Is it Worthwhile to Take a Digital Marketing Course?

Published: October 5, 2023

When it comes to digital marketing, there are many things to learn. It can be overwhelming for some people, so many may wonder if it’s worth taking a digital marketing course.

This blog post will explore the benefits of taking a digital marketing course and the three certificates in digital marketing that may be worth your time.

So, is it worth taking a digital marketing course?

Let’s find out!

What Are the Benefits of Taking a Digital Marketing Course?

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The existence of digital marketing has added various dimensions to the standard traditional marketing methods such as newspapers and billboards. This means that a wider audience can be reached, increasing your brand exposure and brand loyalty.

There are various strategies in digital marketing through which you can build customer trust, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content marketing, and media advertising.

Moreover, digital marketing is relatively more cost-effective compared to traditional marketing methods. A billboard typically costs anywhere between USD 750- 1400 per month, which is significant compared to as low as USD 15 per day for social media advertising.

Digital marketing provides an additional benefit in terms of real-time customer service. Suppose your product has piqued the interest of a potential customer. In that case, the online interface makes a purchase more likely than a simple newspaper advert, after which the potential customer would have to commute to the store to make the purchase.

Another significant benefit is reaching a worldwide audience through digital marketing at a more pocket-friendly price than traditional marketing methods. Digitalization has also made tracking and measuring the performance of marketing more manageable.

As essential as it is to launch a marketing campaign, tracking and measuring its success through analytic tools is equally essential. While not impossible, this task is more complicated than traditional marketing.

Skills in Digital Marketing Can Be Acquired From the Comfort of One’s Own Home

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The skills that you learn in digital marketing can easily be grasped from the comfort of your home. This is because a lot of the work is done on laptops and computers that most people already own. Additionally, there are many online digital marketing courses that you can easily access. For example, check out this list of Facebook marketing and Google Ads courses.

A significant part of digital marketing is curating posts and videos for social media, which requires creativity and graphic designing skills. One must be creative to transform their ideas into engaging content for the audience. This is something that comes from within. On the other hand, the ability to design can quickly be learned from the comfort of your home through various online courses.

Digital marketing develops data analytic skills in you. It is very important to assess consumer behavior to target your marketing campaigns effectively. You need to know how to analyze data and use it. Again, this is something you can learn through online digital marketing courses readily available online.

What Is the Key to Learning Digital Marketing?

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One of the simplest ways to learn digital marketing is by reading digital marketing books and blogs. These written pieces are rich in information that you can quickly learn and apply. While books and blogs may not give you practical experience, they are a significant beginning step for any budding digital marketer.

To add a practical element to your learning process, apply for internships. Internships are a great way to learn because you can apply what you learn in real life. You get hands-on experience. This way, you will better understand how the online marketing ecosystem works.

Finally, the most effective way to learn digital marketing is to enroll in paid online courses on various e-learning platforms. These courses offer a great learning experience and build your basics, enabling you to launch successful marketing campaigns.

We have discussed some of the best digital marketing certifications below.

Three Certificates in Digital Marketing That Are Worth Your Time

Here are some of the courses that we feel would be great for you if you plan to gain experience in digital marketing. These courses are designed for beginners, so you can learn digital marketing from scratch.

1. Mega Digital Marketing Course – Udemy – Beginner Level

If you’re hoping to start your journey in digital marketing, this is the perfect course for you. It’s a Udemy bestseller for digital marketing and is rated highly at 4.6 out of 5.0 stars, with more than 11,000 students.

The course has 478 lectures and will take 70 hours and 5 minutes to complete. It offers excellent learning for you and will cover SEO, Facebook Ads, Mailchimp, Google Analytics, etc. It is currently available at a discounted price of $9.99, which is a bargain considering the course depth. This course will be worth the time you put into it.

2. Digital Marketing – Udemy – All Levels 

This course is perfect for all levels and does not require prior experience in digital marketing. This course will cover many topics, including Content Marketing and winning SEO strategies.

The current price of USD 9.99 is a great catch based on the learning the course offers. The course has a 4.2 out of 5.0 star rating and will help you start your digital marketing journey in the best way possible. If you want to learn how to create compelling content, check out our list of content marketing courses.

3. Digital Marketing Specialization – Coursera – Beginner Level

This course has especially been designed for beginners who wish to explore the growing field of digital marketing. This specialization offers free enrollment and a 7-day full-access trial for free, so you can figure out if it is the right fit for you.

This digital marketing specialization will take you almost 8 months to complete and has flexible deadlines to complete it at your own pace and convenience. The course is also highly rated and has a 4.7 out of 5.0-star rating.

Marketing on Social Media

Marketing via social media has become one of the most popular mediums to reach the target audience. Most people in today’s age are well-versed with social media and actively use it. This makes it easy to reach your audience and interact with them.

Popular social media platforms used for digital marketing campaigns include  Facebook Marketing, Twitter marketing, Instagram marketing, Snapchat, Youtube Marketing, and Tik Tok.

Social media marketing is considered one of the least expensive ways of marketing. An interesting thing with social media marketing is that it is not restricted to ads and can be done by simply growing your page and curating engaging content organically. The key to successful social media marketing is to keep the audience hooked to keep coming for more.

Analytics for SEO and SEM

to help areas for market the business

SEO analytics involves collecting and analyzing data to better understand a website’s performance. A good SEO analysis will help you identify critical areas to focus on and optimize them. Analyzing SEO data is by checking your: page speed, visibility on Google, and auditing your images.

SEM involves paid search advertising which promotes websites to increase visibility in search engine results. SEM analytics are essential because they help collect data to make informed, data-driven decisions. Moreover, you can better understand how your market strategy works and decide the course of action best suited for you.


Is it Worth Getting a Digital Marketing Certificate?

Digital marketing jobs are considered one of the top ten highest paying jobs. Having digital marketing certifications will open avenues for higher salaries and better job opportunities. Moreover, every additional certification on your resume will help you boost it, so digital marketing certifications are worthwhile.

Is Digital Marketing on Demand?

High demand has been seen for Digital Marketing Specialists on Linkedin. It is said to be one of the 10 most in-demand job roles. In addition, digital marketing itself is a growing avenue with increasing job opportunities for you.

Is Digital Marketing a Stressful Job?

Based on research, digital marketers are said to have a better work-life balance. Many digital marketing jobs have flexible timings, with a lot of work done remotely. A downside is that you have to spend long hours in front of a screen.

Is Digital Marketing the Future?

The future of digital marketing seems bright as there is a bigger market and more customer awareness. There is considerable growth in it, including expansion in VR and AR.  In addition, there is a greater focus on real-time marketing than traditional one.


So, are digital marketing courses worthwhile?

The answer is a resounding yes.

Digital marketing is a promising field that will grow even more in the future. It is said to be one of the top ten earning jobs that do not require a degree.

With its potential, it is a worthwhile field to explore. Start your journey today by enrolling in numerous online digital marketing certifications.