13 Best Artificial Intelligence Bootcamps

Published: October 18, 2023

Artificial intelligence has taken the world by storm. Not only is it our present, but it is also defining our future and the choices we will be making. These options cover both our professional and personal lives.

Every day hundreds and thousands of individuals and professionals from different walks of life search across the Internet regarding the best way to learn AI. This search is usually driven by the fact that not only is artificial intelligence our future, but it is also becoming a lucrative field. 

This search usually requires a short duration and comprehensive skill attainment.  You can only achieve these targets by enrolling in the best artificial intelligence bootcamps and not just simple, long-duration courses.

These bootcamps use comprehensive and hands-on improvements to deliver participants the best AI skills and knowledge. All of this is done relatively quickly but using tried and tested techniques that focus on discipline, a rigorous routine, and a practical approach to learning.

Here, you should mention that finding the right bootcamp is not easy and that you’re here to help the reader.

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Top 13 Artificial Intelligence Bootcamps – Overview

Before we move on to a detailed analysis of the best artificial intelligence bootcamps, let us first have an overview of the top 13 artificial intelligence courses – enahnce and mention the effort made

S.noNameStudent RatingIOL RatingDurationPrice
1.Colaberry4.5/5.04.8/5.06 to 12 Weeks$1500-$15000
2.WeCloudData4.5/5.04.8/5.012 Weeks to 6 months$4500 – $13000
3.Data Incubator4.2/5.04.5/5.08 WeeksFree to $17000
4.Edureka4.4/5.04.5/5.0Self-Paced$199 – $349
5.Le Wagon4.9/5.04.9/5.09 to 24 weeks$8400
6.BrainStation4.7/5.04.5/5.010 weeks to 8 months$3250 -$16500
7.Simplilearn4.4/5.04.4/5.03 weeks and flexible$1199-$8000
8.Correlation One4.9/5.04.9/5.0FlexibleFree
9.Flatiron School4.5/5.04.5/5.015 to 40 weeks$16900
10.The Tech Academy4.8/5.04.7/5.015 weeks to 28 weeks (Flexible)$5300 – $9800
11.NYC Data Science Academy4.8/5.04.8/5.012 to 24 weeks$9995 to $17600
12.Learning Fuze4.9/5.04.9/5.02 weeksFree to $5995
13.Jedha4.9/5.04.8/5.02 to 12 weeks$1340 to $2700

13 Best Artificial Intelligence Bootcamps – Detailed Analysis

Below we have listed the best AI bootcamps without any order.

  1. Colaberry Bootcamp
  2. WeCloudData Bootcamp
  3. Data Incubator
  4. Edureka
  5. Le Wagon
  6. BrainStation
  7. Simplilearn
  8. Correlation One
  9. Flatiron School
  10. The Tech Academy
  11. NYC Data Science Academy
  12. LearningFuze
  13. Jedha

1. Colaberry Bootcamp

The first artificial intelligence bootcamp provider that we will talk about is Colaberry. It came to the limelight as an AI training and skill-providing platform during the COVID-19 pandemic.

best artificial intelligence bootcamp provider

Colaberry offers both remote and on-campus learning options. Both options are instructor-led, provide a comprehensive command over artificial intelligence, and aid in helping these students develop a strong AI career outlook.

Its artificial intelligence-focused courses, including those regarding data analytics, have been developed with a hands-on approach using the latest technology and tools.

Every student will not only be able to have a career in artificial intelligence but will also learn about the latest technologies and trends in the field and how they can mold your particular industry in the future.

The students understand that the program is rigorous. Still, they know that it is rewarding as well. in the words of Zain A., a student, “A very structured program is offered by the Colaberry School of Data Analytics that engages students throughout the program. Those who persevere in this program will be rewarded with success because it requires the utmost dedication and hard work.”

Instructors and Mentors for Bootcamp

Colaberry has a very illustrious panel of instructors and mentors for its students, who not only help drive the student through the course but also provide mentorship until job placement and beyond.

Based on the options available, the bootcamps at Colaberry for artificial intelligence and data science can range anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks and are priced from $1500 to up to $15,000. The students rate the AI bootcamps at 4.5/5.0, whereas our rating for the same is 4.8 because of their mentorship program and how they keep on updating their curriculum for different courses.

2. WeCloudData Bootcamp

Canada-based leading AI training platform

WeCloudData is a Canada-based leading AI training platform that conducts courses on data science and AI starting from 12 weeks of duration. Students and businesses prefer this platform because it not only equips them with the required skill set to have a successful career in artificial intelligence but also uplifts them and enhances their outlook on artificial intelligence.

