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Conor Harris: Self-Paced Biomechanics Course

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50 hour 50 hours
Course teacher: Conor Harris

What are you going to get

12 Recorded Presentations & Review Sessions

Monthly Live Q&A Call

Study Guides, Quizzes, & Reading Materials

Exercise Library & Program

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Course description

This course will transform your approach to human movement and performance, gives you the tools to improve client results, grow your business, and stay ahead of the industry. Enhance your skills and differentiate yourself from other coaches and personal trainers in the industry.

The number 1 reason people take this program

It offers comprehensive understanding of human biomechanics, movement patterns and corrective exercises. It is designed to help trainers and coaches better understand how to identify movement compensations and how to correct them effectively, leading to improved performance and injury prevention for their clients. The program offers practical tools and techniques that can be implemented immediately in a training program, enabling trainers and coaches to differentiate themselves from their peers and deliver better outcomes for their clients.

Most heard feedback on this program

You can identify the root cause of their clients' limitations with 87% more efficiency. Your clients will feel 85% better on average after implementing these principles.

About the instructor

Conor Harris

Conor Harris specializes in progressive concepts and methodologies that recognize the interconnectedness of the body. His training focuses on showing efficient ways of movement without compensation. He has trained high-level athletes and countless individual clients seeking to improve performance and movement quality.


5 (1)

Robert Dan C. Brown

Phenomenal course! Future is here indeed. Thank you for this Conor.

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