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Coursera: Introduction to Software Testing

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30 hour 30 hours
Course teacher: Sanjai Rayadurgam

What are you going to get


Testing Foundations

Testing in the Software Development Lifecycle

Writing Good Unit Tests


Course description

You will have actively created test cases and run them using an automated testing tool. You will being writing and recognizing good test cases, including input data and expected outcomes.

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You will gain an understanding of the theory of testing.

About the instructor

Sanjai Rayadurgam

Sanjai Rayadurgam is the director of the University of Minnesota Software Engineering Center and a Research Project Specialist in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering since 2012. His prior work experience includes a decade in the medical devices industry performing advanced tools development, systems engineering, and verification and validation of implantable cardiac devices. His areas of interests and expertise include software testing, formal analysis and model-based development, with particular emphasis on safety-critical systems . He advises graduate students, conducts research, and teaches courses in software testing and verification.


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