A. Omar from the 2020 batch says,” WeCloudData’s program covers more material than any other bootcamp. The curriculum is created with professional development in mind, while at the same time being up-to-date with all the latest frameworks in the industry.”

In this program, you will learn different techniques relevant to deep learning and machine learning and how you can utilize all of these to solve day-to-day business problems and advance your career as an AI specialist in the industry.

The lead instructor for the AI bootcamp is Ali Madani. He holds a doctorate from the University of Toronto, and a master’s in the field of mathematics from the University of Waterloo. In addition, he’s a computational biologist and has worked in different scientific areas, especially those relevant to transfer learning.

The students of this bootcamp have given it an average rating of 4.5 /5, whereas we at Internet of learning are rating it as 4.8 /5. The length of the program can range anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks.

The reason for such a rating is that this program does enable remote learning and provides flexibility to an extent. Depending on your chosen options, the program’s price ranges from $4500 to $13,000.

3. Data Incubator Bootcamp

The data incubator offers full-time and part-time artificial intelligence in data science bootcamps. The main aim of the bootcamps being provided by the data incubator is to equip the students to develop their careers in the field of AI as well as data science.

Their programs are taught by some of the best individuals in the online learning industry, from leading data scientists to talk professors that help horn an excellent artificial intelligence career outlook.

leading data scientists to talk professors

As a student, you will not only acquire skills that are required to become a leading data scientist but also learn what qualities are needed by industry leaders to become a wanted consultant for them.

A. Gonzalez, a student of the bootcamp, says, “The application process can be daunting and intimidating. However, each step has its reasons. This makes each cohort learn and progress at a homogeneous pace, which is key to successfully completing the TDI.”

The program is rated at an average of 4.2 /5 by its users, whereas we will place it as a 4.5 /5. This is because they incorporate industry feedback into their curriculum and teaching methodology.

The program duration starts from 8 weeks, and it’s priced at a maximum of $17,000, whereas a free option is also available in case of singular short or mini modules.

4. Edureka Bootcamp

Edureka is one of the leading platforms based out of India that not only offers programs and bootcamps in artificial intelligence and data science but also focuses on cloud technology and so on front-end development.

leading platforms based out of India

Suppose you opt for an AI bootcamp from this platform. In that case, you will not only learn pure hands-on practical skills required in the industry to help you succeed and develop a career in artificial intelligence but also be mentored along the way. In addition, a technical team will be present throughout to help you with your queries.

The course instructors and mentors for the AI bootcamp have varied profiles and are accomplished. Dr. DVLN is the lead course advisor for the AI bootcamp. He received his Ph.D. from the famous IIT in Delhi and served as the head of their computer science and engineering department.

The bootcamp being offered is self-paced but has a maximum duration of 44 weeks. It is rated 4.4 by the students, but we will place it 4.5 /5 because of the flexibility and option of self-paced learning. The bootcamp is priced at  $199 to $349, depending on the modules and mode you choose.

5. Le Wagon Bootcamp

Le Wagon is the ultimate option as a learning platform if you want to game skills in AI via a bootcamp. Its comprehensive approach that allows you to learn in a remote environment and with the options of nine physical locations makes it one of the most sought-after Programs in the world.

Students love the program because of the environment as well. As Hugo Mariou puts it, “A little time (2 months) has passed since the end of my training at the Le Wagon, and what can I say … I miss it! I spent two great months in a welcoming and human environment, with people who brought me a lot.”

The instructors at Le Wagon are the top reason it is a top-rated and most recommended program. As the lead instructor for the AI bootcamp, Mr. Stephen Truong is not only the founder but also a data scientist by profession at actionable data. He holds a masters in data science from the University of California and has a business-focused mindset based on his many years of experience in the industry.

Similarly, other instructors share similar impressive profiles and are from the industry itself, thus making their approach very practical and relevant.

The bootcamp can range anywhere from 9 to 24 weeks, depending on the mode of study that you will choose. The program costs $8400, and we rate it like its students at 4.9 /5, our topmost recommended bootcamp for an artificial intelligence overview and deep dive.

6. BrainStation Bootcamp

BrainStation is more than an AI bootcamp: it is a career-changing event. You will learn critical data science skills and receive hands-on business experience through innovative real-world projects.

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In these, you will cooperate with designers, software engineers, and digital marketers to produce real-world solutions while working with industry experts on real business challenges.

The individuals who have undergone this bootcamp are all praises of its instructors and course content. Hannah Cheng, a data scientist at EllisDon, reflects, “I appreciated the instructors’ patience and expertise in helping the students get through a steep learning curve. Especially our Associate Instructor. . . He created a great learning experience and spent extra hours to help us with our capstone projects. . . .”

