on projects or assignments to reinforce learning?

Yes, the bootcamp offers practical homework assignments that allow learners to apply what they’ve learned and solidify their understanding of the concepts.

What are the prerequisites to study?

The bootcamp is designed for beginners, so there are no specific prerequisites for participants.

However, having a basic understanding of financial concepts and familiarity with technology can be beneficial.

An open mind and a willingness to learn are the most essential prerequisites for studying in this bootcamp.

What does social media sentiment tell us?

The reviews on Trustpilot highlight Lee Markham’s ability to explain complex concepts in simple terms, making cryptocurrency and blockchain accessible even to beginners.

They appreciate his approach, which covers technical aspects and addresses topics like keeping crypto safe, navigating pitfalls, and understanding the current state of fiat currency.

Source: Trustpilot

Reviewers highly recommend Lee to anyone starting in blockchain, emphasizing his authenticity, professionalism, and depth of knowledge.

They highlight Lee’s practical examples, interactive sessions, and invaluable guidance, which have been instrumental throughout.

Source: Bluegrass Training

2. Online Blockchain Developer Bootcamp

The editor’s perspective on this bootcamp

The Blockchain Developer Bootcamp, led by Gregory McCubbin from Dapp University, offers a practical guide for individuals aspiring to become proficient blockchain developers.

The step-by-step approach outlined in this bootcamp helps learners start from obtaining cryptocurrency to building real-world blockchain applications.

This structured progression allows beginners to grasp foundational concepts gradually and build confidence as they advance through the bootcamp.

The bootcamp curriculum covers a wide range of topics essential for blockchain development, including blockchain fundamentals, Ethereum, cryptography, Dapps, smart contracts, and more.

It also provides hands-on guidance on setting up development environments, writing smart contracts, and building decentralized applications.

The bootcamp videos are a valuable resource for learners, offering clear explanations and demonstrations of key concepts. The videos provide theoretical explanations and practical demonstrations, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience.

The instructor’s teaching style is engaging and accessible, making complex topics understandable for beginners.

Moreover, the bootcamp offers reference materials such as tutorials, blogs, podcasts, and discussion forums. These resources provide supplementary information and further opportunities.

Overall, this bootcamp is ideal for individuals looking to enter the field of blockchain development, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to pursue a career as a blockchain developer.

Who should take this bootcamp?

This bootcamp is suitable for individuals who aspire to become proficient blockchain developers, whether they are beginners with no prior programming experience or experienced developers looking to specialize in blockchain technology.

What topics are covered?

Following are the topics covered in this bootcamp:

  • Orientation
    • Welcome to The Blockchain Bootcamp
  • Blockchain Developer Bootcamp
    •  Why Blockchain?
    •  What Is A Blockchain?
    •  How Does A Blockchain Work?
    •  Intro To Ethereum
    •  Intro To Cryptography
    •  Intro To Wallets
    •  Intro To Dapps
    •  Intro To Smart Contracts
    •  Intro To Web3.js
    •  Intro To Ethereum Tokens
    •  Intro To Cryptocurrency Exchanges
    •  Intro To React.js
  • Capstone Project Pt 1
    •  Setup Pt 1 – Mac & Linux
    •  Setup Pt 1 – Windows Environment
    •  Setup Pt 2 – Everyone Watch this
    •  Create The Project
    •  Smoke Test
    •  Smart Contract Tests
    •  Transfer Tokens
    •  Delegated Token Transfers
    •  Let’s Start Building The Exchange (Deposits)
    •  Withdraws
    •  Orders
    •  Trades
    •  Let’s Seed The Exchange
  • Capstone Project Pt 2
    •  StartUI Setup
    •  StartRedux
    •  StartSelectors
    •  StartTrades
    •  StartOrder Book
    •  StartMy Transactions
    •  StartPrice Chart
    •  StartCancel Orders
    •  StartFill Orders
    •  StartDeposits
    •  StartCreate Orders
    •  StartDeploy Contracts
    •  StartDeploy UI

Who is the instructor?

