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Jesse Carroll’s VoiceOver Jumpstart Course

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36 hour 36 hours
Course teacher: Jesse Carroll

What are you going to get

Get your VoiceOver Business Running in Under 6 Weeks

Learn my secret equation and roadmap for making 6 figures in voiceover.

Learn where to get work without an agent.

Learn how to audition and book work.

Learn what to do once you booked the work

Learn how to set up a home studio, edit and make a DIY (Do it your self) demo.


Course description

Ready to kickstart your voiceover career from the comfort of your home? Welcome to VoiceOver Jumpstart, a 6-week online course that gets you up and running, FAST!

  • 🎙️ Learn what gear you need and how to set up your own home studio.
  • 🎵 Get vocal warmup tricks and learn how to deliver lines like a pro.
  • 💻 Master easy editing with Audacity and Adobe Audition.
  • 🎬 Find work, ace auditions, and handle live sessions like a boss!
  • 📊 Discover my 6-figure formula for success in the voiceover industry.

Plus, get bonus guides on finding an agent and join a lifetime Facebook group for constant support.

Total value: $3,973. Your price: Just $249!

The number 1 reason people take this program

To learn how to make money doing voiceovers from home in under 6 weeks. A great side gig opportunity.

Most heard feedback on this program

Very thorough, and I often hear its the best course my students have taken when it comes to creating a real business for yourself.

About the instructor

Jesse Carroll

Over the past 6 years I've amassed more than 1000 voice-over credits, have been nominated for three “One Voice” Awards, and have worked with high-profile clients that include History Channel, Hulu, Hilton, Princess Cruises, Orange Theory, Molson, Bearface Whiskey, Amazon, Saks, GoPro, Nintendo, Walmart, Cheerios, Honda, Toyota, and Dell. I am also the narrator for Backroad Truckers’ first season currently streaming on Hulu and aired on “The HISTORY Channel” and the second season to air in 2023. I was also honoured to be chosen as a judge for the 2022 SOVAS, and recently invited back to judge the 2023 SOVAS (Society Of Voice Arts and Sciences Awards) the voice-over industry’s highest awards event that is similar to the Oscars, Emmys, and Tonys.


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This is the best Voiceover business course in the market. A nonsense method to start doing revenue.
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36 hour 36 hours
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