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Udemy: Making A Music Video Udemy

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Course teacher: David Miller

What are you going to get

Best practices for filming a music performance

Designing a video that has entertaining visual appeal

Creating a concept that best suits a song

Editing video footage to a track in Adobe Premiere


Course description

This course covers different ways to crafting music videos for beginners. It also cover concepts, shooting performances, and editing the footage in Adobe Premiere. It is a comprehensive guide for beginning music videographers.

The number 1 reason people take this program

DIY music video production

Most heard feedback on this program

Strong concept for making music videos.

About the instructor

David Miller

David was born in 1977 in Omaha, NE. He graduated with his BFA in Photography from Arizona State University in 2006, creating portrait series that reflected both the hyperkinetic films, games and comics of the 1980s and 1990s, as well as more humanist documentary work with Indigenous communities in America and Australia. After ASU he became a teaching artist as well as exhibing around the Southwest/ West Coast and been published in numerous magazines such as Orion, View Camera, B+W/ Color, and others. In 2014 he was named as one of the top 100 Creatives of Arizona by New Times Magazine. He currently lives in Chandler with wife Vesna and 2 children, Patrick and Magdalena.


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