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Udemy: LEARN 3D ANIMATION : Create Credible & Unique Animations

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9 hour 9 hours
Course teacher: David Omair Fuertes Martin

What are you going to get

What is the difference between timing and spacing

How the movements begin and Ends

Analyze the movements of an animated film trailer

Openeing Blender for the first time (Blender technical guide)


Course description

Then this course is perfect for you, you don't need to know absolutely anything about animation, not even knowing how to draw, just a computer and your desire to learn.

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The principles of 3D Animation.

About the instructor

David Omair Fuertes Martin

Graduated in animation Mentor, and passionate about the details of animation, after a lot of effort, and many, many hours animating, I was lucky enough to get a job on the week of my graduation, where I learned a lot of tricks, discovered mistakes I was making and gained valuable experience in the animation industry, and yes, confirmed, being a 3D animator is really cool.


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