9 Best Carnatic Music Courses [Updated 2023]

Do you have an interest in music and want to explore something new? Are you someone who constantly looks for a new skill to learn? 

If the answer to these questions is yes then you have surely come to the right place. We have found some best Carnatic music courses that will help you explore classical Indian music in the easiest and most convenient way possible.

Carnatic music is extremely soulful and is said to be great to help you calm down. While there are a lot of misconceptions about the age at which you should learn this language, we are here to tell you that any time is the perfect time to start as long as it interests you. 

To start your Indian classical music journey, you should check out the top 9 Carnatic music online classes.

Our Ranking Criteria for Choosing These Best Carnatic Music Courses

We assessed these Carnatic music courses using several factors that are listed below:

  • Who is it for – Beginner, intermediate, and advanced learners
  • Depth of the course covered
  • Number of videos and the total time duration of the course
  • Pricing
  • Reviews
  • Number of enrolled students

All set to discover what’s behind the curtains?

Here we go!

List of the Best 9 Carnatic Music Online Courses you Should Look Into

Nine best online carnatic music classes

These Carnatic music lessons have been listed in no specific order. However, if we had to choose the top two from the list, we surely go for course number 3 and 5. Before we dive into the details of these Carnatic music courses, we encourage you to explore music theory courses and music composition courses.

  1. Best Carnatic Music Class – Level 1 – Udemy – Beginner Level – Highest Rated
  2. Carnatic Music Courses for Beginners– Fundamental Singing Course – Udemy – Beginner Level – Top Pick 
  3. Carnatic Vocal Classes Online: Introduction to Carnatic Music – Udemy – Overall the Best Carnatic Class
  4. Appreciating Carnatic Music Classes – Class Central – All Levels – Most Affordable 
  5. Learn Carnatic Music Online – Intermediate Level – Udemy – Best for Kids and Adults
  6. Carnatic Music for Beginners – Udemy – Beginner Level – Most Popular Carnatic Music Lesson
  7. Carnatic Music Lessons: Beginner Level – Online Carnatic Music – Beginner Level 
  8. Carnatic Music Online Classes – Online Carnatic Music – Best for Intermediate Level 
  9. Carnatic Music Advanced Level Class – Online Carnatic Music – Best for Advanced Level 

1. Best Carnatic Music Class – Level 1 – Udemy

carnatic music lesson online
Carnatic music class by udemy

This is a brilliant course for beginners who are completely new to the world of Indian classical music. 

By the end of this course, you will be able to use basic technical terms and also improve the melody with beats.

The instructor is Rashmi who has an instructor rating of 4.6. Not just this, but she has experience teaching kids for more than 15 years. She will break down all concepts so that you can easily comprehend them. 

The course is super short and comes with 43 minutes of on-demand videos along with 8 downloadable resources. 

This online Carnatic music class is currently available for USD 9.99 which is quite affordable considering it is at a 78% discount and will end soon. 

This highest-rated course has a rating of 4.7 out of 5.0 and has 509 students already enrolled in it. 

Student reviews speak volumes about how great the course is. This one review certainly caught our attention: 

“I am an adult learner and have absolutely zero knowledge of music. I have been looking for a beginner course and am so happy to have found this course. The teacher has a pleasant voice and explains the Carnatic jargon in simple terms. Each segment is short and to the point and keeps me wanting to learn more. The visuals and the audio quality is good. I have just started the course and am looking forward to the rest of the course. Thank you, Rashmi! This is exactly the course I was looking for!”

Our rating for the course is 8.5/9.0 because it’s giving valuable learning at a great discount.

Eligibility Criteria 


2. Carnatic Music for Courses Beginners – Udemy

Udemy Carnatic Music Course for Beginners
online Carnatic lesson by udemy

This next course is also designed for beginners which means that if you are a complete newbie, this course will help you out a lot. 

With this Carnatic vocal class, you will be able to perfect the 14 fundamental vocal sequences and also gain an idea behind the history of Carnatic music. 

This course is being taught by Sunashi who is a 4.6 stars rated instructor on Udemy and has a lot of knowledge about Carnatic which she is willing to impart. 

This Carnatic music online class is quite short with 1.5 hours of on-demand videos and 1 downloadable resource.

The course is priced at USD 9.99 after a discount of 50%, but its original price is USD 19.99 so make sure to avail of it while it is on sale. 

Course Details
Carnatic lesson details

Overall, the course has an impressive rating of 4.6/ 5.0 and has 94 students enrolled in it so far.

To conclude, the course has some of the most stellar reviews by students including:

“This is a well-structured course suitable for someone who is a beginner in Carnatic music. The course has a nice intro to Carnatic music and the key concepts involved. Then it starts off with the Sarali Varisai which is the foundation of Carnatic music. Each Salari Varisai has a breakdown of the concepts, a demonstration, and additional practice. You own your learning curve with this kind of course. Finding this helpful.”

Our rating for the course is 9.0/9.0 because of its discount and reviews.

Eligibility Criteria 

Have a passion for music

3. Carnatic Vocal Classes Online – Udemy

Carnatic Music courses
Carnatic vocal course by udemy

The next course we have lined up for you is great for every level. The course starts from basics and works its way up. If you are looking for well-rounded learning then this course will be amazing for you. 

