7 Best Backend Development Bootcamps

Published: October 11, 2023

Interested in learning about the best backend bootcamps in 2023? You’re not the only one; according to Indeed, the majority of back-end engineers earn more than 6 figures and have a wide range of work opportunities. So it’s a decent job opportunity with a bright future. You can learn more about this by checking out the highest-paying back end jobs.

However, if you’ve already completed college and don’t want to go to university for another two to four years, becoming a back end engineer or developer might be difficult. But keep hope because back end bootcamps are an excellent place to start.

Back end bootcamps are uncommon as most bootcamps focus on the front end or teach the whole stack (both front end and back end development). However, there are decent back end bootcamps available that we shall explore together. Once you enroll in one of these bootcamps, you will be well on your way in developing the skillset needed as a backend developer.

To assist you in starting your ideal job in back end development field with golden opportunities, we selected the top 7 backend bootcamps to help you advance your career.

Top 7 Bootcamps to Learn Backend Development – Overview 

Here we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best back-end bootcamps based on industry research and student feedback. So, enroll yourself in one of these reputable bootcamps to enhance your development skills!

S. NoNameStudent RatingIOL RatingDurationPrice
1.Nucamp4.8/5.08.6/9.016 Weeks$1,925
2.The Tech Academy4.9/5.08.8/9.015 Weeks$7,950
3.Clarusway5.0/5.08.9/9.012 Weeks$4,500
4.BrainStation4.7/5.08.5/9.012 Weeks$16,500
5.Mind Hub5.0/5.08.7/9.018 Weeks$4,400
6.DigitalCrafts4.7/5.08.4/9.016 Weeks$14,950
7.Practicum4.8/5.08.6/9.046 Weeks$8,900

7 Best Back-end Development Bootcamps – In-depth Analysis

You can read the detailed analysis about the best backend boot camps to help you choose the right fit!

1. Back-end, SQL, and DevOps Developer with Python – Nucamp

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This back end bootcamp spans 16 weeks and costs $1,925. Its attractive price point makes it the go-to in for fresh graduates and students alike.

In these 16 weeks, under a flexible schedule, you will get command over programming languages, such as Python and SQL. With these languages, you will not only be ready to embark on different back-end development careers, but will also be able to use Amazon AWS and other cloud technologies.

As per student feedback, the program is taught by qualified faculty. Unfortunately, their profiles do not appear on the website.

Student reviews state, “I’ve tried other bootcamps and Nucamp is by far the best. I like that the instructors are currently working in the field they teach. The end-of-week assignments can be challenging, especially if you tackle the bonus tasks, which is great for learning!”

We rate this bootcamp an 8.6/9.0 based on faculty feedback.

2. C# and .NET Bootcamp – The Tech Academy

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This bootcamp focused on back-end development by The Tech Academy has a duration of 15 weeks and is priced at $7,950. Given its price tag, we suggest this bootcamp for team leads and individuals with five to six years of professional experience.

This bootcamp covers the top five programming languages, including JavaScript and SQL. At the end of this training, you will not only have command over these programming languages, but you will be able to deploy these to become a back-end developer. 

You will not only have command of these programming languages at the end of this training, but you will also be able to use them to become a back-end developer.

The program is taught by some of the best faculty in the industry. Unfortunately, their details are not available on the website.

Students appreciate the program as well as its administrative staff. One student review says, “I am so happy that I chose the Tech Academy bootcamp. It is so worth the cost. I was able to learn so much in such a meaningful way. The staff is also accommodating, I felt their genuine want to help me whenever I reached out to someone. I cannot thank all the staff enough for their kindness and willingness to teach and guide me through this process.”

We rate this bootcamp an 8.8/9.0 based on the depth of the curriculum.

If you want to learn more about the programming language C + + and its relevant courses, check out our blog.

3. Backend Development Course – Clarusway

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This is one of the popular back-end bootcamps with a duration of 12 weeks and costs $4,500. We recommend that this program should be taken by young professionals who are just starting their careers or even fresh graduates who want to explore the back-end development industry.

At the end of this bootcamp, you will be able to develop websites and applications from scratch using Python with Django framework. Not only that, you will be able to work independently to handle the back-end operations of any application or website.

The program is taught by skilled faculty. Therefore, their information needs to be made available on the website.

Students’ reviews speak well about the program, such as, “Clarusway is more than just a coding bootcamp. They actually work to prepare you for a job in tech. You don’t just learn how to code; you learn how to interview, you learn information beyond coding that will set you apart in the eyes of a potential employer.”

We rate this bootcamp an 8.9/9.0 based on the quality of content and teaching methodology.

4. Introductory to Advanced Level Back-end Bootcamp Online – BrainStation

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The bootcamp offered by BrainStation covers all the fundamentals and advanced concepts relevant to back-end development. This bootcamp has a duration of 12 weeks and costs $16,500. Given the price point, we suggest it only for professionals at the senior manager level who are ready to take the next step toward a diversified career.

At the end of this bootcamp, you will have command over different programming languages such as JavaScript, Python, And SQL. Not only that, you will be well in sync with all the operational concepts of back-end development and how it forms the framework of web and application development.

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The instructors for this bootcamp are professionals who come from diverse backgrounds and work in reputable organizations.

