4 Best Android Bootcamps to Get on the Fast Track of Success

Published: October 18, 2023

Are you interested in pursuing a career as an Android developer? The demand for skilled Android developers is on the rise and now is the perfect time to enter this field. In this blog, we will explore the best Android bootcamps that can fast-track your success as an Android developer.

The demand for Android developers has been steadily increasing in recent years and is projected to continue growing in the future.

With smartphones and mobile applications becoming an integral part of our lives, the need for talented professionals who can create innovative and user-friendly Android apps is greater than ever. 

In addition to the growing demand, Android developers can enjoy attractive financial rewards. 

Recent statistics show that the average salary for Android developers in the United States is around $173,500 per year, with experienced professionals earning even higher salaries. 

Becoming an Android developer also opens up a world of opportunities for career advancement. As you gain experience and build a portfolio of successful projects, you can progress to more challenging roles with greater responsibilities.

In this blog, we will explore the top Android bootcamps that cater to various skill levels. Bootcamps are a great way to learn Android app development as they are designed to accelerate your learning journey, whether you’re a beginner with no coding experience or an experienced developer looking to specialize in Android app development.

By enrolling in these top android bootcamps, you can acquire the skills and expertise necessary to thrive as an Android developer and embark on a successful career path. 

List of Top 4 Android Bootcamps You Should Enroll In

  1. Java Fundamentals for Android by General Assembly 
  2. The Complete Android 13 App Development Bootcamp 2023 by Udemy 
  3. Android Developer Bootcamp 2023 by Skillshare
  4. Android Application Development by Code Fellows

Detailed Review of Top Android Bootcamps

Uncover the best Android bootcamps with our comprehensive review, providing in-depth insights and analysis to help you make an informed decision.

1. Java Fundamentals for Android – General Assembly

Review of Top Android Bootcamp

General Assembly’s popular Android Bootcamp is designed for both beginners and advanced-level students, providing a comprehensive online learning experience.

The program allows you to learn at your own pace, making it convenient for those with busy schedules or a preference for remote learning.

In this Android Bootcamp, you’ll dive deep into the world of Android app development, gaining a strong foundation in programming languages such as Java or Kotlin.

The curriculum covers essential topics like mobile app design principles, user interface development, and API integration. What sets this bootcamp apart is its emphasis on practical exercises and hands-on projects, giving you the opportunity to apply your skills and gain real-world experience in Android app development.

Upon successful completion, General Assembly provides certification to validate your skills and enhance your professional credibility. The duration of the bootcamp is 12 weeks if you opt for the full-time option

General Assembly has some of the most experienced instructors. We were unable to find any specific details for instructors of this bootcamp but are sure they are as stellar as their other bootcamps. 

This Best self-paced Android bootcamp will cost you $15,950 for full-time and $2800- $ 3,900 for part-time. They offer various payment options and scholarships, making the program accessible and affordable to a wide range of students.

The following topic you can expect to learn:

  • Understand the basic structure of an Android application
  • Explain how UI elements and Java logic communicate
  • Describe the use cases of different data types Declare
  • Write a script that displays directions
  • How information is shared on the web Write code
  • Use multiple conditionals to control

Reviews from past students highlight the effectiveness of the curriculum, practical approach, and career support provided by the General Assembly. We would rate this course a 10.0/10.0. Visit their website now to embark on your journey toward becoming a proficient Android developer.

2. The Complete Android 13 App Development Bootcamp 2023 – Udemy

beginner-level, self-paced online bootcamp

This beginner-level, self-paced online bootcamp will help you Learn Android 13 app development, make beautiful, professional Android apps, and go from a complete beginner to a real Android App Developer. 

The best part is that it is priced at as low as $9.99, which is quite pocket friendly. For this price, you will get access to 32.5 hours of on-demand video, 10 coding exercises, 6 articles, and 12 downloadable resources. 

The bootcamp is being offered by Vin Norman, a Senior Android Engineer at a major UK company who is an expert in putting together an integrated curriculum where the path from beginner to master is carefully crafted to leave students with a deep understanding of the concepts. 

Students love the course and only have positive things to say about it “I loved the course. Taught in a very easy-to-understand method.”

The following topic you can expect to learn:

  • Challenge – Creating a new project
  • Android fundamentals – Part 1: XML & Layouts
  • Android Functions – Part 2: Java
  • Challenge – Junior Developer tech test
  • Activities, intents, and Android manifest
  • Challenge – creating new activities, intents, and lists
  • Recycler ViewsL Supe powered list
  • Challenge – beautiful list showcase app – Make your own bucket list
  • Kotlin part: 1 Kotlin overview, variables, null safety, debugging
  • Kotlin part 2: More goodies, functions classes passing, data to activities
  • Challenge – building forms
  • Fragments & bottom navigation bar
  • The activity life cycles

What do students say about this course?

Excellent course, though you will find yourself needing to practice implementing the content many times to become properly familiar with the concepts. A real shame that it ends when it does, but it’s understandable that Vin has a life outside of providing us this bootcamp! Would love more content though.

Jay Y.

So if you are looking to Attend an Android Bootcamp, this one should be one of the top ones on your list. Our rating for the bootcamp is 9.5/10.0. 

Click here to enroll in this Android bootcamp.

3. Android Developer Bootcamp 2023 – Skillshare

 Best android programming bootcamp is a beginner-friendly program

This Best android programming bootcamp is a beginner-friendly program designed to teach students the fundamentals of Android app development using Java and Kotlin. 

The program includes topics such as setting up the development environment, understanding the Android architecture, UI design, handling user input, data storage, and networking. 

