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Alison: Master Affiliate Marketing With this Step-by-Step Guide

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Course teacher: Juan Galvan's

What are you going to get

A guide to Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Network Platform

CPA Affiliate Marketing Platform

How to get Traffic to your Affiliate Offers


Course description

This free online course takes a step-by-step approach to help you start making money online with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing allows you to sell products and services from other people or businesses without the stress of keeping inventory.

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About the instructor

Juan Galvan's

Juan E Galvan is a serial entrepreneur in the technology sector with experience ranging from digital marketing, e-commerce and web development to programming. A native of Seattle in the USA, Juan earned a bachelor's of science in business from the University of Phoenix in Arizona. On completing his degree, he went to work for Zones, a technology company where he was responsible for new business development. After a few years in the corporate world, Juan decided to start his own business as a digital marketing consultant. He consulted businesses on marketing, sales and web development.


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