9 Best Anger Management Classes in 2023

Published: October 18, 2023

Anger often comes with anxiety and leaves guilt while going. Many people in the world are fed up with their anger issues and look for some opportunities to help them cope with their aggressive nature. 

Most accessible and helpful classes these days are offered by online courses. These best anger management classes will teach you how to deal with difficult situations and reduce your aggression levels. If you are sick of your Anger that blows up now and then, take help from these online anger management classes.

We have enlisted here some top anger management classes offered by trusted sources. In our opinion, two of these, i.e. anger management skills (3), and anger management techniques that actually work (6), are overall best. 

Before going into detail about each, let’s see what we are going to cover about each course:

  • Who is this course for (beginner, intermediate or advanced)
  • Depth of the session
  • Time duration of classes and number of videos included
  • Pricing
  • Student reviews
  • Strength of course attendants

List of 9 Best Anger Management Classes to Learn Online

Note: The prices listed next to each course were discovered during the research process. However, all these prices are subject to change.

Following are the best 9 online Anger management courses:

  1. Resolve Anger and other Strong Emotions – Anger Management Online Classes – Udemy – All levels
  2. Anger Management Online Lessons by Sandeep Khurana – Udemy – All levels
  3. Anger Management Skills – Udemy Online Courses – All levels
  4. Managing Anger and Frustration in the Workplace- PluralSight – Advanced level
  5. Anger Management Therapy – Online – Therapy.com Online Classes – All levels
  6. Anger Management Techniques that Actually Work – Udemy – All levels
  7. Comprehensive Anger Management Online Classes – Udemy – All levels
  8. Anger Management Online Course – Anger Management Training Institute – All levels:
  9. Online Anger Management Class – Anger Master Online Courses – All levels

1. Resolve anger and other Strong Emotions – Anger Management Online Classes – Udemy – All Levels

Resolve anger and other Strong Emotions

This is an all-level anger management online course for those who are sick of their Anger. It is a short course but focuses on an in-depth understanding of the drives behind Anger and other strong emotions. The course is divided into four sections.

Anger management online classes include 1-hour on-demand video and 3 mins on-demand audio along with articles and downloadables. During the 1st three sections, people understand their anger issues and learn to accept them. While section 4 is an advanced level approach that solves the anger problem by practical therapies such as CBT. 

People are allowed full-time access to this course only by one time buying it for $24.99. Students claim that the online lessons made them able to identify and uproot the potential reasons for their Anger. They became calmer than before, 621 students have successfully completed the course to date.

We will give it a score of 8/9.

2. Anger Management Online Lessons by Sandeep Khurana – Udemy – All Levels

What you will learn in Anger Management Online Lessons

It is one of the best online courses on anger management for all levels i.e. beginner, intermediate and advanced. The anger management course teaches how to use Anger in a constructive way to empower your way. 

This course will enable you to deal with your Anger by identifying its main reasons. Students will understand how to regain their self-balance and control of their lives by appropriately dealing with Anger. They will learn to act with wisdom and intelligence even in the worst conditions.

The online lessons by this course include a 34 min on-demand video with full lifetime access on mobile or TV. You will get this only for $19.99. Students who attended the course learned to manage their anger by meditation. About 2,596 students have already completed this life-changing course.

We will give it a score of 8.5/9.

3. Anger Management Skills – Udemy Online Courses – All Levels

What you will learn in Anger Management Skills Course

These are all-level online classes for all those who are suffering from anxiety or tension due to Anger. The course enables you to learn anger dynamics. It will make you understand the fight and flight theory and the anger cycle. 

You will learn how to cope with Anger using relaxation techniques recognizing warning signs. You will know about energy curves and hot buttons and will also get an action plan. It also teaches you how to deal with angry people and tackle adverse situations.

The course offers full lifetime access to 2 hours of on-demand video and 16 downloadable resources for only $29.99. Students claim in course reviews that they got much motivation and learned many skills to control their nerves. This online course has already benefited and helped 5,985 students in resolving their anger issues.

We will give it a score of 9/9.

4. Managing Anger and Frustration in the Workplace – PluralSight – Advanced Level

Managing Anger and Frustration in Workplace

It is an advanced level stress management course specifically for those facing anger issues in a professional setting. In these online lessons, you will learn the causes and consequences of Anger in general. 

Then, you will be able to relate your situation with these cases accordingly. As soon as you know your problems, you will learn how to preserve professional relationships from the harm of Anger.

This platform is offering court-approved anger management online classes with a time duration of 1 hour and 19 minutes. This duration is broken into course overview, introduction to Anger, its causes, responding to frustration, long-term strategies, and additional resources. 