The bootcamp is geared towards beginners, which means no prior experience in Android development is required. This makes it an accessible option for individuals who are new to programming or want to transition into the world of Android app development.

By the end of the bootcamp, students can expect to have built a portfolio of Android apps, demonstrating their proficiency in Java and Kotlin. Practical exercises and hands-on projects are likely to be included to ensure students gain valuable experience and practical skills throughout the course.

You get a chance to learn from the stellar Vin Norman, who has immense experience in the field of Android development. For most students, this program “This course definitely exceeds my expectations.” The best part is that it is one of the most affordable Android bootcamp costing as low as USD 2 per month.

If so many students love it, we are sure you will too. Our rating for the bootcamp is 10.0/10.0. So make sure to go check it out. 

4. Android Application Development – Code Fellows

 Code Fellows Android Application Development bootcamp

The Code Fellows Android Application Development bootcamp is a comprehensive program designed to teach students the skills needed to develop Android apps.

This Easy to Learn Android Bootcamp covers various topics and technologies relevant to Android app development, including Java or Kotlin programming languages, Android Studio (the official development environment), user interface design, app navigation, data storage, API integration, and more.

The curriculum is hands-on and project-based, allowing students to apply their knowledge in practical scenarios. By working on real-world Android app projects, students can gain valuable experience and develop a portfolio of work to showcase their skills to potential employers.

This Easy to learn android development bootcamp is 10 weeks long and will cost you $6000. Students absolutely love the bootcamp. “I love the curriculum! The curriculum includes in-class lectures, labs, code challenges, reading assignments, pair-programming sessions, guest speeches, networking events, and career development sessions. ”

There are no specific details mentioned about the instructors, but according to students, they are amazing. So if you are someone who has basic knowledge about coding, you will find the bootcamp ideally paced. 

The following topic you can expect to learn:

  • Learn with Stacked Modules
  • Computer & Material Requirements
  • Professionalism

If other students love it, we are sure you will too. Our rating for the bootcamp is 9.0/10.0. So enroll now and learn why students love it so much!

What is An Android Bootcamp?

Before we dive into the best bootcamps to learn Android development, let’s look at what Android bootcamps actually are:

An Android bootcamp is an immersive and comprehensive training program that focuses specifically on Android app development. These bootcamps offer a strong Android curriculum, covering key topics such as programming languages (including Java or Kotlin), mobile app design principles, user interface development, API integration, and more.

Android bootcamps come in different formats to accommodate various schedules and learning preferences. Full-time bootcamps are intensive programs that typically span several weeks or months, where participants dedicate their time exclusively to learning Android development. 

On the other hand, part-time bootcamps offer more flexibility for individuals who may have other commitments like work or school. These programs are designed to fit around busy schedules, allowing participants to learn Android development at a pace that works for them. 

Part-time bootcamps often have evening or weekend classes, providing an opportunity for individuals to acquire Android development skills while balancing their other responsibilities. So let’s dive into the details so you are one step closer to enrolling in an Android bootcamp

Our Criteria to Choose the Best Android Development Bootcamps

Here are some key pointers we considered when choosing the top Android bootcamps. 

  • Eligibility criteria: Whether the bootcamp has any prerequisites or requirements for enrollment. Some bootcamps may be suitable for beginners, while others may require prior programming experience.
  • Bootcamp curriculum: A curriculum that covers essential topics such as programming languages, mobile app design, API integration, and more. Whether the curriculum is comprehensive and up-to-date with the latest industry trends.
  • Teaching methodologies: Evaluate the teaching methodologies used by the bootcamp. Consider whether they provide a mix of lectures, hands-on coding exercises, projects, and opportunities for collaboration and interaction. Practical application and real-world projects are crucial for gaining practical experience.
  • Reputation of the bootcamp: Looking into reviews, testimonials, and success stories from past students. Considering factors such as the bootcamp’s track record, industry recognition, and alumni success.
  • Instructors rating: Identify bootcamps by instructors who have practical industry experience and a strong background in Android development. 
  • Cost: Comparing the cost with the value provided, including the curriculum, teaching quality, and additional resources or support offered.
  • Job placement: Highlighting bootcamps that have a high job placement rate or provide resources and support to help students secure employment after completing the program.
  • Career support: Evaluate the level of career support offered by the bootcamp. This may include assistance with resume building, interview preparation, networking opportunities, and ongoing support even after completing the bootcamp.

Best Android Bootcamps - FAQs

Is Android Bootcamps Hard to Learn?

Android bootcamps can be challenging, but with dedication and commitment, they provide a structured learning environment that helps individuals grasp the concepts and skills required for Android development.

Can I Learn Android Development in 2 Months?

While it is possible to gain a basic understanding of Android development in 2 months through an intensive bootcamp, becoming proficient usually requires continuous learning and practice beyond the initial timeframe.

How Much Does an Andriod Bootcamp Cost?

On average, bootcamp costs can range from $5,000 to $15,000, but there are also more affordable options available. It’s important to research different bootcamps and their pricing structures to find the one that fits your budget and learning needs.


As we conclude our exploration of the best Android bootcamps, you are now equipped with the knowledge to embark on the fast track to success in the world of Android development.

These Android bootcamps offer a transformative learning experience, providing you with the skills and expertise needed to excel in this dynamic field.

With a strong focus on Android development, a comprehensive curriculum, and hands-on learning opportunities, these bootcamps are designed to immerse you in the world of Android app creation.

This network can provide valuable connections, insights, and opportunities for growth. So, don’t hesitate to take the leap and enroll in one of the best Android bootcamps to kick-start your journey toward a successful and fulfilling career as an Android developer. The world of Android app development is waiting for you to make your mark!