Best Blockchain Bootcamps

Blockchain is a buzzword in the tech industry nowadays. With its popularity and importance increasing daily, the industry is also expanding at an exponential rate, where it is projected to hit $69 billion by the year 2030. As a result, blockchain and its related sectors have become both a go-to option for professionals and a lucrative one.

With an average starting salary of $120k per annum for fresh blockchain developers, now is the time to bank on this opportunity. You can achieve this by learning at bootcamps that make you a skilled professional in blockchain, no matter your previous educational specialization.

To help you kickstart your dream career in blockchain and realize your dream potential, we have selected and researched the 12 best Blockchain Bootcamps.

So, what are you waiting for? An avenue of success is waiting to be unlocked by your blockchain skills!

Top 12 Blockchain Bootcamps – Overview

Blockchain Bootcamps Overview

Not sure which blockchain bootcamp is right for you? Let us help! We’ve put together a list of the best options, with details on student ratings, our expert rating, duration, and cost. We’ve listed the best cloud computing bootcamps for your ease. Find your perfect fit now!

S. noNameStudent RatingIOL RatingDurationPrice
1.Clarusway4.9/5.08.8/9.05 months$2500 -$4000
2.Coding Temple4.9/5.08.8/9.012 Weeks to 24 Weeks$2000 – $3000
3.Eleven Fifty Academy4.7/5.08.4/9.03 months to 6 months$7500
4.Rutgers Bootcamps4.5/5.07.6/9.012 Weeks to 24 Weeks$13,495
5.Constructor Learning  4.9/5.08.9/9.06 Weeks$1735
6.Holberton School4.3/5.07.2/9.0Flexible$15,000
7.Northwestern Bootcamps4.2/5.07.0/9.012 Weeks to 24 Weeks$12,995
8.University of Denver Bootcamps4.5/5.07.6/9.012 Weeks to 24 Weeks$11,995
9.Berkeley Bootcamps4.3/5.07.2/9.024 Weeks$13,745
10.Penn Bootcamps4.8/5.08.5/9.024 Weeks$11,995
11.Columbia Engineering Bootcamps4.8/5.08.5/9.024 Weeks$14,495
12.CodeBoxx4.9/5.08.8/9.014 WeeksRefundable Security Deposit Only

List of 12 Best Blockchain Bootcamps for 2023

best blockchain bootcamp programs

We have listed the twelve top blockchain bootcamp programs based on positive alum ratings, verified student outcomes, and the presence of a robust blockchain curriculum amongst various blockchain bootcamp programs. Let’s explore all these in detail, one by one.

  1. Web3 and Blockchain – Clarusway
  2. Self-Paced Blockchain – Coding Temple
  3. Eleven Fifty Academy
  4. Rutgers Bootcamps
  5. Blockchain Developer Course – Constructor Learning
  6. Holberton School
  7. Northwestern Bootcamps
  8. University of Denver Bootcamps
  9. Berkeley Bootcamps
  10. Penn Bootcamps
  11. Columbia Engineering Bootcamps
  12. CodeBoxx

1. Web3 and Blockchain – Clarusway

Web3 and Blockchain Clarusway

One of the top-rated blockchain bootcamp programs is the one offered by Clarusway. Spanning across 5 weeks and costing between $1500–$4500, based on your chosen payment plan, it is one of the best options for starting your blockchain-related career.

At the end of this blockchain bootcamp, you will have learned blockchain concepts and practical skills such as consensus mechanisms, the technology behind bitcoin, smart contracts, and Ethereum and NFTs.

The program is highly rated by its participants, and much of it is directed toward its instructors and the quality of learning they impart. Unfortunately, instructor profiles are unavailable on their website, but the reviews genuinely reflect their skill.

Students’ reviews are excellent for the bootcamp as well. For example, a student remarked,

“Although I have started from scratch in the IT field,  I am delighted to be a student in the Clarusway family. After gaining theoretical knowledge in the first module, we are experiencing practical skills in the second module now. Highly motivated instructors, mentors, and teaching assistants support us to improve our cyber skills with hands-on activities, workshops, the team works, capture the flag(CTF) activities, and so on.”