It gives a free trial and then charges $29 per month. Many people are using the PluralSight platform to get the best courses, and the anger management course is one of them.

We will give it a score of 7/9.

5. Anger Management Therapy – Online -Therapy.com Online Classes – All Levels

Anger Management Therapy Course

Online-Therapy.com offers all-level therapies for those dealing with anger problems. Their therapist helps you identify your triggers of Anger. The site offers one-on-one therapy, yoga live sessions, and cognitive behavioural therapy.

Users can even pursue these online classes by hiding their original identity. Students get 24/7 access to this course, and the therapist is available from Monday to Friday. Your therapist gives you activity plans, and you can even change the therapist anytime.

These are online lessons whose basic plan costs $39.95 per week. Those who attended the training claim that the session was life-changing and they love their therapist. This platform has helped thousands of people to become happier.

We will give it a score of 8/9.

6. Anger Management Techniques that Actually Work- Udemy – All Levels

What you will learn in Anger Management Techniques course

Anyone suffering from anger issues at any level can join this session. It teaches you the ways to control your Anger to have a better and happy life. You will learn to use breathing exercises and emotional hacks to deal with anxiety and worry problems.

This course offers anger management online classes in the form of a 3-hours on-demand video. It also gives full lifetime access to 21 downloadable resources and an article. 

These online lessons will cost you $129.99. Students review that the course content is clear, concise, and completely useful. Until now, 18,209 students have taken this anger management course.

We will give it a score of 9/9.

7. Comprehensive Anger Management Online Classes – Udemy – All Levels

What you will learn in Comprehensive Anger Management course

Among various anger management online courses, this is a course for all level students i.e. beginner, intermediate, or advanced level. It will help you live a happy and peaceful life. You will understand the neural circuitry of the brain and the origin of your particular anger issues. These online classes teach you practical skills and tools to keep track of your emotional stability.

This course is offered for $84.99. It offers full lifetime access to 1-hour on-demand video and 1 downloadable resource. Students of this course review that it provided them with practical techniques for Anger management. The course has successfully helped 218 students till now.

We will give it a score of 7.5/9.

8. Anger Management Online Courses – Anger Management Training Institute – All Levels

Anger Management Online Courses

These are all level anger management lessons. You will learn the science behind anger and aggression in this online course. The course will focus on emotional intelligence which is a critical factor in anger management intervention. You will learn to cope with anger and rage.

The anger management course gives 3 months of access to 24 online lessons. An 8-hour anger management online class will cost you $65. These comprehensive courses led many students on the road to recovery. These are court-approved anger management classes and also provide course completion certificates.

9. Online Anger Management Class – Anger Master Online Courses – All Levels

Why you choose Online Anger Management Class

Anger Masters online anger management courses are for all level anger warriors. The course teaches positive ways to tackle anger, stress, and anxiety. You will learn to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy anger. This course also offers a free certificate of completion that is applicable in all courts.

The basic 1-hour anger management course will cost you $24.99. However, a series of courses are available, ranging from a time duration of 4 hours to 52 hours. These courses, designed by experts, helped many students cope with anger by different breathing and self-help techniques.

You can also learn other courses for health and fitness; check out the following resources:

Best Anger Management Classes - FAQs

How long are anger management classes?

Most of the anger management classes range from 8-12 hours/session in terms of duration. It implies that you can easily complete these online courses within a week or so. However, it may vary from course to course. Most of the online classes give you full lifetime access, so that you may complete the course at your own pace.

Where can I get free anger management classes?

You can get free anger management classes from many online websites, such as Reed courses. Youtube classes can also help you a lot in this regard.

How much do anger management classes cost?

The cost depends upon the duration of classes and the platform which is offering these classes. For instance, most anger management courses on Udemy range between $14.99 to $84.99. Some courses also charge around $30 a week.

What is the best therapy for anger management?

Cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) is generally referred to as the best therapy for anger management. It helps you understand your anger triggers and you learn to cope with unwanted situations.

What are 5 anger management skills?

Understand Anger
Know your triggers
Learns ways to divert your attention
Express your Anger calmly
Take care of yourself


If you are a short-tempered person and manage to get a good anger management class, it will change the rest of your life. You will become able to live a better life by improving your personal and workplace relationships. 

You can take in-person anger management classes if you find a good therapist. For those who are considering taking some online classes, these seven were the best options indeed. Pay special attention to the two Udemy courses mentioned at points number 3 and 6. They are best sellers on the platform, result-oriented, and cost-friendly.

We wish you good luck with your anger management classes.