Source: LinkedIn

Gregory McCubbin is an experienced freelance software developer and independent musician in Nashville, TN.

With over 8 years of experience in freelance web development, specializing in Ruby on Rails, Gregory has a strong foundation in building scalable web applications.

His technical expertise includes various technologies such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, jQuery, JavaScript, and more.

In addition to his work in software development, Gregory is also an accomplished musician. He tours nationally and plays sessions locally. His proficiency in guitar and studio production is unique to his skill set.

As the instructor at Dapp University, Gregory shares his expertise in blockchain development, specifically focusing on decentralized applications (dApps) built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Gregory’s teaching approach is practical and hands-on, explaining key concepts in blockchain technology and empowering students to build their apps.

Does the instructor offer other bootcamps?


Does the bootcamp offer hands-on projects or assignments to reinforce learning?

The bootcamp offers hands-on projects and assignments throughout the curriculum to reinforce learning and practical blockchain bootcamp application of development concepts.

What are the prerequisites to study?

The bootcamp is designed for individuals with varying experience levels, including beginners without prior programming knowledge. Therefore, there are no specific prerequisites to enroll in the bootcamp.

What does social media sentiment tell us?

According to this YouTube review, the student discusses his success story, where he secured employment despite having no prior coding experience before completing the BootCamp.

The review highlights that the instructor provided the necessary skills and knowledge to enter the blockchain development industry.

Source: YouTube

3. Advanced Solidity Bootcamp

The editor’s perspective on this bootcamp

Next, we reviewed the Advanced Solidity Bootcamp, which promises to be the most comprehensive and challenging training bootcamp for Solidity programming.

It attracts developers from top Web3 companies seeking to fill knowledge gaps in Ethereum development and Solidity programming.

The close-knit cohort of only five learners creates a collaborative learning environment, providing peer support and interaction opportunities.

Weekly live classes offer interactive sessions that enhance engagement. These live classes offer a dynamic learning experience beyond traditional video lectures.

The emphasis on 1:1 code reviews ensures personalized feedback and guidance, helping students identify and address knowledge gaps while improving their coding skills.

The bootcamp’s curriculum is divided into eight parts, covering advanced topics such as tokens, bonding curves, automated market makers, smart contract security, and more.

The focus on applied topics like fuzzing and mutation testing, EVM optimization, proxies, and elliptic curve cryptography indicates a practical and hands-on learning experience that prepares students for real-world challenges in blockchain development.

The bootcamp offers reading material with lifetime access, and access to the prestigious RareSkills Community, providing learners with the resources to support their learning.

Additionally, weekly office hours ensure ongoing support and assistance for students as they progress through the curriculum.

The learners receive personalized assessments and feedback on their coding skills, which may include solving problems tailored to their individual learning needs.

Access to the bootcamp’s alumni network is also provided to gain industry insight. Overall, this bootcamp is designed to equip experienced Solidity developers with the advanced skills and knowledge needed to excel in the rapidly evolving field of blockchain development.

Who should take this bootcamp?

This bootcamp is ideal for experienced solidity developers seeking to deepen their expertise in Ethereum development and advance their careers in blockchain technology.

What topics are covered?

This bootcamp is divided into 8 parts, including:

  • Part 1: Advanced Tokens Topics, Bonding Curves, Staking Algorithms
  • Part 2: Automated Market Makers
  • Part 3: Fuzzing and Mutation Testing
  • Part 4: Smart Contract Security
  • Part 5: EVM, Assembly, and Gas Optimization
  • Part 6: Proxies
  • Part 7: Applied Elliptic Curve Cryptography
  • Part 8: DeFi Lending Protocols (Bonus)

Who is the instructor?

Source: LinkedIn

Jeffrey Scholz is an experienced technology advisor in machine learning, video analytics, and blockchain development.

As the former Senior Engineering Manager of Video Machine Learning at Yahoo, Jeffrey has a proven track record of building successful departments and generating significant revenue through innovative technological solutions.

He also deeply understands business and marketing strategies, emphasizing aligning technology initiatives with broader organizational goals.