Our rating for this bootcamp is 8.8/9.0.

2. Self-Paced Blockchain – Coding Temple

Self-Paced Blockchain Coding Temple

The self-paced blockchain bootcamp offered by the Coding Temple is one of the top-rated options because of the curriculum structure that it provides.

This Blockchain Bootcamp offers a range of learning schedules from 12 to 24 weeks, allowing students to choose the pace and structure that best suits their needs. With this flexible program, you can shape your own education journey!

The pricing for this bootcamp starts from $2000 and goes up to $4000. In our opinion, it is on the affordable side. We believe it is one of the best possible programs for working professionals.

You will develop a grip on blockchain-relevant skills and blockchain developer tools with the support of languages such as Java and HTML. It’s tough to find such comprehensive bootcamps.

We couldn’t find the details regarding the instructors teaching the course. However, based on the course content, we believe it is totally worth exploring.

Students of this blockchain bootcamp have positive views, especially about the instructors. A review states:

Easily one of the best choices I have made. The teachers were incredible. (Kevin and Dylan). They pushed us all to be at our best from the very beginning. They were honest about our work and helped us reach our max potential.”

Our rating for this bootcamp is 8.8/9.0.

3. Eleven Fifty Academy

Eleven Fifty Academy

Eleven Fifty Academy offers programs, especially bootcamps in blockchain, software development, cybersecurity, etc. Its blockchain bootcamp has a part-time and full-time option and can be completed between 3 to 6 months. However, the bootcamp is priced at $7500. The price tag is on the higher side, but its flexibility is worth it.

You will gain command over JavaScript, C#, and relevant blockchain protocols to carve a niche in the industry. During your job placement, you will have the valuable opportunity to be guided by top professionals in their field – an experience that no amount of money can buy.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the instructor profiles on their site, but the student reviews reflect how excellent and skilled the teachers and mentors at Eleven Fifty Academy are.

A student review states,

“EFA was a total shock. I’ve been in a few bootcamps before, and they all were like “here’s the book, good luck.” EFA gives you a book and so many other tools. They also give a personal touch. Every instructor is personally invested in you and your growth. You just don’t see that in other programs. It’s a fast pasted environment, but if you need it to slow down, your instructors make the time to help.”

Our rating for this bootcamp is 8.4/9.0.

You can check out our detailed Eleven Fifty Academy review to learn more about this academy and its different programs.

4. Rutgers Bootcamps

Rutgers Bootcamps

Rutgers, one of the best universities in the U.S., offers bootcamps in different subjects, including fintech, blockchain, and coding.

Join their comprehensive program for a duration of 12-24 weeks and experience life-changing growth at the reasonable cost of $13,495. Its high price point targets experienced professionals at the team leader or manager level.

From a learning and curriculum perspective, you will gain command over Solidity Ethereum, Smart Contracts, Consensus Algorithms, and much more.

Rutgers has gathered some of the most esteemed minds in academia to offer a boot camp that will surely challenge and inspire students. Top professors from Rutgers lead this educational experience, providing an immersive learning opportunity for those who attend.

Students flock to this bootcamp because it offers an unbeatable combination of meaningful education and easy accessibility – no matter the educational background.

Here’s what one student had to say about the course:

First thing that comes to mind when I think of this course is, “Wow! I can’t believe I learned all that in 6 months!”. The course was challenging but not overly hard. I do not come from a Data background (I’m an accountant), and most of the processes/systems were completely new to me.”

Our rating for this bootcamp is 7.6/9.0.

5. Blockchain Developer Course – Constructor Learning

Blockchain Developer Course - Constructor Learning

Previously known as SIT Learning, Constructor Learning offers one of the best blockchain bootcamps in the world. Its high student rating speaks for itself in this regard. The program provided by Constructor Learning spans over 6 weeks and costs $1,735 or CHF 1600.

In this bootcamp, you’ll gain expertise and knowledge working with the newest trends in blockchain technology. You will delve into cryptocurrencies and explore non-fungible tokens (NFTs), discovering fundamental concepts that are revolutionizing the digital world!

