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What are you going to get

The Course is 80% Practice - it has 1200 Practical Tasks, start from the very first lesson, and 500+ hours in total of Java practicing

Virtual mentor - in CodeGym your solution is verified by a virtual teacher (by the program, not a person), and you get the results instantly. A virtual teacher gives recommendations about your solution, helping you fix your mistakes, and also gives you a clear list of requirements regarding what you need to do.

New non-boring teaching techniques - visualization, storytelling, motivation, gaming, and two dozen other technologies. Also, jokes and nerd breaks make the learning process more entertaining. Makes learning fun.

IntellijIDEA integration - CodeGym teaches students how to work in one of the most popular modern IDEs: IntelliJ IDEA. To this end, they wrote a series of educational lessons and guides. And most importantly, they developed a special plugin for IDEA. It's built into the development environment, and you can complete CodeGym tasks directly in IDEA.

Strong Java community - A large community of like-minded people always a few clicks away to help you when you are really stuck and just not comprehending something.

The course is distinctly structured - The CodeGym course contains 600 lessons to explain the theory. Each of them explains one topic so that the student can focus on that topic without being distracted.


Course description

CodeGym is an interactive practice-oriented Java programming course. The course is valuable for absolute beginners as well as software developers who want to expand their skills. We use compelling teaching techniques — visualization, storytelling, games, etc. — to make learning m

The number 1 reason people take this program

To learn Java and to gain a new profession.

Most heard feedback on this program

Great course with a gamification

About the instructor

CodeGym is an online course for learning Java programming from scratch.


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