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Blockchain Technology – A Non Technical Introduction

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2 hour 2 hours
Course teacher: Ravi Kiran Betha

What are you going to get

A strong non technical foundation on Blockchain technology, how it can be used in our daily lives. What are the opportunities and how to explore those opportunities.


Course description

A non-technical overview of Blockchain technology. The course gives a general introduction of the technology, the focus area and what it is designed to solve. It also runs through the use cases, and potential opportunities when adoption of this technology takes pace.

The number 1 reason people take this program

A simple explanation to Blockchain Technology and its applications to daily lives

Most heard feedback on this program

Simple to understand

About the instructor

Ravi Kiran Betha

Work experience I am Ravi Kiran from India. I have 20+ years of experience in IT in large corporates like Morgan Stanley across domains like Investment banking, Mobile networks and FinTech. In the recent past, I worked as head of development for a Fintech based in UK leading a team of 8 developers from India. During this time, I worked on projects in Blockchain technology. I realized the opportunity in Web3, especially in security space. I started participating in Audit competitions on Code4rena, Code hawks etc. Last time I checked, It was 80th Rank for the last 90 days on code4rena. As Smart Contract Auditor, I audited protocols related to stable coins, staking pools and borrow lending protocols. I am sincerely learning to expand my knowledge in Web3. At the same time, I am sharing my learnings with you all. Welcome to Training Blocks! Smart Contract Auditor - Code4rena


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