Currently focused on blockchain and web3 technologies, Jeffrey leads the RareSkills.io bootcamp, where he imparts his knowledge and expertise.

Moreover, he also serves as a technology advisor to various companies, guiding team building, IP development, and niche technologies.

Does the instructor offer other bootcamps?

List of other bootcamps offered by the instructor:

  • Zero Knowledge Bootcamp
  • DeFi Bootcamp
  • Rust Bootcamp
  • Dapp Bootcamp

Does the bootcamp offer hands-on projects or assignments to reinforce learning?

The bootcamp offers hands-on projects on advanced solidity topics such as token design, bonding curves, automated market makers, smart contract security, gas optimization, proxies, elliptic curve cryptography, and DeFi lending protocols.

These projects are designed to provide practical experience and reinforce understanding of complex blockchain development concepts.

What are the prerequisites to study?

Applicants should have at least one year of experience in solidity programming to enroll in the Advanced Solidity Bootcamp.

Additionally, a commitment of approximately 25 hours per week for studies is required to engage fully with the bootcamp material.

Applicants should also possess a collaborative spirit and be prepared to participate actively in a close-knit learning environment.

What does social media sentiment tell us?

According to the reviews on Reddit, the users describe this bootcamp as challenging but highly informative, offering knowledge for those with a strong foundation in Solidity.

Moreover, some reviews stated that the price is higher but worth the investment.

Source: Reddit

According to the reviews on Course Report, the RareSkills Advanced Solidity bootcamp is described as a game-changer in learning blockchain. It offers a structured program that explores EVM and Solidity’s intricacies.

Learners stated they received challenging assignments, gained access to additional resources, and had weekly calls with instructors and peers to discuss them.

Source: Course Report

The bootcamp reviews on the website showcase that the instructor provides practical and relevant learning for experienced blockchain professionals, addressing security issues, gas optimization, and EVM storage layout.

Despite its depth, instructors make advanced concepts easy to understand and apply, leading to tangible benefits such as job offers and enhanced knowledge of Solidity.

Source: RareSkills

4.  The 6-Figure Blockchain Developer Bootcamp Roadmap

The editor’s perspective on this bootcamp

We looked into the 6-Figure Blockchain Developer Bootcamp Roadmap, which offers a detailed and practical curriculum designed to equip learners with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in Web3 development with Ethereum and Solidity.

The bootcamp covers a wide range of topics, from foundational concepts of Blockchain & Ethereum to advanced topics like Decentralized Applications, Smart contracts & Solidity Development, and building real-world projects such as a Multisig Wallet and a Decentralized Exchange for ERC20 tokens.

The bootcamp includes mini-projects, and a capstone project provides hands-on experience, ensuring that learners can apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios.

The bootcamp offers bonus content, including helpful solidity snippets and a directory of top Blockchain companies, which adds value by providing additional resources for learners to explore beyond the core curriculum.

Additionally, access to a private Discord group for 24/7 support ensures that learners have a supportive community and access to expert guidance.

Moreover, this bootcamp is designed to allow learners to progress at their own pace and access learning materials.

A diverse curriculum, hands-on projects, and bonus materials give learners the tools and resources to succeed in Blockchain development.

Who should take this bootcamp?

This bootcamp is suitable for developers transitioning to blockchain, blockchain enthusiasts, career changers, entrepreneurs, and tech enthusiasts interested in Web3 development with Ethereum and Solidity.

What topics are covered?

The bootcamp is categorized into the following topics:

  • Blockchain & Ethereum
  • Decentralized Applications
  • Blockchain development tools
  • Smart Contracts & Solidity Development
  • Mini-project “Multisig Wallet” – Code the Solidity smart contract
  • Mini-project “Multisig Wallet” – Testing the smart contract with Truffle
  • Mini-project “Multisig Wallet” – Code the frontend (Full Dapp) with JS, React & Web3
  • Mini-project “Multisig Wallet” – Deployment to public testnet and mainnet
  • Capstone project “Decentralized Exchange for ERC20 tokens” – Smart contract
  • Capstone project “Decentralized Exchange for ERC20 tokens” – Tests
  • Capstone project “Decentralized Exchange for ERC20 tokens” – Frontend
  • Finding your first Blockchain job: Aim, Load, Fire
  • Bonus 1: Useful Solidity snippets
  • Bonus 2: Directory of top Blockchain companies
  • Bonus 3: Access to private Discord group for 24/7 support

Who is the instructor?