Instructor Tom Vrba

The instructor for this bootcamp is a known figure in the sector. Tom Vrba began working with Ethereum in 2016 as part of his Master’s thesis. After leaving Constructor Learning in 2018, he shifted to crypto to work with Bitcoin. Currently, he is an independent educator, mentor, and contractor.

Students love this bootcamp due to the employability factor it adds to their profiles. Here’s what one student had to say about this bootcamp:

“This bootcamp gave me the opportunity to put my hands into the current technologies in the market. At the same time, it served to enhance my chances in the labor market and eventually helped me land a job two months after graduating.”

Our rating for this bootcamp is 8.9/9.0.

6. Holberton School

Holberton School

Revolutionize your career and explore the future of blockchain with Holberton School’s exclusive bootcamp! Join this innovative program to transition from an unrelated field into a world-changing occupation smoothly.

This program offers a unique opportunity! For an investment of up to $15,000, you can spend nearly a year making the most out of your current job and studies. Take advantage now for endless potential dividends down the line.

In this bootcamp, you will learn different blockchain and cryptocurrency-related concepts, especially the development of advanced algorithm design and blockchain implementation in C language. Along with this, you will also develop a firm grasp of different blockchain developer tools.

Expert educators lead this cutting-edge blockchain bootcamp, equipping learners with the skills needed to stay ahead of the competition. Although the website provides no information about the instructor profiles, students are delighted with their teachers in this program.

Here’s what one student had to say,

It’s a great experience from every aspect, helps you grow personally and professionally, not only teach you programming also teach you soft skills to have a better performance in real life, create very strong ties with your peers, can make friends for life, as far as academics has a good management of the content they offer and encourage you to take out all the mental potential that one has, in general has been a great experience.”

Our rating for this bootcamp is 7.2/9.0.

7. Northwestern Bootcamps

Northwestern Bootcamps

Northwestern University offers bootcamps in many fields, including blockchain, coding, and cybersecurity. The blockchain bootcamp offered here is 12 to 24 weeks long and costs $12,995.

During this course, you will develop a strong understanding of blockchain developer tools and protocols, including cryptocurrency, Truffle Sweet, and Distribution Ledger, to name a few.

The university proudly features some of the most esteemed faculty members in their full-time program. While unfortunately not listed on the website, these incredible instructors are transforming student learning experiences through their expertise and dedication.

Students love how the program helps them learn programming languages as well. Most students had this to say about the BootCamp:

“Having the courage to enroll in Northwestern’s Fintech Bootcamp was one of the best decisions I made for a career move. I used to work in the educational system but wanted a change in my career path. I have always been in the digital asset space. Still, I wanted a leg up on the market and to become more competitive with the coding skills that Northwestern University has provided. Learning Solidity & Python has opened doors for me in the Financial Technology space.”

Our rating for this bootcamp is 7.0/9.0.

8. University of Denver Bootcamps

University of Denver Bootcamps

Denver offers bootcamps in different subjects, including coding, UI/UX, fintech, and blockchain. The blockchain-relevant bootcamps can last between 12 to 24 weeks, and the list price starts at $11,995 to join the program. Of course, it seems expensive to an extent, but as the permanent faculty are teaching it at the university, the price tag justifies itself.

This program will teach you about Ganache, Distributed Ledger, and other exciting blockchain concepts, along with cryptocurrency and NFTs.

The profiles and details of the faculty and mentors of this boot camp are not available on the site. Still, as it’s the University of Denver, we know that the faculty are skilled and possess excellent acumen.

Most of the reviews we came across for this bootcamp were positive. Here’s what one student had to say in the reviews:

“There were about 30 people in a class and 1 instructor and 2 TAs. The course was remote and taught over Zoom, used with Slack. As a result, I was able to learn multiple concepts.”

Our rating for this bootcamp is 7.6/9.0.

9. Berkeley Bootcamps

Berkeley Bootcamps

Berkeley’s blockchain bootcamp has been unanimously lauded as one of the best in our comprehensive survey of twelve top-tier programs. You’ll surely receive unparalleled insights into this revolutionary technology and its many applications by enrolling! This program has a duration of 24 weeks and costs $13,745.

