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Artist Works: Singing Lessons

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Course teacher: Jeannie Deva

What are you going to get

Vocal Warm-ups & Cool Downs

Quick Fix Exercises

Singing Songs Better

Keeping Your Voice Healthy

Expanding Your Range


Course description

ArtistWorks has crafted the definitive voice training lesson archive with hundreds of online video lessons. Students have unlimited access to in-depth singing instruction, vocal exercises and study materials. Improve your singing with these master voice lessons.

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100s of singing lessons at your own pace

About the instructor

Jeannie Deva

annie Deva helped thousands around the world to improve their vocal performance as one of the top Voice and Performance Coaches in the world. Her clients included Grammy Award winners, multi-platinum recording artists and leads in iconic Broadway shows. She was a member of the Grammy committee, published author, clinician, vocal producer and founder of The Deva Method® used by singers and voice teachers around the world. As a session vocal coach she worked with producers and engineers for such luminaries as Aerosmith, The Rolling Stones, The Cars and Amy Winehouse. Jeannie taught at ArtistWorks until she passed in 2016.


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