This Carnatic music lesson is being offered by SaPa India. This academy excels at Indian classical music and is great for students as young as 3 years old. 

This is another short lesson that can easily be completed within 1.5 hours. 

Like the previous several courses, this one is on sale right now and is available for USD 9.99. So make sure to avail of it. 

With a student rating of 4.7 out of 5.0 and 16 students enrolled, this course certainly has a lot of potential.

Based on student reviews, we can tell that this course is pretty great. Here’s what most students had to say:

“An absolutely brilliant sing-along course for complete beginners. Commit yourself to 20 minutes minimum every day on each chapter, at least for 3 to 4 days. Make no exceptions or excuses 🙂 Don’t rush to the next chapter until you get a good grasp on the current chapter. You will love it.”

Because of the rating, reviews, and affordable price, our rating for the course is 8.5/9.0.

Eligibility Criteria 

  • Have a passion for music
  • Have an understanding of notes

4. Appreciating Carnatic Music Classes – Classcentral

Classcentral Appreciating Carnatic Music Classes
virtual Carnatic lesson by classcentral

This next course is great for all levels and truly helps you appreciate Carnatic music. 

You will get a chance to learn about the 12 different pitches in the span of 8 weeks. 

The best part about this course is that it is absolutely free. 

You will learn everything under the guidance of Dr. Lakshmi Sreeram whose knowledge and skills related to Carnatic music will certainly teach you a lot. 

The Carnatic music lesson has a pretty great rating of 3.5/ 5.0 and we believe it is a great free lesson that will help you explore Carnatic music. 

Even though we could not find the number of students enrolled, our overview of student feedback looked very promising. Here is what the students had to say:

“One of the most detailed explanations on theory and practice of Carnatic music. Really needs an appreciation from the teacher and NPTEL for doing this. My only suggestion is that all the lessons are not available on YouTube. It can be compiled on a DVD and sold separately”

Our rating for the course is 8.0/9.0 because it’s free and taught by the best Carnatic music teacher

Eligibility Criteria 

  • Have a passion for music
  • Have an understanding of notes

5. Learn Carnatic Music – Udemy

Udemy Carnatic Music Course
intermediate level Carnatic course by udemy

Next up is an intermediate-level course that is great for anyone who wants to take their Carnatic music skills to another level. 

The goal of this lesson is to enhance your knowledge. In fact, it is quite easy to comprehend if you have basic Carnatic music knowledge. 

This Carnatic music class is being offered by Rashmi as the second part of her beginner’s course. She has been extensively trained in Indian classical music so her expertise is immense. 

This short course can be completed within 1 hour easily. 

Like the previous courses, this one is also on sale and is O

The course has received a rating of 4.5/5.0 and has 65 students enrolled in it

Student reviews suggest that the course is pretty great for beginners. Just check out this review:

“Quite good for beginners”

Because of the reviews and enrolled students, we are rating this course 8.0/9.0.

Eligibility Criteria 

  • Completed Beginner course on Carnatic music
  • Have a shruti box or tampura app

6. Carnatic Music for Beginners – Udemy

Udemy Carnatic Music for Beginners Online Course
beginner course of Carnatic music by udemy

Alt-text: Carnatic music classes for beginners 

This course is perfect for beginners as it explores Carnatic music from scratch. 

You will learn a plethora of vocal exercises along with details of theory to make learning holistic.

This course is being taught by the dynamic Shruti Sharma whose experience as a music educator makes her the perfect instructor for this course. Her journey with Carnatic music is quite long, dating back to when she was only 7 years old. 

The Carnatic music lesson includes 2.5 hours of on-demand videos along with 13 downloadable resources. This short course is packed with insights.

For the price of USD 9.99, this course is certainly quite pocket friendly.

With a rating of 4.7 out of 5.0 stars and 506 students who have already benefited from it, this course is a great catch.

An overview of student reviews indicated how much the course is loved by students. Here’s what one student had to say about the course:

Had a really good experience learning. Instructions are clear. Got a better perspective on pitch, rhythm, scale, Taala, etc. The documents provided are neat and give better ideas. Thanks!”

Our rating for the course is 8.5/9.0. 

Eligibility Criteria 

  • Have a passion for music
  • Have a Shruthi box or the app equivalent 

7. Carnatic Music Lessons – Onlinecarnaticmusic

Alt-text: Carnatic Music course

best lessons for carnatic music
Carnatic music class by online Carnatic music

This next course is another one that is great for beginners. This online Carnatic music lesson will help you discover all the basics of this specific classical music so that you are well-versed with everything.

You will cover several positions during the entire course duration and by the end of it have vast knowledge about Carnatic music. 

The course duration is of 6 months but can easily be completed earlier if students are quick learners. 

The course is priced at USD 20 per hour and you can have a friend/sibling or relative take the course with you for free. 

There is not much information available on this course in terms of student reviews and ratings. However, based on our research we believe this course is a great one as it covers a lot. 

We rated this course as 8.0/9.0.