While learning, individuals receive extensive expertise with various popular tools and methodologies through a project-based curriculum, including Python programming, financial libraries, machine-learning algorithms, Ethereum, and blockchain.

Faculty and mentors for this bootcamp are highly experienced professionals from academia and industry. Unfortunately, their profiles are not available on the website.

Students love this bootcamp for its flexible schedule. Here’s what one student mentioned regarding the schedule of the BootCamp:

“UC Berkeley Bootcamp is a great launchpad for people looking to explore a career in the tech industry. The class, instructors, and TAs are the best. In addition, it only takes a few hours of your evenings and early morning of your Saturday.”

Our rating for this bootcamp is 7.2/9.0.

10. Penn Bootcamps

Penn Bootcamps

If you want to enhance your skill set in blockchain from one of the most trusted universities, then the bootcamp at the University of Penn is the right choice. The program lasts 24 weeks and costs $11,995. The price tag aligns with the cost of such programs by other well-reputed universities.

In this bootcamp, you will learn about the blockchain ecosystem and different blockchain platforms along with Algorithms, Cryptocurrency, Excel, Machine Learning, and  SQL.

The instructors’ profiles for this bootcamp are unavailable, but we know they are full-time teaching faculty at the university.

Prospective students can rest assured that this bootcamp offers exceptional educational opportunities, with its instructors’ high esteem frequently highlighted in student reviews. One student mentioned the overall course experience as:

“In November of 2022, I decided to take UPenn’s FinTech programming bootcamp. As a derivatives trader, I wanted the ability to work with data in a way I couldn’t without knowing how to program. Little did I realize that I would get much more from this course. The instructor has been one of the most enlightening, energetic, and brilliant individuals I have ever met.”

Our rating for this bootcamp is 8.5/9.0.

11. Columbia Engineering Bootcamps

Columbia Engineering Bootcamps

Columbia engineering bootcamps are basically under the umbrella of the university of Columbia.
The blockchain bootcamp they offer lasts for 24 weeks and is priced at $14,495, one of the highest prices in the industry.

During this bootcamp, you will enhance your blockchain skills and develop a command of programming languages such as Python and C++.

You will also explore the world of cryptocurrencies and understand their role in the blockchain ecosystem. The faculty teaching this bootcamp is not only industry experts but are also attached to academics due to their positions at the university.

Even the reviews for this bootcamp is stellar. Here’s one review that caught our eye: “I recommend this course. The structure is laid out to teach us foundational topics first and builds them into more complex practical skills for real-world applications. Just be sure to dedicate at least 10 hours per week; the more time you can spend on it, the more you will learn. (There is a lot of material available for practice).The instructional staff is highly knowledgeable and supportive. They are very approachable for help and patient with all of the questions students ask.”

Our rating for this bootcamp is 8.5/9.0.

12. CodeBoxx


The bootcamp being offered by CodeBoxx is one-of-a-kind. It lasts 14 weeks, but only for those who are selected and make it past the first two weeks of the initial rounds. The program is free, but you must deposit a certain amount as security. The security deposit will be refunded if you do not make it past the first two weeks.

With the mission of making technology accessible to everyone based on potential and not a privilege, the bootcamp offered by CodeBox will enhance and develop your blockchain skills and hone your networking and social skills.

Experts from the industry at times volunteer to teach these bootcamps. They are skilled and have years of wisdom and experience. Unfortunately, their profiles are not listed on the website.

Most reviews for this free bootcamp are positive. Here’s one review that accurately sums up the course’s learning experience:

“I would be lying saying the bootcamp is easy, but once you are done with it, and you’ve put in all the efforts required to successfully finish the bootcamp. You get a job, (and definitely not a mediocre one), and you get a big network of people who have the same interest has you do.”

Our rating for this bootcamp is 8.8/9.0.

Ranking Criteria for These Blockchain Bootcamps

Feeling overwhelmed by the blockchain bootcamp selection process? Don’t fret! We’ve taken some guesswork out for you and considered all your needs so that you can make an informed decision. It’s time to take a deep breath, relax, and let us be your guide on this exciting journey.