The artificial intelligence bootcamp at the brainstation is rated 4.7 /5, whereas we will place it as 4.5 /5. The reason behind our rating is that they can further work on their instructor profiles.

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Their instructors and course advisors are undoubtedly some of the best in the industry. Still, most are from the corporate, and a little touch of academia is always needed.

The bootcamp can stretch anywhere from 10 weeks to 8 months, and the price bracket is from $3250 to up to $16,500.

7. Simplilearn Bootcamp

The programs at Simplilearn are intensive online bootcamps for Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Analytics, and machine learning bootcamps.

Simplilearn’s endeavors aim to assist people in acquiring the skills required to flourish in the digital world.

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Each bootcamp includes live online sessions taught by world-class industry professionals and trainers, interactive online laboratories, projects, case analysis, industry seminars, and 24/7 support to give participants the most excellent chance of success in their professional life.

The program is rated 4.4 by the participants, and we have the same rating of 4.4/ 5. The duration lasts between three weeks and sometimes up to six months. The schedule is flexible. Prices range from $1199 and go up to $8000.

8. Correlation One Bootcamp

Correlation One provides a part-time, live-cast Data Science For All bootcamp conducted by Harvard, Columbia, and MIT professors. Correlation One assists businesses in developing digital and information talent, future-proofing skilled workers, and building a more varied data environment.

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This stand-out quality of correlation is that not only is it a free platform for learning artificial intelligence and data science, but the bootcamps themselves empower marginalized communities and individuals.

Victoria Morgan, a student of the Program from California, states,

“My passion is ethical AI and reducing systemic bias in big data on communities of color.”

It is again one of the most top-rated programs by the students, community, and us at 4.9 /5. The primary reason behind such a high rating and top recommendation is that it is not only following the highest standards present in the AI industry but also benefiting society and communities.

The program duration for the bootcamp is very flexible and is free of cost.

9. Flatiron School Bootcamp

Flatiron School provides both on-campus and online intensive programs in software engineering, data science, cybersecurity, and product design (UX/UI design).

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Flatiron School’s intensive courses seek to propel students into rewarding jobs by providing a solid career services structure and personalized one-on-one coaching after graduating, both of which are offered as an additional benefit with education.

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The instructors and lecturers at the flat iron school for the artificial intelligence bootcamp come from diverse backgrounds and careers.

The community of experts, students, and we at Internet of learning have rated the AI bootcamp at flat iron school as 4.5 /5. Its duration ranges from 15 to 40 weeks, depending on the learning mode. The bootcamp is priced at $16,900.

10. Tech Academy Bootcamp

The Tech Academy is a trade school based in Portland, Oregon, that offers full-time and part-time bootcamps both online and on-campus.

Bootcamps in computer programming, website development, cybersecurity, game development, mobile development, data science, and front-end development are available at the Tech Academy.

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The interactive experience seeks to develop well-rounded IT professionals while allowing students to pursue the program at their speed.

The program is well-loved by students due to the flexibility it provides as well as the understanding nature of the instructors.

As Mathew Bowen, a graduate of the bootcamp, puts it, “My time at the tech academy was an amazing rush of fun and knowledge. They start you off with the complete basics. Then you dive into it rather fast, BUT it’s structured so well that it’s easy to learn as you go. I did it online, full-time while working and raising kids. So if I’m able to graduate, you can too!”

The students and the tech community have rated it a 4.8 /5, but we are placing the program at 4.7 /5. This is because they can provide a more robust touch to their curriculum and match it with modern trends.

The program duration is flexible and can last anywhere from 15 weeks to 28 weeks. The cost also varies between $5300 and goes up to $9800.

11. NYC Data Science Academy Bootcamp

NYC Data Science Academy provides approved 12-week data science and analytics bootcamps in New York City and online. The NYC Data Science Academy is a nationally approved Data Science Bootcamp in the USA.

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The program differentiates itself via the combination of rigorous lectures and real-world project work, as well as the breadth of its curriculum. Since 2013, the school has been renowned for its industrial project-oriented learning experience and well-immersed community.

A graduating student, D. Valasco, who secured a job due to this best AI bootcamp, says,” Coming from a traditional education background, I was skeptical about the usefulness of any bootcamp for transitioning into the data science industry. In addition, the bootcamp is pricey, making one think long and hard about joining, especially in the current economy. Thus, it was a tough decision to attend NYC DSA, but so far, I’m glad that I did.”

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At the NYC data Academy, the advantage you gain is that you learn from the best. Dr.Vivian Zhang Is the academy’s chief technology officer and school director. She also has a stint in academia and has been ranked as one of the leading women in data analytics by Forbes.

