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Udemy: Introduction to Machine Learning for Data Science

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6 hour 6 hours
Course teacher: David Valentine

What are you going to get

Core Concepts

The Machine Learning Process

Impacts, Importance & examples

How to apply Machine Learning with Data Science


Course description

Thank you all for the huge response to this emerging course! We are delighted to have over 20,000 students in over 160 different countries. I'm genuinely touched by the overwhelmingly positive and thoughtful reviews. It's such a privilege to share and introduce this important

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Genuinely understand what Computer Science, Algorithms, Programming, Data, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science is.

About the instructor

David Valentine

Mr. David Valentine is an decorated Enterprise Architect with over seventeen years of experience in enterprise computing environments. He currently works for the Province of Manitoba, in Canada where he is a responsible for the architecture of the Server and Mainframe compute environment.


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