Some of the factors we took into consideration when shortlisting the best blockchain bootcamps for you include the following:

  • Student Feedback
  • Price
  • Duration and Schedule
  • Course Curriculum
  • Instructor Profiles

After revising all the bootcamps according to our review criteria, we gave each course our own rating.

Structure of a Blockchain Bootcamp

Blockchain bootcamps are the perfect way to get up-to-speed on this innovative technology. Through rigorous discussions and explanations, we have uncovered a shared structure amongst these learning platforms – teaching topics ranging from coding with Ethereum all the way through ICO analysis.

Here’s a list of everyday materials and content for each bootcamp:

  • Consensus Algorithms
  • Transactions
  • Distributed Ledger
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Python Language
  • Truffle Suite
  • Ethereum
  • Smart Contracts
  • Ganache

Boot Camps Other Than Best Blockchain Bootcamps

Benefits of Attending a Blockchain Bootcamp

Having a great understanding of blockchain technology is becoming increasingly important, but where do you begin learning? Attending one of the best bootcamps can be an excellent way to leverage your knowledge. Here we’ll discuss why investing in this training could benefit you and how it provides long-term advantages for anyone interested in staying ahead of the curve.

1. Gain In-Demand Skills and Competencies

As mentioned in the blog’s beginning, the blockchain industry is booming, and relevant skills are the future. One of the benefits you will gain by enrolling yourself in a blockchain bootcamp is that you will learn not only skills that are the current need but the future demand as well. Giving you a heads-up over your peers.

2. Attain Superior Career Services

Blockchain experience is in demand. After having enrolled in a blockchain bootcamp, you will be able to apply to a greater number of jobs and will be able to widen your horizon when it comes to switching careers or even horizontal moves.

3. Save Time While Learning

In a blockchain bootcamp, you will learn tangible in-demand skills in a shorter duration. Hence learning and time-saving go hand in hand.

4. Grow Your Professional Network

As you study and learn with your peers in a blockchain bootcamp, you develop a professional network that proves fruitful on both a personal and professional level in the long run.

5. Connect with Hiring Partners

These blockchain bootcamp sponsors and platforms have hiring partners, meaning big names in the industry approach these course facilitators to hire skilled individuals. For a student enrolled in their blockchain bootcamp, this means having a greater chance at securing a job at one of the top firms.

Career Opportunities in Blockchain

Let us now look at the best career opportunities available in the blockchain sector, especially for those who enroll in top-rated bootcamps.

  • Blockchain Developer
  • Blockchain Project Manager
  • Blockchain Quality Engineer
  • Blockchain UX Designer
  • Blockchain Solution Architect

Remember, these career opportunities are entry-level options and transform as one progresses in the sector.

Best Blockchain Bootcamps – FAQs

How long are Blockchain bootcamps?

Blockchain boot camps have varying durations. But for the most part, given that such bootcamps allow for a flexible learning schedule, they can range in duration from 6 weeks to up to 24 weeks.

Is a Blockchain bootcamp worth it?

If you want to kick-start your career in the blockchain industry, then a  blockchain bootcamp is totally worth it. A focused approach will help you garner the skills and expertise required to succeed in this industry quickly with a focused approach.

How much does a Blockchain bootcamp cost?

A blockchain bootcamp can cost from $2500 to $17,000. However, the average cost lies around the $11,000 mark.


Now that you know the best blockchain bootcamps available, we recommend thoroughly analyzing your career objectives and end goals and matching them with the bootcamp that most closely fulfills that objective.

Selecting the proper fit for bootcamp for yourself might seem daunting, but if you look at the criteria we have used to rate these offerings, you can choose.

Based on our ranking and research, we recommend blockchain bootcamps offered by Coding Temple and Constructor Learning. One of the significant contributors behind selecting these two as the best among the top 12 is the price point and the student rating that has been given to them.

So, what are you waiting for? Apply away from top-rated blockchain bootcamps and start your journey towards an enriching career in the blockchain industry.

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