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The Co-Parent Way: Essentials Course

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6 hour 6 hours
Course teacher: Marcie Shaoul

What are you going to get

By the end of the course you'll be able to: Have constructive and conflict-free communication with your co-parent; Manage stressful co-parenting situations calmly; Make effective and child-centred decisions about your kids; Put into practice a framework for co-parenting that lets you move on – often without resorting to courts


Course description

If you're a separating or divorced parent and want to improve your co-parenting relationship then this course will teach you practical ways to achieve that. It's the world's first on demand co-parent coaching course and has won awards for its effectiveness.

The number 1 reason people take this program

To be able to co-parent effectively with an ex so children can grow up with safety and stability.

Most heard feedback on this program

“Every separated parent should do this course. It’s full of practical examples and tools, to help you and your children successfully navigate your way through post-separation. I can’t recommend it strongly enough.” Anders Lindeberg

About the instructor

Marcie Shaoul

Marcie Shaoul is the founder of The Co-Parent Way and The Co-Parent Way: Essentials Course. She is a trained and certified coach, and she is known for her practical and effective approach to helping separating parents. In 2016 she brought co-parent coaching to the UK, setting up the UK’s first dedicated co-parent coaching practice. The face-to-face coaching methodology she developed has been called ‘game-changing’ by judges, family lawyers and mediators and she is an international expert in the space. She sits on Resolution’s Parenting after Parting Committee and is also a board member of the National Association of Separating Parenting Programmes, which is a charity whose mission is to develop an industry standard of courses for parents after separation. She speaks and leads trainings at Resolution conferences and delivers keynotes to chambers and law firms about co-parenting, it’s impact and how companies can best support their staff who are separating. She writes regularly for formal law journals, informal blog posts and divorce websites. In 2022 she developed an on-demand version of The Co-Parent Way methodology. Called The Co-Parent Way: Essentials Course, this ten-module self-paced online course is aimed at reaching many more co-parents to give them the skills they need to communicate effectively with their other parent during and post separation, so they can keep their kids safe. Marcie recently won the Innovation Champion award in Family Law from Resolution and was a finalist in the Children’s Champion category. The Co-Parent Way: Essentials Course is currently a finalist in the Lexis Nexis Family Law Awards to be held in November 2023. Marcie is a co-parent herself. She separated in 2009 and divorced in 2010. Her son was 12 months old at the time and it is this life experience combined with her work experience and training that has led her to developing effective co-parenting tools. She believes that (where it’s safe to do so) every child of separation has a right to parents who can still be parents together.


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