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Udemy: The Disc Golf Course: The complete course for beginners

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3 hour 3 hours
Course teacher: Petri Filipczak

Course description

In this course you can learn disc golf in the privacy of your own home. Learn everything you need to know, so that you can avoid the basic mistakes every new player makes!

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Understand the basics and more advanced level of disc golf

About the instructor

Petri Filipczak

Petri have been playing this great game since 2001 and seen how this sport has grown exponentially in popularity over the years here in Finland. I've also seen many new players who have started this sport and almost all have had the same problems I had when I started. I have coached many new players and it has been great to see how much faster people will advance their game even with just a little information, tips and help with their technique. So now I have put my heart into this course and I hope you will get a lot of great information and become much better player with my help.


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