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Coursera: Electronic Music Production Specialization

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Course teacher: Loudon Stearns

What are you going to get

Introduction to Ableton Live

Electronic Music Performance Techniques

Creating Sounds for Electronic Music

The Technology of Music Production


Course description

In the Electronic Music Production specialization, you will learn the tricks of the trade to create high-quality, professional sounding music. You’ll begin by learning about the nature of sound and how a signal flows through a home studio setup

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The nature of sound and how natural sound is transformed into an electronic signal that we can record

About the instructor

Loudon Stearns

Loudon Stearns is an associate professor in the Contemporary Writing & Production department at Berklee College of Music, where he teaches students to be self-sufficient music producers capable of working in professional situations. Programming computers from a young age, engineering in numerous venues, composing music for visuals and performing with a laptop have all given Loudon a unique perspective on music through the lens of technology. This perspective is shared with the world through his YouTube channel and through Berklee Online where he authored and currently teaches the courses Advanced Music Production with Ableton Live and Composing and Producing Electronic Music.


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