9 Best Spanish Classes Online in 2023

Spanish is one of the most popular languages in the world. It is the official language of over 20 countries. Due to its scope, hundreds of people are trying to learn it.

Are you a student studying in a Spanish country? Or a person who loves traveling in Spain and talking with natives? Either for personal or professional reasons, do you want to learn Spanish?

If yes, then Spanish classes online can help you best in this regard. We have reviewed the 9 best Spanish online classes below. Out of these, the first two are highly recommended due to their overall good score. Though others are also great, these can help you master the Spanish language.

We have featured the following points for all courses:

  • Who is it for beginners, intermediate and advanced level
  • Details
  • Course duration and videos
  •  Price
  •  Reviews
  • Number of students

9 Top Online Spanish Classes

  1. Spanish for Beginners. The Complete Method. Level 1 – Udemy Online Classes – Beginner Level
  2.  Mastering Spanish from Beginner to Advanced: Ultimate Online Course – Udemy – All Levels
  3.  3 Minute Spanish- Course 1| Language Lessons for Beginners – Udemy -Beginner Level Online Classes
  4.  Complete Spanish Course: Learn Spanish for Beginners – Udemy -Beginner Level
  5. Learning Spanish: How to understand and speak a new language – Wondrium Online Lessons – Beginner to Intermediate Level
  6. Rocket Spanish Level 1,2, & 3 – Rocket Spanish- All levels Online Courses
  7. Online Spanish Valencia – language Institute – All levels
  8. Learn Spanish online and speak confidently in any situation – Lingoda Online Courses – All Levels
  9. Improve your Spanish faster with a preply tutor – Preply Online Classes – All Levels

1. Spanish for Beginners. The Complete Method. Level 1 – Udemy Online Classes – Beginner Level

Spanish for Beginners

It is a beginner-level online course for those just starting their Spanish language learning journey. This short course teaches a non-stop speaking method in a few weeks. It will teach you thousands of Spanish phrases used in everyday life. 

Imitation by Spanish speakers will also improve your pronunciation. The system of recycling of new language and constant repetition won’t let you forget the stuff you learned. This course consists of 4 hours of on-demand virtual Spanish classes video. You also get full lifetime access to 20 articles and 23 downloadable resources.

These Spanish learning online classes will cost you only $19.99, and even lower if the platform offers some discount. Students claim that this course helped them build Spanish vocabulary and learn sentence structure. Until now, 78,339 students have taken this course.

We score it 9/9.

2. Mastering Spanish from Beginner to Advanced: Ultimate Online Course – Udemy – All Levels

Mastering Spanish from Beginner to Advanced

This is an all-level Spanish online course that can help intermediate or advanced-level learners. The native speaker enables you to master reading and writing in Spanish.

You learn over 4000+ Spanish phrases and become able to understand and respond to daily life Spanish conversations. The course offers 37 hours of on-demand video classes in Spanish. Also, the students get full lifetime access to this online course.

The actual price of these Spanish online classes is $84.99 (when no discount is offered). Students reviewed that the course improved their language comprehension and enjoyed the Quizlet at the end of each class. 8,238 students have already availed themselves of the opportunity. 

We score it 9/9.

3. 3 Minute Spanish – Course 1| Language Lessons for Beginners – Udemy – Beginner Level Online Classes

3 Minute Spanish- Course 1

This course is for beginner-level Spanish learners. It will teach everyday language in just 3-minute chunks. These online lessons will enable you to build small sentences even after the very first lesson. You will be able to give your opinions in Spanish by building a solid base vocabulary.

The course will teach you the basic structure of the Spanish language. It offers 5 hours of on-demand video and 11 downloadables, and 12 articles. The total fee for the Spanish online classes is $89.99. People who got the course say that small sessions helped them step up their Spanish game. 9,404 students completed the course.

We score it 8/9.

4. Complete Spanish Course: Learn Spanish for Beginners – Udemy – Beginner Level

Complete Spanish Course

This course offers beginner-level Spanish language online classes. It will teach you more than a thousand helpful vocabulary words. You will also learn the top most useful Spanish phrases. The speaker will teach you building blocks of Spanish grammar with fun.

You will have full lifetime access to 45 hours of demand videos by buying this course for $19.99. The student’s review shows that the course is built in a very organised step-by-step way. 55,007 students have taken this online course to date.

We score it 8.5/9.

5. Learning Spanish: How to Understand and Speak a New Language – Wondrium Online Lessons – Beginner to Intermediate Level

Learning Spanish

This course is for beginner and intermediate level language learners. It consists of 30 online lessons teaching from primary to a higher level. The course teaches you the fastest and the most direct way to learn Spanish.

