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Coursera: Software Architecture

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9 hour 9 hours
Course teacher: Kenny Wong

What are you going to get

UML Architecture Diagrams

Architectural Styles

Architecture in Practice

Capstone Challenge


Course description

In this course you will study the ways these architectures are represented, both in UML and other visual tools. We will introduce the most common architectures, their qualities, and tradeoffs.

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Compare and contrast the components, connections, protocols, topologies, constraints, tradeoffs, and variations of different types of architectural styles used in the design of applications and systems (e.g., main program and subroutine, object-oriented, interpreters, pipes and filters, database centric, event-based).

About the instructor

Kenny Wong

Kenny Wong is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computing Science, at the University of Alberta, Canada. He received his B.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science from the University of Victoria, Canada. He has been a university instructor for 16 years, regularly teaching team-oriented, project-based software engineering courses, including several offerings of software process and product management. His research in software engineering focuses on analyzing the root causes of problems in the structure, behavior, and management of complex software systems.


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