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Coursera: Finance for Non-Finance Professionals

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13 hour 13 hours
Course teacher: James Weston

What are you going to get

Course Overview and Basic Principles of Financial Valuation Discounting

How to Spend Money (Capital Budgeting tools)

Measuring Cash Creation and Flow

How Much Does Money Cost? Evaluating the Cost of Capital


Course description

This short course surveys all the major topics covered in a full semester MBA level finance course, but with a more intuitive approach on a very high conceptual level. The goal here is give you a roadmap and framework for how financial professional make decisions.

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you will develop an understanding of the major conceptual levers that push and pull on financial decision making and how they relate to other areas of business

About the instructor

James Weston

James P. Weston is a professor of finance at Rice University. He joined Rice in 2000 after completing his Ph.D. in economics at the University of Virginia. Dr. Weston's teaching interests focus mainly on corporate finance and financial institutions. He has taught many popular courses on economics and finance. He is the recipient of four Jones school teaching awards, including the prestigious alumni faculty award in 2007, and 2010. Professor Weston’s research covers a wide array of corporate finance issues from banking to stock market liquidity and risk management. His research articles have appeared in many of the leading academic finance publications and have been widely cited in the popular press and in congressional testimony. James’ research papers have been presented at over 40 Universities worldwide and he routinely speaks at conferences and professional seminars. In addition to his academic work, James conducts executive education seminars, maintains professional consulting relationships, and provides expert testimony for litigation and regulatory support. He is a member of the American Finance Association, the American Economics Association, and the Financial Management Association. He is a former assistant economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.


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