Source: LinkedIn

Julien Klepatch is the instructor of The 6-Figure Blockchain Developer Bootcamp Roadmap.

With a background in Finance, he transitioned to software development six years ago and has since been involved in building Dapps and Solidity smart contracts for various Ethereum and ICO projects, including Lendingblock, an institutional crypto lending exchange.

He is also the founder of EatTheBlocks, a popular YouTube channel for Ethereum developers, and has authored a Blockchain course for Manning.

Julien is well-versed in Nodejs, JavaScript, and React, having worked as a full-stack software engineer for six years.

His expertise and practical experience make him a valuable instructor for aspiring blockchain developers aiming to excel in the industry.

Does the instructor offer other bootcamps?

Yes, the instructor offers the following courses:

  • Build Your Brand In Web3
  • Live Training #1 – Create your own Token
  • 6-Figure Blockchain Developer
  • Profitable Flashloans
  • DeFi 101
  • Web2 101

Does the bootcamp offer hands-on projects or assignments to reinforce learning?

Yes, the bootcamp offers hands-on projects, including coding a Multisig Wallet smart contract, testing it with Truffle, coding a frontend (Full Dapp) with JavaScript, React & Web3, deploying projects to public testnet and mainnet, and working on a capstone project for a decentralized exchange for ERC20 tokens.

What are the prerequisites to study?

The prerequisites for this bootcamp include basic programming knowledge (JavaScript is recommended), familiarity with web development concepts, and a strong desire to learn blockchain development with Ethereum and Solidity.

What does social media sentiment tell us?

According to the reviews posted on Codementor, the Bootcamp offers extensive knowledge of Ethereum, solidity, and blockchain technology.

reviews posted on Codementor, the bootcamp offers extensive knowledge of Ethereum, solidity, and blockchain

Source: Codementor

While some users find value in the bootcamp as a starting point to learn DeFi development and appreciate its organized structure, others commend exploring protocols on GitHub to advance learning after completing the bootcamp.

Many recommend him as a mentor or for freelance work.

Source: Reddit

5. Blockchain Developer Bootcamp

The editor’s perspective on this bootcamp

Lastly, we reviewed the Blockchain Developer Bootcamp by the Moralis Academy.

The bootcamp covers knowledge about blockchain and cryptocurrency, everything from introductory concepts to advanced topics like smart contract programming and blockchain business strategies.

The extensive bootcamp curriculum includes essential topics for understanding blockchain technology and its applications.

It starts with the fundamental concepts like how blockchain works, cryptography, and cryptocurrency basics before progressing to more advanced subjects such as smart contract development, token economies, and blockchain business strategies.

The modules are well-structured and follow a logical order, making it easy for learners to learn complex concepts gradually.

The bootcamp offers high-quality video lessons from leading blockchain educator Ivan Liljeqvist and other expert instructors.

Both instructors have a clear communication style, making the lessons engaging and easy to follow. The videos are well-produced, with clear audio and visuals.

Additionally, the bootcamp provides materials such as downloadable resources, GitHub repositories, and recommended readings.

The bootcamp emphasizes practical learning through hands-on projects by working on mini-projects, coding exercises, and real-world case studies.

Overall, the Moralis Academy’s bootcamp offers a comprehensive and structured learning experience for individuals looking to acquire blockchain and crypto technology skills at an affordable price.

Who should take this bootcamp?

This bootcamp is suitable for a wide range of individuals, including:

  • Beginners
  • Developers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Investors
  • Professionals
  • Tech Enthusiasts

What topics are covered?