Ganesh Thirumurthi who was previously a software engineer at Microsoft is one of the faculty for this course. Also, Sandy Carter, the VP at AWS, is a guest mentor and lecturer, along with Gill Sheinfeld, the CTO at Fiverr.

Student reviews about the program say, “I am so grateful for this experience, I learned so much. The teaching staff is flawless, so knowledgeable, patient and care about your success. At first, I was intimidated but the teaching staff really helped and gave me the confidence and guidance I needed.”

We rate this bootcamp an 8.5/9.0 based on instructor profiles.

5. Java Full-Stack Bootcamp – Mind Hub

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The Java Full-Stack bootcamp by Mind Hub spans 18 weeks and has a price tag of $4,400. However, this program can be taken on by mid-level professionals with busy schedules who can only take out time on weekends.

At the end of this bootcamp, you will have command over all the major programming languages needed to become a back-end developer with good skills. These include but are not limited to Python, HTML, and SQL.

The program itself is taught by experienced instructors that have proven track records. Unfortunately, their profiles are not available on the website.

Student reviews have good things to say about this course, “My time at Mind Hub was undoubtedly a pleasant experience full of constant challenges and learning that day by day contributed to and promoted my personal and professional development. There were intense hours, days and months of a lot of learning and experiences with mentors and colleagues who always They had the warmth and willingness to guide me through the process. Thanks to the bootcamp I was able to acquire technical knowledge in a short time and was able to develop projects that I never believed. “

We rate this bootcamp an 8.5/9.0 based on the quality of the curriculum.

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6. Backend Bootcamp Covering All Foundations – DigitalCrafts

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This bootcamp covers all the fundamentals and programming languages relevant to back-end development. This program spans over 16 weeks and comes with a price tag of $14,950. Given the steep price tag, it is suggested for high-level professionals and department heads.

In this hands-on training, you will be able to gain command over different programming languages and concepts required to become a front-end developer. You will also learn to develop your website framework and work on various applications.

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The program is taught by well-skilled instructors, including MR. Muhammad Azam. He is the lead full-stack immersive instructor for this bootcamp. He is also an expert in web development and iOS and comes with an impressive profile with experience with the giants like AIG and Schlumberger.

Student reviews about the bootcamp highlight instructor quality: “I attended the 16-week full-time bootcamp with Digital Crafts. I had a great experience and was very happy with my instructor Joe. He was very knowledgeable and provided great practical advice throughout the program.”

We rate this bootcamp an 8.4/9.0 based on the instructor’s feedback.

7. Bootcamp To Learn All the Basic Concepts of Back-end – Practicum 

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The bootcamp covers all the basic concepts of back-end development and touches on front-end development to help you understand both concepts. The duration of this bootcamp is 46 weeks which is a bit long with a price tag of $8,900.

This program is suitable for individuals who are ready to invest undivided time and effort towards their career shift and who are not employed currently.

At the end of this bootcamp, you will have a skill set that would be well-suited for a back-end developer and the perfect match for a full-stack developer. In addition, you will learn languages such as CSS, SQL, and JavaScript.

Skilled instructors teach the program. Unfortunately, their profiles are unavailable on the site.

Student reviews the program as positive, such as this: “Overall, the program is a good experience. The way it is structured makes it easy to understand what you need and at what time. The program is also good at showing you new material as it gives you examples, how it’s done, and problems that get you more hands-on experience.”

We rate this bootcamp an 8.6/9.0 based on program duration and course content.

Our Ranking Criteria for These Back-End Development Bootcamps 

To help you make an informed decision, we have investigated all the possible requirements. So, relax, take a breath, and let us be your guides.

When deciding which front-end development bootcamps would be ideal for you, we considered the following factors:

  • Student Evaluations
  • Course Content 
  • Credibility of Instructor
  • Payment and Cost
  • Course Length and Time
  • Timetable 

We gave each bootcamp an excellent grade after thoroughly examining it by our strict standards.

Tips to Choose the Right Back-End Development Bootcamp 

Let’s look at some recommendations to help you decide which back-end development bootcamp to attend. After all, you don’t want to invest all this time and money to find that your choice isn’t a good match for your skills, background, and objectives.

  • Bootcamp content and implications must align with your objective.
  • Look into the program’s length and teaching methods.
  • Take your financial circumstances into account.
  • Pick a bootcamp that provides formal certificates of accomplishment.

Back End Development Bootcamps -FAQs

Is Back-End Development Hard to Learn?

No, back end web development is not hard to learn, given you do it with focus and dedication. Also, it is easier to grasp in comparison to front-end development.

Is Back-End Development Bootcamps Worth It?

Yes, based on the usual job placement rates and income increases after graduation. Back-end development bootcamp alums often see income gains of roughly 51% after completing the program, according to information from the bootcamp review portal Course Report.


You may now consider all the information provided in this post to decide which bootcamp is appropriate for your career objectives, as we have thoroughly examined the list of the best back-end development bootcamps.

Our research shows Clarusway’s bootcamp offers the best value for the money and has comprehensive bootcamp content and positive teacher reviews. However, it would help if you compared your demands with each of these possibilities before making a choice, then pick the option that most closely matches to your requirements and capabilities.

We can’t wait for you to choose wisely for yourself and to go on an incredible and unforgettable journey in back-end development! We wish you luck!

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