How to Become a Google Ads Specialist – The Ultimate Guide to Google Ads Mastery

Published: October 19, 2023

When a company wishes to advertise its product or service online, Google Ads is necessary. You can contact individuals looking and browsing for relevant commodities using Google Ads.

According to the latest statistics, as of March 2023, Google has a global search market share of more than 93.37%, and Google claims that display advertising can reach more than 90% of internet consumers.

However, only some businesses have the in-house knowledge and experience required to operate successful Google Ads advertising campaigns. So, where are they going? Working with a Google Ads Specialist is an excellent choice. They are specialists who assist in the management of advertising efforts through Google Ads.

Ultimate Guide to Google Ads Mastery

You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re seeking to work with a Google Ads Specialist or if you want to know how to become a Google Ads Specialist yourself. But first, let’s look at what it takes to become one and what the job title entails. After all, with over 800+ job listings on Glassdoor as of 31st March 2023 and an average salary of $70,694 per year, this field is not only lucrative, but Google Ads specialists are in demand as well.

Hence this is the right time to explore this!

What is a Google Ads Specialist? 

Before deep diving into how to become a google ads specialist, let us first look at what Google Ads Specialist is. 

A Google Ads Specialist is someone who prepares, sets up, and administers Google Ads Campaigns. They may specialize in assisting people with advertising their businesses, or they may be an all-arounder who assists with ads and other connected requirements such as websites, landing pages, email campaigns, and more.

 businesses choose to collaborate with a Google Ads expert

Some businesses choose to collaborate with a Google Ads expert to handle their campaigns. This is particularly true if they are a small company with limited time and resources to run successful Google Ads campaigns.

The most effective efforts necessitate continuous optimization, such as changing targeting, trying new advertisements, and adjusting bids. Regarding Google Ads, the sky is the limit, and the options are endless!

4 Steps for Becoming a Google Ads Specialist 

If you are wondering how do I become a google ads specialist, then think no more. We at Internet of Learning have come up with a four-step approach to becoming a Google ad specialist. These steps have been developed after taking feedback from industry experts and professionals who are in this field and have gone through the same process.

steps for becoming google ads specialist
  1. Understand The Fundamentals of Google Ads
  2. Get a Certificate and Become Google Ads Certified
  3. Apply for A Job
  4. Be Up to Date

1. Understand The Fundamentals of Google Ads

Understanding how Google Ads function is the first move towards becoming a Google Ads Specialist. We suggest learning about search campaigns if you’re just starting in this domain.

After you’ve perfected search campaigns, you can move on to video campaigns and other kinds of campaigns in Google Ads. It is recommended to begin with an excellent Google Ads Course, such as the ones mentioned under the best Google Ads courses, and establish your own Google Ads account with a daily budget of $3. You’ll be making an investment in your future. 

Also, check out the best e-learning tips in order to make the most of the online course that you will attend to learn the fundamentals of Google ads.

2. Get a Certificate and Become Google Ads Certified

After you understand how Google Ads functions, the next step towards becoming a Google Ads Specialist is to become Google Ads qualified. Google offers exams that cover the various kinds of ads that you can handle in your account. After passing a test, you can claim to be qualified in that field of Google Ads. Certifications include the following but are not limited to :

  • Google Ads Search Certification
  • Google Ads App Certification
  • Google Ads Video Certification

Having a certification helps to emphasize your areas of competence. Not only that, but it also adds certain credits to your profile and skills and thus makes you more employable.

3. Apply for A Job

Now that you are certified and have understood the significant stages of becoming a Google Ads specialist, it’s time to put your Google Ads knowledge and certifications to use. Online classes, demo profiles, and examinations can only teach you so much. 

It’s time to put your talents to use! You can put your skills to use by obtaining a part-time work opportunity, freelancing, or volunteering for a community organization. Once you’ve started and demonstrated your abilities, you’ll rapidly become an asset to the businesses you’re assisting.

This will make your profile worth employing, given the experience, and you can look at entry-level jobs to apply to.

4. Be Up to Date

When it comes to Google Ads, there’s almost always a new option to try every day. You must stay on top of these adjustments as a Google Ads Specialist. You may discover that some new features function sufficiently for one customer but not for another. It’s all about trying new things. 

Therefore, keep yourself updated with the latest ongoing developments and changes in the Google Ads platform and algorithm. Also, make the most of your learnings and work on developing individualized and tailored camping plans for different clients.

What Do Google Ads Specialists do? 

Suppose you are looking forward to becoming a Google Ads certified specialist. In that case, you must look at the tasks and responsibilities that must undertake. A Google Ads Specialist manages a Google Ads Account by performing a variety of duties, including

  • Initiating New Campaigns: A Google Ads Specialist will evaluate current keywords and study new keywords before launching new ads. Then, they will develop and start new ad groups or campaigns when new keywords align with advertising goals. They may also develop display, video, shopping, and other kinds of ads in addition to search efforts. 
  • Campaign Optimization: Google Ads Specialists manage and optimize Ad programs to obtain the best potential outcomes. This involves things like introducing negative keywords, altering targeting, and changing prices, among other things.
  • Examining Google Ads’ Present Performance: A Google advertisements Specialist must assess how the advertisements perform in order to determine what is and is not functioning. They do so by examining a variety of measures such as impressions, interactions, conversions, conversion rate, expense, and click-through rate.
  • Examining Google Ads Targeting: Targeting is essential because it helps to focus Ad distribution to the perfect client or prospect. A Google Ads Specialist will go over campaign targeting choices such as location and device tracking, as well as demographics, in-market, and remarketing groups. 
  • Data Reporting: A Google Ads Specialist will examine a campaign and give success data as needed. Depending on the promotion and account being handled, this could be quarterly or monthly. This allows a customer to compare campaign success to predefined KPIs and objectives.
  • Suggestions for Improvement: Can provide suggestions to enhance landing sites and website performance in addition to handling ads and campaigns in Google Ads. This is particularly essential for conversion-driven initiatives, as the majority of conversions occur on a company’s website.

How to Become a Google Ads Specialist - FAQs 

How Much Are Google Ads Specialists Paid? 

As per Glassdoor, a Google Ads Specialist earns $70,694 per year on average. This is the estimated average wage for a full-time employee. The pay rates for freelance work and part-time opportunities differ.

Where Can Google Ads Specialists Find Work? 

Google Ads Specialists can find work on job listing platforms such as Glassdoor and Indeed. They can also look for freelance work opportunities on platforms such as Upwork.


A Google Ads Specialist has a thorough grasp of Google Ads and understands how to set up, oversee, and enhance campaign performance. The difference between someone experimenting in Google Ads and a real expert is in optimizing campaigns and knowing the components that lead to success. 

We hope that through our guide on how to become a Google Ads Specialist, you can understand the different stages involved in the process. While obtaining Google Ads certification is beneficial, it is not the only method to show your knowledge, skills, and experience. 

With so many tools available, becoming a Google Ads Specialist is easier than ever. Begin by completing a course, becoming certified, and then gaining hands-on practice. The more time you devote to campaign management, the better. You’ll be a Specialist in no time!

We wish you the best of luck in your journey to becoming a Google Ads Specialist! If your interest lies in digital marketing, then check out the best Facebook marketing courses to broaden your knowledge horizon further.