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FinUp: Money Management for Teens

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15 hour 15 hours
Course teacher: Miro & Carmen

What are you going to get

Use the app with the whole family

Interactive learning that makes you laugh a lot

You can use the app everywhere and on all devices

Zero experience in finance is needed

Learn whenever you feel like it


Course description

To empower your teen and family with money management skills. Learn tips on money, budgeting, saving, and avoiding overspending. Become confident in making financially intelligent decisions—an interactive and fun way of learning to become financially smart.

The number 1 reason people take this program

Helping their teens and themselves with money management

Most heard feedback on this program

This is the most fun money app I have seen

About the instructor

Miro & Carmen

Miro & Carmen, two entrepreneurs with 15 years of experience with two teenage daughters and owners of an education institute in Zagreb, Croatia. They have completed dozens of education projects and served more than 10,000 people, which helped them develop this money management app for teens and parents.


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As a mom who went through this program with my children, I can say it's very easy to follow, engaging and fun. My kids have learned a lot about money and money management methods. I would recommend it to all parents. :)


We had SO much fun


I introduced this app to my boy and he has a blast. Now he is way more interested in money and how to save and he also keeps a budget. We actively help him with getting some budget to play and learn with. Recommended for all parents.


My kids and I had so much fun with this app. We all learned a lot of new things about money and at one point my girls even started asking for it. The start was tough but when we got it going it was amazing.
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15 hour 15 hours
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