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Conor Harris: Beginner Body Restoration Program

5 (1)
49 hour 49 hours
Course teacher: Conor Harris

What are you going to get

5 Easy Mobility Exercises

Restores Range of Motion in Joints

Move & Feel Better in Everyday Life

Easy to Understand for Beginners

Detailed Instructional Videos


Course description

Ready to get the Conor Harris Beginner Body Restoration PDF? Look no further.

Are your body's aches and pains growing day by day?

Do your joints make noise when you sit or stand up? Is your body's shape causing discomfort?

If this sounds like you, Beginner Body Restoration is just what you need. Think about starting your day with a nice stretch instead of a groan, sitting down or standing up without discomfort, and feeling more at ease in your body.

Beginner Body Restoration has three easy steps, each two weeks long. With five simple exercises that build on what you learned the week before, it helps you improve how you move and feel stronger. It's as simple as that!

The number 1 reason people take this program

The main reason people join the Beginner Body Restoration program is to feel less daily body pain and move around more easily, which makes their life better.

Most heard feedback on this program

"Since joining Beginner Body Restoration, I've felt a remarkable transformation; those daily aches and pains are history, and my body feels more agile and energetic. It's a straightforward, easy-to-follow program that's made a world of difference in my life."

About the instructor

Conor Harris

Conor Harris specializes in progressive concepts and methodologies that recognize the interconnectedness of the body. His training focuses on showing efficient ways of movement without compensation. He has trained high-level athletes and countless individual clients seeking to improve performance and movement quality.


5 (1)


Conor Harris's approach to fitness and well-being is both practical and inspiring. The program provided comprehensive guidance, allowing me to restore and strengthen my body effectively.

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