The program is rated as 4.8 /5 by its students, and we have done the same. The duration goes between 12 to 24 weeks, priced at $9995; based on the selection of modules and mode, it goes up to $17,600.

12. LearningFuze Bootcamp

The AI bootcamp at learningfuze follows a very hands-on approach and uses a direct teaching methodology to help students learn at a short yet fruitful pace.

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The two-week course AI bootcamp covers image recognition, natural language processing, recommendation systems, and computer vision.

The program is rated as 4.9/ 5, and we placed the same on the Internet of learning. The reason is that not only is it two weeks in duration, but also some of its modules are free while the course is priced up to $5995.

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Regarding the instructors and mentors in one of the best AI bootcamps, Mr. Zia Khan is the senior instructor. He is a senior data scientist with four years of experience in artificial intelligence teaching and data science instruction, with over six relevant certifications and 20-plus years of experience in the industry.

13. Jedha Bootcamp

Jedha is a data science and information security training school that provides 2-week full-time to 12-week part-time bootcamps online or in-person at multiple locations in France and London, England. Jedha has designed level-based courses to meet each learner’s requirements and professional goals.

Jedha thinks that technology has the potential to alter the world and that understanding how to function and prosper in this field helps individuals to advance and create the future they have always desired.

The community and students rated this bootcamp platform as a 4.9/ 5, whereas we have written it as a 4.8/ vibe since the course duration can be more flexible. The pricing ranges from $1340 and goes up to $2700.

Ranking Criteria for These Artificial Intelligence Bootcamps

We at Internet of Learning believe that these best artificial intelligence bootcamps will not only help you gain a new perspective towards your fake intelligence career but will also aid you in gaining a new skill-based outlook.

While reviewing and rating these courses, we kept a few factors in mind that were of great importance to us.

These review factors included the course durations and prices and, most notably, instructor profiles and student reviews.

From the student reviews, in combination with the flexibility being offered and the topics being covered under the curriculum, we were able to devise an internal algorithm to help us rate these in the best manner.

We do understand that their students might face specific difficulties while enrolling in these bootcamps, such as covering the cost of their finances and ensuring flexibility in this schedule, especially if they are working. However, some learning tips below can help you overcome these challenges.

  1. Join the mailing list of these learning platforms and keep yourself updated with new courses and enrollments.
  2. Based on the reviews offered by the students at different communities, reach out to the alums to gain a better perspective into the bootcamp.
  3. For finances, look at different financing options, including deferred payments and installments.
  4. In case you’re working, look for programs offering up part-time options, especially regarding remote learning and flexibility.
  5. Please make the most of the contact us and reach out forms to get answers to any other queries and questions that may not be answered by the material available on the website itself.

Tips to Select the Right AI Bootcamp

Let us now look at the tips and tricks to help you choose the right a bootcamp.

  1. Define your professional objectives and goals.
  2. Research and review the criteria of your goal job or position.
  3. Measure and assess your current skill set and aptitude.
  4. I thoroughly researched different programs being offered. – Actionable and person
  5. Develop a matching criterion for your requirements and review it against the different AI bootcamps.
  6. Look at the financial end of things and make appropriate arrangements.
  7. Apply in the program keeping in view your end objective, but always keep at least two options as a backup.

Bootcamps Other Than Artificial Intelligence Bootcamps

Best Artificial Intelligence Bootcamps - FAQs

What Is the Average Cost of an AI Bootcamp?

The average cost of an air bootcamp varies greatly. Some programs start as low as $1100, and others can go up to $15,000.

Are Artificial Intelligence Bootcamps Worth It?

Depending on where you see yourself in the future when it comes to your professional goals and careers in the data science and AI industry, artificial intelligence bootcamps can add significant value to your profile and career.

How Long Does an AI Bootcamp Take to Complete?

The duration of an AI bootcamp can be anywhere from starting at two weeks and going up to six months. Some flexible programs allow up to 10 months for the completion of the bootcamp.

What Is the Time Commitment for An AI Bootcamp?

From a weekly duration of two weeks to up to 40 weeks, depending on whether you are taking a full-time or part-time position, weekly commitment to the program can range from three to 8 hours.

Is A Bootcamp Enough to Help My Artificial Intelligence Career?

Artificial intelligence-related certification and boot camps are a great way to enhance and boost your career. You not only gain skills and increased knowledge, but during the program, you also are faced with excellent networking opportunities.


Whether you are adding a skill set to your current professional profile or enhancing your professional career further in the AI setup, we recommend these best artificial intelligence bootcamps to help you achieve your professional goals.

We have curated this list of the top best AI bootcamps to help you choose the right option that matches your current requirements and future aspirations.

Give an overview of the whole blog and highlight the best ones with reasons