You can watch a free trial first to understand the course, and then they will guide you accordingly. Students say that they become able to distinguish between Castilian and Latin American Spanish after taking this course. 421 students learned Spanish by taking these online lessons. 

We score it 8/9.

6. Rocket Spanish Level 1,2, & 3 – Rocket Spanish – All Levels Online Courses

Rocket Spanish All Levels

It is an all-level online course that teaches the Spanish language from beginner to advanced level. The course gives you more than just new vocabulary by introducing Spanish culture.

It gives full lifetime access to interactive audio lectures. This course is divided into three modules. Each module is divided into many short online classes.

You can buy all levels of this course for $259.9. Students who bought the course claim that the reinforcement exercises helped them tremendously. They say that it is the most straightforward and most realistic course ever. 4189 customers got these Spanish online classes.

We score it 7/9.

7. Online Spanish Valencia – Language Institute – All Levels

Online Spanish Valencia All Levels

This online course teaches you Spanish by highly interactive methods. You learn from some of the top Spanish language experts of the language according to your level of understanding.

Students say that they learned the language through a communicative approach instead of long grammar complications through this course. One of the best things about this online course is that you get free trial online classes. You will have 25 online lessons per week for 140€. Flexible timings of your choice are also a great convenience.

We score it 7.5/9.

8. Learn Spanish Online and Speak Confidently in any Situation – Lingoda Online Courses – All Levels

Lingoda Online Courses All Levels

Lingoda offers online Spanish classes from beginner to advanced level. In these courses, qualified, native speakers enable you to live the language. Individual classes, as well as group classes, are available so that you can practice speaking at home. You can choose a plan of your choice.

Online classes are available 24/7. You get a 7 day free trial and then go for a monthly subscription. Typically, it charges €8/ $9.5 per class. The flexible schedule and transparent method of these courses enabled many students to achieve their goal. Thousands of students have taken the course to date.

We will give it a score of 8/9.

9. Improve Your Spanish Faster with a Preply Tutor – Preply Online Classes – All Levels

Preply is offering Spanish courses for all-level language learners. These courses offer conversational classes by native as well as non-native speakers. You can tailor a specific plan and tutor according to your specific needs and budget.

Preply Online Classes All Levels

These are online Spanish lessons and take place via video calls. Preply courses charge $13/hour on average. More than 11,000 Spanish teachers help almost 100k students each month to achieve their language fluency goals.

We will score it 8.5/10.

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How can I learn Spanish quickly?

  • Read Spanish books and blogs
  • Find some paid or free Spanish classes online
  •  Listen to the native speaker
  • Build good Spanish vocabulary 
  • If you are starting, don’t worry much about grammar

How many years will it take to learn Spanish?

It takes only 6 months to one year to achieve fluency in the Spanish language if you give 2 to 3 hours to it daily.

Can you learn Spanish online for free?

Yes, there are many free online courses out there to master the Spanish language. Many online platforms such as youtube and many websites are offering free Spanish classes. Some of these platforms are:

  • Duolingo
  • Lengalia
  • Studyspanish.com
  • edX 

… and many others!

How can I learn Spanish online?

Many platforms are offering free or paid online Spanish classes. Go to their websites, sign up and take the course that suits you best. You can get the best Spanish classes online on Udemy, Coursera, wondrium, skillshare, etc.

Why is Spanish so hard?

Spanish is not that hard to learn, but it can be deceptively hard as it also contains words of other languages such as Italian, Sardinian, and French. Many words are cognates, i.e., they sound the same in more than one language.

Can I learn Spanish on my own?

Yes, you can by following 4 simple steps

  1. Take a self-study Spanish course
  2.  Watch movies with Spanish subtitles
  3.  Daily read something in Spanish and jot down new words
  4. Do simple grammar exercises every day

Is Babbel good for Spanish?

Babbel gives an unlimited opportunity to master the language. It is a very good app and has high-quality material for teaching reading, writing, and speaking in Spanish.

How can I learn Spanish at home for free?

You can do this by taking free Spanish online classes. Download the apps such as Babbel and practice each lesson daily. Many websites are also offering free courses; check them out on google.

How many hours does it take to learn Spanish?

According to a study, you should learn good Spanish in 600 classroom hours. Giving one hour daily will take you 1.5 years to become fluent in the language. 


The benefits of learning new languages are always the best way to explore new things, even in your own country. Spanish classes are the best way to learn and master the Spanish language. Best free and paid online courses are available to help you learn Spanish from scratch.

We hope the course we reviewed will help you find the best online Spanish classes. All of them are great, but we highly recommend the first two Udemy courses.

One of them is beginner level, and the other one is advanced. Choose the best but choose wisely! They can help learners to become Spanish experts at very economical prices.