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Udemy: The Rock Rhythm Guitar Course

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8 hour 8 hours
Course teacher: Craig Garwood

What are you going to get

Foundation Section

Chord Glossary

Note Values

Rythm Hands

Open A5/E5/D5 & G5 Chords


Course description

This course, is for all beginner to intermediate guitarists and through numerous enjoyable technique exercises and play along song tracks, is aimed at introducing or advancing your knowledge and ability to play rock guitar.

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You will know Major, Minor and 5th chords in the open position.

About the instructor

Craig Garwood

Craig have been playing guitar for 30 years and have been a professional full time musician and teacher for the past 20 years, working from my home and in private colleges. His main passion has always been blues-rock music and he have been playing in bands of this style for the past 25 years, His many hundreds of gigs range from small club and pub type venues to large open air music and biker festivals performing to thousands both home and abroad. Craig is a registered Guitar Tutor with the RGT in England and have put many of his students through the London College of Music electric guitar grades and have a 100% pass rate.


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