The bootcamp topics are categorized into weekly topics:

  • Week 1 – Motivation, Goal Setting and Inspiration
  • Week 2 – HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap
  • Week 3 – JavaScript for Blockchain developers
  • Week 4 – Javascript for Blockchain Developers
  • Week 5 – JS Project 1
  • Week 6 – Ethereum Smart Contract Programming 101
  • Week 7 – Ethereum Smart Contract Programming 201
  • Week 8 – Cryptokitties Project
  • Week 9 – Cryptokitties Project
  • Week 10 & 11 – Project 2
  • Week 12 – Final Exam Week

Who is the instructor?

Ivan Liljeqvist

Ivan Liljeqvist is the CEO and Founder of Moralis.io, a prominent Web3 Development tool facilitating efficient blockchain development.

As an international blockchain speaker and educator, Ivan has shared his expertise with millions worldwide, inspiring and educating them about blockchain technology.

Leveraging his experience, Ivan has created a course tailored for his followers and subscribers, aiming to provide them with the same knowledge accessible to big corporations.

Filip Martinsson

Filip Martinsson brings years of experience in computer science from the Swedish banking sector and early involvement in Bitcoin adoption.

As a programming mastermind and co-founder of Ivan on Tech Academy, Filip contributes his expertise to empower individuals in blockchain technology.

His leadership as the former CEO of Stockholm Blockchain Group and his experience as a Blockchain Consultant for global clients further solidify his credentials.

Does the instructor offer other bootcamps?


Does the bootcamp offer hands-on projects or assignments to reinforce learning?

The bootcamp offers hands-on projects covering various aspects of blockchain technology and development. These projects include:

  1. Mini-project “Multisig Wallet“: Students code a Solidity smart contract for a multisignature wallet, test it using Truffle, and develop the frontend (Full Dapp) using JavaScript, React, and Web3. Finally, they deploy it to public testnets and mainnet.
  2. Capstone project “Decentralized Exchange for ERC20 tokens“: In this project, students develop a smart contract for a decentralized exchange (DEX) supporting ERC20 tokens. They also create tests for the smart contract and build a frontend interface for users.

What are the prerequisites to study?

Prerequisites for this bootcamp usually include basic blockchain knowledge, familiarity with JavaScript, web development concepts, proficiency in using development tools like Truffle and React, comfort with CLI, and experience with Solidity for smart contract development.

What does social media sentiment tell us?

Reviews on Trustpilot highlight Moralis Academy’s excellent support, continuous development, and quality content.

Users appreciate the quick responses from the team, indicating a high level of customer service.

The bootcamp is praised for breaking down complex topics into understandable components, making it accessible even for beginners.

Source: Trustpilot

According to the discussion on Reddit, users praise Ivan for its valuable content and approach to teaching blockchain and cryptocurrency topics.

While some users mention the high prices, they still believe it’s worth the investment due to the quality of the bootcamp.

Source: Reddit

According to the video reviews posted on the bootcamp website, the student Sebastian highlights his success story.

After enrolling in the Moralis Academy bootcamp, he started his own WordProof company and was awarded €1,000,000 by the European Commission.

Source: Moralis Academy

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Blockchain bootcamp worth it?

Yes, a Blockchain bootcamp is worth it. These bootcamps offer structured learning, hands-on projects, access to experienced instructors, and a supportive community, all of which contribute to understanding blockchain technology.

Also, completing a reputable bootcamp can significantly enhance one’s skills and credentials, leading to increased opportunities in the blockchain industry.

How much does a Blockchain Bootcamp Cost?

The Blockchain bootcamp cost can range anywhere from $2,000 to $14,000 based on several factors such as program duration, depth, institution reputation, instructor experience, and resources provided.


After completing these 5 best blockchain bootcamps, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills needed for career growth and success in the booming blockchain industry.

Whether you’re aiming for a career as a developer, entrepreneur, or industry professional, these bootcamps offer training and practical experience.

With a solid foundation in blockchain concepts, Ethereum development, smart contract programming, and business strategies, you’ll be well-prepared to pursue opportunities in this rapidly growing industry.

Depending on which career path you choose will ultimately determine which skills you need. Therefore, consider your learning style, schedule, and career objectives when choosing the right bootcamp.