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Udemy: Music theory for complete beginners

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1 hour 1 hours
Course teacher: Miguel Fajardo

What are you going to get

Basic Rythms

Advanced Exercises

Eighth and Sixteenth Notes

Tied and dotted Notes Syncopation and off Beat Notes

Other Rythmical patterns with eighth and Sixteenth notes


Course description

This course is about understanding the very basis of music: sound. More precisely of sound in time. No matter what kind of instrument or musical endeavor you're interested, the most fundamental concepts are always the basics of sound in time, the rhythm.

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Read basic rhythms in any kind of instrument

About the instructor

Miguel Fajardo

Miguel Fajardo is a multi instrumentalist musician, producer and composer, better know for my work on violin. Classically trained, and more than 20 years of experience. A popular musician by heart always connected to what people are listening, and the folk local and world music.


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