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Master PySpark in 2 hours

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2 hour 2 hours
Course teacher: Kieran Keene

What are you going to get

To learn Pyspark, Data Engineering, Apache Spark, Data Manipulation, ETL, Data Programming


Course description

Spark is one of the most in-demand Big Data processing frameworks right now. This course will teach you how to harness its power & start using it for your own data insights.

The number 1 reason people take this program

To learn PySpark

Most heard feedback on this program

Concise, to the point, clear Pyspark course

About the instructor

Kieran Keene

Hey guys! I am a data engineer by trade and specialize in Python, SQL, Spark, Hive, MongoDB and more. I've been making courses (with now over 50,000 students) to try and make simple, short crash courses into these technologies as I personally find the longer courses too drawn out & I often lose interest. The idea is to keep it short and sharp!


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