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Breaking Free: Overcoming People-Pleasing

5 (1)
6 hour 6 hours
Course teacher: Stephanie Baker

What are you going to get

Empowered to make your own decisions on how to spend your time and energy.

Elevated mindset that will increase your self-confidence.

Includes extended accountability coaching.

Platform includes community of women for encouragement and solidarity.


Course description

Tired of feeling like you have to say 'yes' to every little request that comes your way? Ready to reclaim your time, energy, and most importantly, your self-respect? Look no further, because we've got the transformative solution you've been waiting for!

The number 1 reason people take this program

Create healthy boundaries.

Most heard feedback on this program

Transformative, reclaimed self-confidence.

About the instructor

Stephanie Baker

Published author, motivational speaker, career counselor and holistic life coach.


5 (1)


I've had the pleasure of participating in numerous courses, both free and paid, within Stephanie's program. Her enthusiasm for empowerment is truly refreshing. Thanks to her guidance, my self-confidence has grown, and I've discovered joy in life again. Her programs have been nothing short of transformative for me, and I couldn't be more grateful for the positive impact they've had on my life. Highly recommend!

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