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Business Growth: Strategy, tools and automation for sales and marketing

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10 hour 10 hours
Course teacher: Jenny Mayor

What are you going to get

Identify your ideal client and know exactly how to communicate with them online and offline

Generate new business opportunities, get more leads and more clients

Create social media in bulk and learn how to schedule posts

Close more deals/sales

Get clarity, structure and strategy

Learn how to get the most of out of your website to increase conversions/engagement


Course description

Ready to generate more business opportunities and get more clients for your business? Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, this course will guide you how to combine digital marketing with traditional sales methods to get more sales. Ready to join?

The number 1 reason people take this program

To learn how to attract their ideal clients and actively look for them too

Most heard feedback on this program

To make my life easier and get everything (website and socials) working fine. Great visuals and easy to follow

About the instructor

Jenny Mayor

Jenny Mayor has 17 years combined experience in business growth and finance, working for companies of different sizes, from a start up to a large company of more than 800 employees. Founder of Level Ten Consultancy, she works with different clients and offers real life experience with proven strategies that have resulted in millions of pounds of extra revenue.


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