8. Carnatic Music Intermediate Level – Onlinecarnaticmusic 

online carnatic music courses

This next course builds up on beginner concepts and improves your knowledge of Carnatic music. It is perfect for the intermediate level. 

Through this course, you will be able to sing the Varams at 2 speeds and understand the grammar of certain ragas. The course will really build upon your fundamentals, polishing your Carnatic music skills.

The course duration is 6 months with just 8 classes per month needed to cover all this detail. 

As mentioned above, the course is available for USD 20 per hour for 2 students as young as 5 years. 

This Carnatic music course is quite in-depth which is why it is amazing for intermediate-level students. 

Like the previous course, we were unable to find a lot of information regarding student reviews and ratings. However, we do know that this website is authentic and one of the best sources of learning Carnatic music. 

Our rating for the course is 8.5/9.0. 

Eligibility Criteria 

Knowledge of the basics of Carnatic music 

9. Carnatic Music Advanced Level Class – Onlinecarnaticmusic

Advanced Carnatic music online

This last course is amazing for the advanced level as it delves into the depths of Carnatic music. If you want to excel in this, you should definitely enroll in this course. 

Once the course comes to a conclusion, you will be able to sing 21 varnams and even write 54 kritis. The Carnatic singing lessons online delve into the intricacies and build upon your intermediate-level knowledge so that you can excel at Carnatic Music. 

From a learning perspective, this course is absolutely amazing. 

You can get access to this course along with one other person for USD 20 per hour

Course Details

The course can be completed within 6 months. Considering the depth of the course, this time duration is more than ample. 

We were unable to find student reviews and ratings but considering the course content, we surely give it a rating of 8.5/9.0.

Eligibility Criteria 

  • Basic knowledge of Carnatic music
  • Intermediate-level knowledge of Carnatic music

Overview of Top 9 Online Carnatic Music Courses

Carnatic Music Courses Price  Carnatic Course Features 

Best Carnatic Music – Level 1 – Udemy – Beginner Level –

Highest Rated

$ 9.99

No Previous Knowledge
Lifetime subscription
Certificate of completion

Carnatic Music Courses for Beginners- Fundamental Singing Course – Udemy – Beginner Level –
Top Pick 

$ 9.99 No Previous Knowledge
Lifetime Subscription
Certificate of Completion
Carnatic Vocal: Introduction to Carnatic Music – Udemy –Overall the Best Carnatic Class  $ 9.99 No previous knowledge
Lifetime subscription
Certificate of completion
Appreciating Carnatic Music – Class Central – All Levels –Most Affordable  Free Budget-friendly
Expert Instructor
Learn Carnatic Music – Intermediate Level – Udemy –
Best for Kids and Adults
$ 9.99 Lifetime subscription
Certificate of completion
Money back guarantee 

Carnatic Music for Beginners – Udemy
Most Popular 
Carnatic Music Lesson

$ 9.99 No previous knowledge
Lifetime subscription
Certificate of completion
Carnatic Music: Beginner Level – Online Carnatic Music –Beginner Level  $ 20/hr In-depth
No prior experience Required 
Carnatic Music Intermediate Level – Online Carnatic Music –
Best for Intermediate Level 
$ 20/hr In-depth
Detailed Extensive
Carnatic Music: Advanced Level – Online Carnatic Music –Best for Advanced Level  $ 20/hr In-depth Detailed 
Advanced level learning

Best Online Carnatic Music Courses – FAQs

Can you learn Carnatic Music online?

Carnatic music can be easily learned online. There are several e-learning platforms that offer the advantage of information-packed courses. There are flexible deadlines and do at your own pace lessons which you can greatly benefit from. 

How much do Carnatic music online classes cost?

Online Carnatic music classes cost you anywhere between USD 10 or USD 20 per hour. There is a range of courses available online from which you can pick the one that suits your budget. These online courses are a lot cheaper than physical Carnatic music lessons. 

Which online Carnatic music class is best?

The best online Carnatic class is number 5. This course has a high rating and an instructor who has immense knowledge. The course is designed really well so you will be able to learn a lot under the guidance of an expert. 

What is the best Carnatic Music Class for beginners?

The best Carnatic music class for beginners is number 3. The course is designed to teach you the fundamentals from scratch. The course has many layers and is taught by an amazing instructor who will help you cover all the essentials. This course is perfect for beginners and for children as young as 5 years old. 


Are you a passionate music lover looking to learn some interesting classical music? Carnatic music should be your way to go because it is not only soulful but also extremely fun to learn. 

By learning Carnatic music, you will truly be giving an ode to Indian classical music that has a legacy of its own. To learn Carnatic music, we believe that online courses are your best bet. These best Carnatic music courses give you the advantage of flexibility while ensuring maximum learning. 

To make your job easier, we have found some really fun and interactive courses for you to explore. From this long list, we highly recommend courses number 3 and 5. These courses are not only quite popular but also have expert instructors teaching them. You will get to learn the true essence of Carnatic music under the guidance of these maestros. 

If you have a knack for exploring new music fields and also enjoyed these Carnatic Music classes then, you should surely try Rock Guitar Music and Ableton Live Courses.